Bicep Fuck - Logan's Victim featuring Logan Lowe

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What you thought would be a fun muscle worship meeting with a handsome American young bodybuilder quickly turns in to the most awesome alpha domination experience of your life. But you're not complaining. You don't have any option but to do what he says. And as he wraps his bicep around your cock, totally owning you with a single muscle, you can't help but groan with absolute ecstasy. Jerking you off with his rock solid biceps before throwing his pecs right in your face. It's beyond a dream come true.


Abs | All American Hunks | Arms | Chest | Cocky | Muscle worship | Private flex shows | XXX (18+) |


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from Leam [395] on 28 October 2018

very disappointing

from tajmo [2101] on 9 October 2018

This is the sort of BDSM I could go for. Would love to be on the receiving end of this.

from tippy123 [125] on 5 October 2018

I purchased this video a few weeks ago and I must say this was one of the hottest videos I've seen in a long time. Logan is so hot he makes whoever purchases this video horny as hell. He did everything right, the way he taunted his victim and made him so hot till he had an orgasm.

Him wearing that mask is also a turn on with his big muscles and voice it just added a mystery and was a turn on throughout the video. I'm hoping someday soon to meet him. I'd give more than 5 stars if I could!!!

from ADAM1 [7961] on 20 July 2018

This video was so, so, SO, hot! Let me start by saying that this is not the type of video I normally purchase. I am a hardcore flex fan. But after watching the preview, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to purchase.

There is just something about the tone of this video that totally enthralled me, and kept me on edge from beginning to end. The bodybuilder has dark eyes, dark hair, and the mask totally added to the mystique. A touch of body hair on legs, "treasure trail", and armpits was an extra bonus. The way he kneeled between his 'victim's" legs, flexed and sexually taunted him totally blew me away. The voice deep and sexy, and saying all the right things. And the POV camera angle was cleverly used to advantage, not hard to imagine that YOU were the "victim" looking up at the taunting bodybuilder. The climax was when he used his biceps to get the victim off, while the victim can only moan in prolonged "agony". Almost too much to handle!

I realize this video may not be for everyone, I didn't even think it was my type, but whoever thought of it hit the nail on the head, and I was captivated from beginning to end. Would love to see more videos like this.


from mrlucky007 [80] on 23 March 2018

Very great videos... I imagined if I was the victim.. Hope you will show your great face and great cock in the next video... I'll always supporting you.. Your content is awesome.. Never seen that action before.. This is my first time buying video too..

from djmuscleflex [17192] on 14 March 2018

Purchased this video after I had a few custom videos from him. MY God, I would have liked to have been the victim. Love the taunting but that BICEP is just golden. Would like him to do another video like this but with more biceps and longer flexing, but still a 5 in my book

from BetterBeBig [970] on 3 March 2018

This video is RIDICULOUSLY hot. It's so hot it even made me overlook one of my usual purchase deal-breakers: the dude's in a mask. Seriously, I'd rather you blur your face or shoot it in such a way we can only see you from the mouth down. The mask is distracting and seems like a wuss move. Why did I buy it, then? That bicep is goddamn beautiful. And the way Mr. Lowe says "niqquh" (I hate that I feel the pressure to spell it like that, but...a culture of lazy generalization begets a language police with no sense of context or nuance). The way Mr. Lowe says that word in a mad-straight, legit way is so fucking hot. Now THAT is not a wuss move. That takes balls. SHORT VERSION: lose the mask but keep it 100 with that language, niqquh.

from peckhamhorn [720] on 27 February 2018

A seriously hot debut, playing around with one of my favourite kinks and so so good at the trash talk. I can't imagine how hot this was in person. Logan is an instant Best Flex star.

from harlanny [8401] on 15 February 2018

Very novel and excellent video. It would be even more fun to see him stroking his, showing us what's under that mask, and letting his body hair grow out a bit. Looking forward to his next undertaking!

from stracer82 [176] on 15 February 2018

One of the hottest secret fantasy vids we didnt know we wanted to see, lol. There's a classic video clip out there from years ago that probably was the inspiration, but Logan has his own way of torture. I did a meet up with Logan so of course a video can't compare, but for those who only watch and dont get to touch, this is pretty intense.

from musclelover610 [590] on 10 February 2018

Logan is a very cocky stud. He knows he is the shit and is able to show it. He is a great tease. The baseball biceps are enough to make anyone weak at the knees. Would love to see more of him.

from Hartxxx [294] on 6 February 2018

Logan is one cocky mother fucker and He loves to be worshipped. The vanity and cockiness is so hot in this video. Wish we saw more face, but man, He knows how to tease and He knows how hot he is. That's for sure.

from CepLover [90] on 4 February 2018

disappointed, not much flexing

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