Pumped Up Biceps with Peter Russell

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From the gym to your home, Peter's insane bicep peaks are going to push you all the way to muscle heaven. You'll be in awe of the size, shape and hardness of his biceps. Watch them grow bigger and more vascular as he keeps them flexed for you.


All American Hunks | Arms | Cocky


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Peter's Peaks do not disappoint. Dude loves to flex his biceps. Great close-ups.

jeffreycollins [243] on 5 Jan 2024

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Great video. Tons of up close ups, great flexing, lots of vascularity on view.

rg57 [5207] on 6 Apr 2020

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i have an intense bicep fetish. the exact type of super defined and peaked bicep that Peter has. i bought this video and it didn't disappoint. i love how verbal he is about me being so into his biceps. it really satisfied my fetish for biceps. Hail!

newrobb [358] on 31 Mar 2020

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I love it when bodybuilders film videos at the gym and I especially love seeing the sweat dripping off Peter's hairy, vascular muscles!

musclepup [6605] on 21 Apr 2019

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Pumped Up Biceps is a must see. Russell will fuckin amaze you with his PeAkEd bis..... His incredible mass and definition is like no other on the BestFlex P E R I O D. If you you love biceps and/or a bodybuilder, he will impress and MOTIVATE your ass to the stage! buy this vid boys....

jeromeroundu2 [6281] on 3 Feb 2019

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