Powerful Muscle Bust Out with Steven C

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Be prepared to witness Steven's immense size and power as he busts out of not one, not two, but three leather belts. Pure muscle power at it's finest.


Arms | Cam shows


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Amazing display of power! Nothing contains this muscle beast!! Imagine being alone in a room with this giant hulk when he busts out of his restraints and he's looking for something to smash!!

tiki3012 [20738] on 12 Mar 2023

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Now this is Muscle Power and Pure Strength!!!!!

jackwall [21779] on 11 Jun 2020

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I enjoy seeing a shredded bodybuilder perform feats of strength and Steven doesn't disappoint in this video. The way he talks to his muscles, telling them to break the belts, is incredibly sexy. And watching his veins pop out as he strains and works up a sweat is a muscle lover's dream. I was ready to bust along with the belts!

musclepup [6660] on 20 Apr 2019

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One of the hottest videos ever! Steven is huge, cocky, and powerful. His pure power is on full display. Highly recommended!

twmc68 [2142] on 6 Apr 2019

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