Powerful Muscle Bust Out 2 featuring Steven C

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Fans went crazy for Steven's first video snapping belts with his massive muscles. Now he's taken things to another level, with FIVE belts wrapped tight around him. Does he have the power to burst out of them all? Of course he does! Get the full video to witness the incredible power for yourself.


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from zakwindham [120] on 17 August 2019

I became a fan of you!

from twmc68 [2142] on 24 June 2019

Super hot video! His roar is as hot as those big arms.

from jackwall [7941] on 19 June 2019

The powerful strength and muscle size of Steven is impressive!! He has excellent biceps, traps, tri's, and chest when flexed as well as relaxed. Does he ever flex his lats. I have downloaded several of his videos and he has shown us most of his muscle groups even legs and abs but no lats. Would he ever due a video just doing his posing routine with posing trunks on?

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