Massive Muscle Pump with Tom H

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In the best shape of his life, Tom allows us to enjoy the sheer pleasure of watching him pump up and flex his massive, shredded muscles. Squeeze after squeeze, biceps first, then chest, it's a muscle fest you don't want to miss.


Arms | Chest | Private flex shows


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Such a handsome muscle god. He turns me on just by breathing. Seriously, listen to it...

txparsons2 [3505] on 3 Apr 2021

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I'm a long time fan of TomH and this video just amaze me by how he keeps show up each contest in more and more perfect physic!
One of the top guys in TBF site! RECOMMENDED!

beddubi [12444] on 13 Feb 2021

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The words of this video's title perfectly capture why we love BestFlex and Tom in particular! He's handsome as hell and watching him pump up his shredded muscles is massively sexy. Tom is a champion bodybuilder with incredible legs, shoulders, abs, and back, and he knows how to pump up when it counts. Bathed in golden light here and without any weights or bands he continuously flexes his biceps that we love, bringing out the striations and stretching the sleeves of his too tight t-shirt and making us wait for his powerfully sexy double biceps. Halfway through (too long a wait IMO as I would have loved to have watched him pumping up his biceps shirtless) he struggles to remove his shirt and then switches his focus to his huge pecs, bringing out the striations and pumping up those puppies so seductively you'll have to take matters into your own hands!-) Seriously, this man's chest is legend and the close-ups are why I keep buying his videos. This one is another winner from 2019's second most popular BestFlexer!

in2muslmen [19735] on 31 Dec 2019

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