Shredded Muscle Giant featuring Tom H

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It's a dream come true to be up close to such a muscle giant that you can literally feel the power of his muscles emanating from his body. Look up at this almighty giant as he flexes above you. Get closer than you'd ever imagined possible to every inch of his massive muscles.


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from TouchyFeely [1671] on 5 August 2020

Tom is a miracle to look at from any angle but this video is really special. You realize what true giant he is, so tall and his muscles so full and powerful. Every part of him is so divine. the best for me was some of the armpit like a mountain cave surrounded by lat, pec and delt... we are so luck this man walks the earth

from in2muslmen [14140] on 1 January 2020

So I guess I'm not actually a fan of the muscle giant thing. But Tom is a giant among muscle gods so naturally I had to check out his rendition of towering giant. Plenty of great closeups of his entire gorgeous muscle bod from the calves on up, both front and back with veins and striations galore. Don't know how he maintains such conditioning but I sure ain't complaining! His back is monumental and his ass is bubblicious, but it was only the upshots of his mountainous pecs that really got me stirred up. I can only imagine kneeling in front of him and looking up at such masculine perfection! So captivating! Ten stars for our muscle god on earth, but just four for the video overall, but as I said, this one is not really for me.

from Musclelover11 [1361] on 7 July 2019

Tom H is my hero. I fucking adore him. This video is pure class and I wanted to kneel and touch every trace of muscle on him.

Reaching him on Skype has been impossible and he also did not reply my mail. I want a custom from HIM. He is my no1 on bestflex and I can't stop saying that.

from popetristn [2786] on 30 June 2019

Oh. My. God. Just when you think there's no more to see of Tom - this video goes a step further... (and I think there's still more - hoping that he'll be up for it someday).

Tom is so freaking good looking. So incredibly cold in his stare. So hard. He's just the perfect person to do a 'giant' video. Thank you for not scripting it. I think the scripts for 'giant' videos get very corny but this was perfect. Just the sound of his breathing is crazy erotic.

The video work is awesome. You've outdone yourselves.

But best of all is Tom himself and his muscles. Damn - he is a freaking work of art. By the end of the video - veins popping all over the place. Just incredible.

The only fault - and it's sort of minor - but still a fault - Tom's triceps are SHREDDED and we see them at a distance - with some of the cool super close video, it would have been cool to glide across the stretch of those muscles. Partially to fill out the already perfect display in the video - but, knowing that the amount of diet and control to keep that shred is so difficult - just to have a record of it.

Bravo - Tom - Bravo Dan. Amazing!

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