Superman In The Mirror featuring Tom H

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The superman fantasy continues... only this superman is real - you can even see his reflection.


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from in2muslmen [14140] on 30 September 2019

Tom is easily one of the top 5 BestFlexers these days and probably my number one actually, which is why when his videos went on sale recently I had to buy this and one other video to round out my collection of Tom as Superman. There's just something about too tight underarmour showcasingTom's prominent pecs, nipples, and biceps as well as his muscle ass and ripped quads!

For a muscle god like Tom it's also fascinating to see an earlier video where he's muscular and gorgeous AF and then see how even one so nearly perfect has improved over time. Here he's like some muscular Narcissus, captivated by his own peaked biceps, striated pecs, deep cut abs, and vascular quads, continuously scrutinizing his muscular perfection in the mirror and we get to admire him admiring himself. The adept cameraman is as usual part of the successful capture of Tom putting it all on display with all the angles and close-ups you could wish for in excruciating detail. Another winner from my favorite muscle god!

from harlanny [11103] on 12 February 2018

Great combination of vascularity and size!

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