Young Stud Oiled Up with Travis Maverick

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Just when you think this gorgeous young muscle stud couldn't get any more perfect, he goes and covers his sexy body in oil to really make his muscles pop. Now he's totally irresistible.


Abs | All American Hunks | Arms | Cam shows | Chest | Cocky | Oiled muscle


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Travis says he could look at himself all day, and I have to say I can't blame him. I love the way he seems to take as much delight in his body as I do. Also, those eyes - and he isn't stingy about letting us see and enjoy them. I will come back to this video time and time again and not tire of seeing Travis strut his stuff. And when he rubs his abs and makes "that noise" I lose control.

FrankieB [236] on 26 Sep 2021

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