Big Handsome Superhero with Whiteshark900

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In his debut video, this big handsome stud shows off just how massive and powerful he is, before he even takes off his shirt! His massive biceps pumped up are just spectacular and demand your attention.


Abs | Arms | Cam shows | Superheros


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Bravo!!! Handsome Man showing us what hes got! Hope to see him oil up and take it all off. Thanks White shark! )"'

jbird65 [1506] on 15 Dec 2020

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This Whiteshark900 truly looks like a native man of Krypton,
with his perfectly chiseled jawline and TOP ALPHA physic condition which match the Superman shirt, this is a must video.
I highly recommend buying this and I can't wait for myself for more from this awesome guy.

beddubi [9996] on 15 Dec 2020

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