Sexy Gym Pump with AestheticsBoy

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This muscle beauty is someone we fans would all love to see in the gym, and he’s happy to let you watch his workout! It’s chest day and those perfect pecs get put through their paces as the adept and naughty cameraman gets plenty of shots gawping down his ample cleavage as those striated and bronzed beauties strain and squeeze together! The vest eventually comes off for some beautiful topless posing; that sexy upper body never fails to make us bust a nut!


Arms | Chest | Workout


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This is the BEST video I’ve seen on TBF. Up close muscle filmed beautifully, a definite step up in production on this one. Really impressive for any muscle fan and those wanting to see insane details!! I cannot wait for a sequel to this! More please!

Flexed [280] on 19 May 2024

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The best video he has made So far. SHIT, we need more of this sort video’s. Pumping those rock hard muscles! You can almost see them grow while watching this muscle God working out. WE WANT MORE!

MarkGoedegebuure [528] on 9 May 2024

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