30 Minute Sexy Workout and Stripdown with Andy Fit

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Your eyes will be glued to the screen from the first second of this half-hour muscle treat! Sexy young stud Andy has a spectacular body and you know he’s about to display it just for you. Starting out in a skin tight t-shirt and boxer briefs that can barely contain all of his very ample assets, Andy begins pumping up and working out so that his muscles grow even bigger and those poor clothes simply don’t stand a chance of holding him in! Stripping off his t-shirt, Andy reveals a truly beautiful torso of perfect proportions, with deep cut abs, a bulging chest, super-hero shoulders, magnificent lats and biceps as big as your head! As Andy finally strips naked and continues pumping up, you can be sure of your own engorgement while you feast your eyes on his flawless young body!


Vascular | Workout | XXX (18+)


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Thirty minutes of rivers of veins and striations everywhere!

harlanny [19797] on 30 Aug 2023

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yoonlyhi [50] on 10 Aug 2023

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