Cum For Me - Roommate Fantasy with CockyBoy

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CockyBoy Alex created a lifelong fantasy for so many muscle fans.... you're roommates with this mega muscle man, and since day one you've secretly been jacking off when you think he's not looking. But he's noticed, and he loves it. So much so, that he's going to put on a show just for you. But he's in control. His body is perfect. He's more handsome than you can imagine. But he's in control. And you'll only cum when he says you can.


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An amazing video from an amazing performer! A really cool combination of alpha cockiness and gentle welcoming. Loved it!

humboldt [638] on 8 Aug 2018

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this muscle guy surely know hot to make confident with the camera

Thoro [95] on 29 Nov 2015

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Amazingly hot--great video.

Kamaswami [350] on 19 Nov 2015

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He is a very kind person who wants to flex off his muscles hard for you. He likes to talk with you on cam. I bought cum for me, this is a very hot vid. Cam show was great you must see this guy on cam. I would like to follow his progress getting bigger and bigger.

musclefan1 [4905] on 25 Oct 2015

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