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Beautiful Teen Muscles with Fire Nick

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19 year old Nick’s body is utterly sinful. He has a very cute and boyish face that defies the huge and developed physique beneath, and no doubt all kinds of fantasies will be running through your mind! With alpha verbal and playful teasing from the start, Nick shows off his stunning physique in the bathroom, flexing his unbelievably big biceps which seem the same size as his head! If ever a torso was made for body worship it’s Nick’s, with his sculpted pecs, rock hard abs and sweet perky nipples covered in deliciously white, milky skin; hairless and flawless in a nod to his teenage years! Wearing just a skimpy, shiny red poser, Nick goes on to drench his perfect body in oil which really brings out the striations in his chest and quads, and the veins in his big round biceps. Turning around, Nick’s poser will delight you as he looks better than naked with the skimpy, shiny red fabric struggling to cover his bubble muscle ass, revealing at least half of his rock hard glutes for us lusting fans! There should be a rule against being this hot at 19 and we can only imagine how good it would feel to be the one caressing and oiling Nick’s beautiful teen body!


Arms | Chest | Cocky | Oiled muscle


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I greatly enjoyed this video! While his muscles aren’t the biggest, they’re perfectly shaped and have nice, lean, hard mass. And he’s got an amazingly cocky and seductive attitude and presence. These muscles are worthy of total worship and I will be watching closely to see him put on more size. He will be unstoppable.

AlwaysMirin [1495] on 8 Aug 2023

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