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Teen God Oil Worship with Fire Nick

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The gorgeous teen muscle god is back, and so are his sexy red posers! Nick’s physique is so exciting; ripped and developed in a way that defies his teenage years, but also creamy skinned, flawlessly lean and hairless in a way that is so very boyish, cute and playful. The perfect mix of innocence and sexiness and just imagine the fun you could have with that body! It’s just made for worship, and that’s exactly what happens in this video!

Last seen flaunting his sexy muscles in the shower, this time baby-faced Nick’s joined by a hunky friend who slowly oils up his ripped and shredded young body, caressing and manipulating Nick in ways us fans could only dream of doing given half the chance (as Nick says “this is every man’s fantasy!”). Nick narrates throughout, which adds to the teasing. There’s a particularly sensual segment where Nick’s friend spends ages lovingly oiling, spanking and stroking Nick’s rock hard 19 year old bubble butt, totally exposed by his skimpy velvet underwear, and another where he concentrates on slowly rubbing up and down his young god-like torso, with a touch more suited to lovers than friends, and one so intimate we can almost imagine being the ones tracing Nick’s prominent boyish nipples, milky white pecs and marble six pack!

If you fantasise about getting your hands on fresh, ripe and flawless young muscle, you’ll struggle to make it past these beautiful views of Nick’s oil soaked teenage body. Do try, as you’ll then be treated to both friends posing together, Nick’s partner having some particularly eye popping biceps, and his bouncy pecs getting some attention from Nick’s hands too! Fun and sexy teen muscle heaven to blow your load to!


Cocky | Muscle worship | Oiled muscle | Vertical


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What we got here is Teenage Lightning, defined by the late Jhonn Balance as “the energy given out when two teenagers are rubbed together.” Enter the high voltage worship zone. Male AF.

musclethirst [1271] on 13 Sep 2023

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