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Upper Body Flex and Oil with Fire Nick

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In this 15 minute video, you really get a chance to ogle and appreciate Nick’s incredible male beauty. Starting off in a grey vest, sexy Nick gives you a long, hard look at his stunning arms, flexing them from all angles and showing off their amazing peaks, size and density. Once again seemingly defying the laws of biology, you won’t believe how paper thin Nick’s milky white skin is when he pinches it over his peaked bicep, or how such a developed physique could possibly be topped by such a cute young face! Nick goes topless for us and treats us to a slow oil up of his beautiful torso, one of the most perfect we’ve seen and just so utterly lovely to look at. It should be illegal to be both this sweet and this sexy!


Arms | Cocky | Oiled muscle


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The entire time I watched this I was saying “oh my god” on repeat ASMR. Nicky Boy just blows me away every time. He is truly special and this is video is an instant classic for helpless muscle addicts like me.

AlwaysMirin [1495] on 9 Sep 2023

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