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Huge Biceps Tight Shirt featuring HornyAlphaBoy

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For true bicep fans, there's not much in this world that's more exhilirating than the sight of a sleeve stretching tight over a huge flexing bicep. And Horny Alpha Boy has biceps big enough to stretch any shirt!


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from growinmusc [4918] on 11 October 2018

Great ode to both HornyAlphaBoy and to his perfect, round guns.

from dax [250] on 20 February 2016

This is the greatest flexing video I have seen in a while! Alpha Boy, you are a master at performing, and know what type of appearances people like. I rate this video 5 stars (the best) and the video maker 5 stars (the best). No one will be disappointed with this purchase, plenty of time to enjoy, and just what I was looking for, really displaying an awesome physique! Best to Alpha Boy!

from Peter1110.49 [35] on 5 September 2015

I have purchased two other videos from this site of this musclegod and he has done four private videos for me. I don't know how he does it but especially in the private videos he knows instinctively how to hit all my buttons. He drives me wild both by his incredibly beautiful muscles and by what he says and how he acts and with a musclegod attitude. I do not think I have ever been as turned on by a man as I am by this musclegod. And, my God, his muscles are so perfect and I especially love and go crazy over he arms and armpits but everything else is also total perfection! I will never buy a video or photos of any one other than this man, Sergio. He is perfection and I give him my highest recommendation and when talks to me personally in the private videos, I just go crazy and ache so much and so deep inside!

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