SPECTACULAR - Alpha Shredded Pecs with Mike Oxlong

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Nothing can prepare you for this absolute masterclass of pec domination. Not only are Mike's pecs huge, they're looking absolutely shredded after his competition. Mix in this totally alpha presence and his willingness to let you worship every inch of his massive pecs, and you've got this truly spectacular video filled with 100% pecs.


All American Hunks | Chest | Cocky | Oiled muscle | sPECtacular


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Mike is one sexy AF alpha and he knows it! He's in shredded condition here and his pecs will own you as he flexes to the max nonstop to bring out your muscle lust. There's just something irresistible about a bodybuilder who's worked so hard to get into contest shape and wants to show it all off for the camera in addition to the stage. Mike is also one of the best looking, cocky talking Best Flexers, and this video is so deserving of its number one status in popularity‼️💪🏼🔥😻

in2muslmen [20040] on 9 Jul 2022

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The only word I can say is perfection. Amazing.

RyanMarks [110] on 6 Jul 2022

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I was hypnotized the whole time. He bounced his pecs so much & for so long that my tongue came out and my head bounced up with each pec flex. You'll be on your knees begging for mercy. It's like he's right there in the room with you. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. His voice and his attitude DEMANDS respect. If you're not dizzy and slobbering by the end of this video, you are a very strong person. I'm dizzy just thinking about it now. Mercy, master!

obedienceandshame [3199] on 4 Jul 2022

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This man continues to improve. Great conditioning in this video, what a beast, good videography.

harlanny [14008] on 3 Jul 2022

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