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Poolside Workout and Worship featuring roidpig

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You can't help but look at the massive hunk working out by the pool. You're meant to be relaxing on vacation, but you're horny from the moment you see him starting to pump up his biceps. And what's better, is that he seems to love the attention. He invites you over for a closer view, then your fantasies come true as he asks you to help rub in the sun cream to his hard, muscular body. You do so without hesitation as the hunk in front of you flexes for your muscle pleasure.


Workout | Oiled muscle | Muscle worship | Hairy | Chest | Brazilian Beasts | Back | Arms |

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Price $29.99
Duration 11:12
File Size 515MB
Format .mp4
Resolution 1920*1080
Nudity No

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