Muscle Giant Towers Above You with Roman Shark

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As you look up to his muscle giant flexing over you, you've never felt so small!




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Hello fellow macro fans, here is what I saw.

-mostly POV, like 90% POV from the preview
-Technically there is "side screen" vore, but it is fleeting and what you see in the preview is all that there is.
-Large majority of entire video is upshot, which is great, but it mostly is a guy flexing slightly "on top" of you.
-There is some bare foot and socked stomping, but POV rules this script. A lot of posing over the camera.
-Besides the stomp and the 3 second side screen vore, there is little 'audience" interaction. It is mostly posing over camera with no little interaction.

Recommend buy on sale unless you are a die hard upshot POV person.

valentine415 [1120] on 27 Mar 2023

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