BLACKOUT PARTY - Unbelievable Size and Shape with Super Stas

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He’s always been massive, but Stas is truly reaching superhuman size! From the second the video starts in his skin tight black dress shirt and trousers, you won’t believe how big he looks or how he managed to squeeze into such an outfit in the first place! His cartoon character level biceps and shoulders look insane under the tight black cotton, and what delights bust out when he starts to unbutton! Enormous pecs mounds and rock hard abs are revealed, ahead of those amazing arms and shoulders! Stas continues to strip down, breaking into a sweat as he does so from flexing so hard, which only makes his muscles look even bigger! Posing and showing off in just his pvc hotpants, Stas is a true muscle god worthy of total worship!


Abs | Arms | BLACKOUT PARTY | Chest | Legs

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