Muscle Beast In The Wild with Super Stas

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It's not every day you see a bodybuilding beast like Stas in the wild! So you're not going to miss the chance of a hot muscle show!


Arms | Chest | Private flex shows


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Impressive guy ^^

Arnaud [4811] on 25 Mar 2023

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WOW! This is even better than my wildest fantasy. Super Stas is HUGE but beautifully proportioned and has low body fat. Posing in the sun makes all his muscles and veins come into razor sharp focus and those tight tight tight jeans- drool. When he hit the rear double biceps pose I couldn't believe just how big he was. I would have loved to have been there for the filming! Beyond a fantasy. Highly recommended but suggest a medical check up before you watch it.

rupert [4440] on 26 Nov 2022

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