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Anthony is an all-round muscle god. But there are two things that separate him from the rest - his awesome biceps and his sexy, cocky attitude. In this video, you get to experience both. This really is a must-own video for any bicep fan. Awesome from start to finish. And as Anthony says, "they should make a statue out of me".

Duration: 11:00 | Style: Production [?] | Price: $24.99

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Filmed in full HD, these videos are well-lit and get you closer to the muscle than you could ever have imagined.

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Rated 1 stars
All of this flexing for only a few minutes was hardly worth the money. Add to that the fact that he NEVER took off his shirt and you have a crap video. Anthony has a great bicep and is damn good looking, but it ends there. Insofar as the bicep is attached to the rest of the body, it would have been nice to see it. The video still could have featured his biceps, but fell short. THUMBS DOWN!

Posted on 21 September 2013

Rated 5 stars
amazing !

Posted on 21 January 2014

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