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to Max Wood on 24 May 2021

He is a scammer. I was buying videos from him regularly (I am a very loyal customer when treated fairly) and without explanation, he cut off all communication with me after my last payment. Did not respond on Skype or via email.

to jean paul on 20 May 2021

Just received my second custom video from Gio (this year), and I could not be happier. The video completely blew me away. It was so intense and exceeded my wildest expectations! He used a professional camera this time and the video quality was so clear and HD, I felt like I was right there next to him. Very pleased with my transaction with him, and will be back for more!

to jean paul on 12 May 2021

I contacted Gio after purchasing several videos from him many years ago, which I was very happy with. Gio responded quickly and took my video request. We agreed on the content and price, and I received the video the next day. I was very happy with the video and the friendly communications!

Si quieres ver a un Latino caliente, ¡este es tu chico!

jean paul replied...
Oh thank you so much it’s my pleasure! Take care ????????

to Airon on 4 April 2021

I love to work with Airon, it is almost like he can read my mind when he is creating my videos. He is extremely friendly and professional, and also very reliable. His videos are the best, and keep me coming back for more.

Muito obrigado por todo o esforço extra que você colocou em cada vídeo, eles me deixam muito feliz!

to Shawn on 30 December 2020

I reconnected with Shawn after a year and a half, and wow he has gotten bigger and stronger and his videos are more intense then ever. ¡Culturista colombiano muy rallado!

Shawn replied...
yes, long time. im so joyful working with you again and many more to come

to Rediel Hardford on 24 December 2020

I contacted him for a custom, and he did not disappoint. Video was as requested, and it was sent within 2 hours of initial contact. And this guy is one HUGE Columbian, chico musculoso!

I would highly recommend and I will be a repeat customer. Gracias!

Rediel Hardford replied...
thansk boy, every day more bigger

to Handsome Troy XXL on 18 October 2020

I really was hoping to get a video from him, so thought I would try again after being unsuccessful 2 years ago (see review below). I thought maybe he would be more serious now, but apparently nothing has changed.

His communications are very sporadic. I totally understand that he is across the ocean from me, but it would still take about 24 hours for him to respond to a Skype message, even though he was showing online. I gave him my request. He did say he would do a video, but was always vague about it and would never say when. In the short time he was responding to me, he went to a party that gave him a hangover for 2 days, broke up with his girlfriend, and is trying to buy a MacPro to make videos with. I started to feel like I was nagging him, and finally gave up.

So I am still not sure why he is advertising himself here, it was just a waste of both of our time. (Again)

to BeardKing22 on 10 August 2020

I purchased 3 videos from him last year, and they were all good. I would like to purchase more, but he does not respond on Skype. I sent him a message, and his Skype status was "green", meaning he was online. But now 9 days later, he never responded.

to CockyBoy on 31 July 2020

I have been dealing with Alex for 2 years now. He is very reliable, videos are very high HD quality. Friendly and professional always, and you can tell he spends a lot of time at the gym and takes good care of his physique. HUGE biceps and quads!

CockyBoy replied...
Amazing review and amazing 2 years together <3 xoxo and hugs love lets make more whenever you want <3

to Airon on 8 April 2020

Contacted him for custom video. He replied immediately, excellent communications, friendly. Even though it was late at night, he sent my video to me within an hour. Very high-quality HD video, everything I asked for and more. Highly recommend!

to EvanHoti on 16 February 2020

Awesome videos and very reliable. I keep coming back for more!

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you so much>)

to Forbidme on 12 December 2019

I have dozens of videos from him, there is nothing bad I can say. I keep coming back for more!

Forbidme replied...
Thank you!

to CockyBoy on 31 August 2019

It has been one year since my last video with him, and I recently re-connected. The video totally blew me away, he did an awesome job!

CockyBoy replied...
So much fun with the video xoxo and thank you for contact me xoxo

to Delz on 25 July 2019

My latest video from Delz was so intense, totally blew me away!

Delz replied...
Thank you!! I'm always grateful for constant clients so I'm happy to surprise for being patient with me as well!!

to bighunk on 16 July 2019

Sadly, it did not take long for this guy to go from 5 stars, to 1 star.

After my first purchase (see review from 22 June 2019), I was very happy with him so decided to order a 2nd video. Things went downhill from there. He said he made video, but I got all kinds of excuses why he couldn't send it. Then he stopped communicating on Skype.

So I tried email, and he responded saying his Skype had been hacked. I had a glimmer of hope that I would finally get my video, but after a short period, he stopped communicating via email as well, and I never received my video.

to Steel on 16 July 2019

I have mixed feelings about this video.

I love the idea of this type of video, where you “destroy” a worshiper.

But why would you post a “teaser” video clip that is not even in the video? The video clip you posted under the “about me” section of your profile, intrigued me enough to shell out the money for the price of the full video. Imagine my disappointment, when I get to the end of the video, and the part I wanted to see the most (where you "strangle" his dick with your bicep) wasn't even included! I feel that is a bit misleading.

Maybe you could change the preview clip, or make some kind of notation that the preview video you have listed is NOT in the full video.

Having said that, hoping maybe in future videos that in addition to using your hands, use other body parts to "dominate" him and make him hard: between your pecs, feet, legs, armpit, or between bicep and forearm.

Thank you, and good luck

Steel replied...
I stated that the video was a little taste of what you can expect from the video and it was. pretty much the same thing of playing with his dick with my bicep etc is in the video. the strangling of the dick didn't work well as you can see from the clip...his dick kept popping clearly see that it didn't work in the that being said, I totally can see how you might think it was part of the video I did even though I didn't say that. I said it was a lil taste and is very similar to the video, but can see how you would think that. we were experimenting with a bunch of clips and its soooo close to what happens. that being said, ill add that its not a clip of the video and you can see a clip of the actual video under the previews

to Adryano on 4 July 2019

Massive tattoo muscles + very HD quality = super, intense video!

to Max Wood on 28 June 2019

Follow-up to review left on 10 June 2019- Max responded "Got hacked, email me at", so I sent email on 24 June 2019

No reply!

to JohnnyCreator on 23 June 2019

I received a video from Johnny and it far exceeded my expectations! He is very friendly and kept me up-to-date on the progress. The video quality was phenomenal, and using a cameraman was an unexpected bonus! Most guys don't do that.

Very pleased with transaction, and I will definitely be requesting more!

JohnnyCreator replied...
You are one of the coolest fans on this site BFN. long dreamed of working with you. You write one of the most pleasant reviews I've read

to bighunk on 22 June 2019

Just received a video from this guy, wow! I don't know where to begin!
For starters, this guy is big, we're talking 6'4” 297 lbs!
He was very friendly, did video when he said he would, kept me up-to-date
on the progress, uses very high-quality HD camera (which is big for me), good
lighting, did what I requested, amazing closeups of his huge physique! And for
such a big guy, he is very athletic and knows how to move around and work
the camera. Huge biceps, rippling quads, and deep, masculine voice.

Thanks so much for overall amazing experience, I will be back!

bighunk replied...
Thanks my friend . Must say ur a great man .and i enjoied sooo muchh to do the video for you . All the best !!!

to EvanHoti on 22 June 2019

I have ordered several videos from Evan. He is very professional, makes video when he says he will, uses high-quality HD camera, and he seems to really enjoy making the videos, which I think adds a lot to the overall outcome of the product.

Thank you!

EvanHoti replied...
thank you)

to BeardKing22 on 20 June 2019

I received the most awesome video from him a couple of days ago. It was exactly what I wanted, and then some!

The only problem is, I have been trying to contact him for another video, and he is no longer responding on Skype. Hope he comes back online again soon!

BeardKing22 replied...
Sorry for long Answer bro. Im here again)thanks for reviews)

to Jay Felix on 18 June 2019

Amazing guy! Very professional, reliable, and punctual. Produces top-notch videos and works with you closely to ensure you get what you are looking for.

Can't recommend enough!

Jay Felix replied...
Thanks so much Adam ! Always a pleasure bringing your ideas to life !

to Steven C on 18 June 2019

I finally hooked up with Steven after weeks of trying (still not sure why it took
so long to get a response!) I requested a custom video.
What I received completely blew me away, it is one of the most
intense videos I have ever had the pleasure or watching!
He did such a great job, and went above and beyond all my
expectations. He was very friendly, and I received the video when
he said he would. He even gave me a couple of extra minutes, which
is much appreciated.

The video quality was good, and so was the lighting. I received everything
I asked for, and then some. His muscle definition is unmatched, and a couple
of times during the video he flexed every muscle in his body at once,
which nearly knocked me out of my chair!

I was so impressed with my overall experience, I am already planning
another video. Muchas Gracias!

to Joseph Brown on 16 June 2019

I purchased a video from Joseph, and received it within an hour of payment being sent. The video was amazing! He has great attention to detail, muscular physique, and his golden bronze skin is truly amazing! He is also very friendly and your satisfaction is very important to him. Highly recommend, and I will be back for more.

to Max Wood on 10 June 2019

Hi, I have been trying to reach you on Skype and via email for video that was paid for but not received. Haven't been able to get a reply from you. Hope to hear from you soon!

Max Wood replied...
Got hacked, email me at!

to Delz on 3 June 2019

I have purchased 6 customs from him now, I guess you could say I am addicted, LOL. I am a "leg man", and this guy has the most thick, ripped quads and calves! Not to mention his huge glutes (butt, LOL) and his biceps and pecs deserve mentioning, too.

Very professional individual, and super-HD quality videos!

Delz replied...
Thank you! I am so happy that you liked them all! I have plans to grow even bigger this year and I will give it 100%!!! So stay tuned!!! :)

to Muscle Hunk on 30 May 2019

His last video for me totally blew me away, this guy is King!

Muscle Hunk replied...
Thank you, Adam1, always do my best for customers, will be waiting for more orders from you! S.

to Shawn on 17 May 2019

Very passionate and intense flexer, I love it!

to MaximusSteel on 15 May 2019

Sadly, it doesn't appear he is active on this site anymore. He is not responding to email or Skype.

I have had good experience with him in the past. Hoping he comes back online soon!

to Rafa Martin on 12 May 2019

Sadly, doesn't appear he is doing videos anymore.

I sent an email to him on May 6 requesting custom video. He initially replied, but has not responded to numerous emails since.

Hoping he comes back online soon!

Rafa Martin replied...
Hey Adam, sorry for not getting back with you. Please reach out to me again. I’ll be sure to take good care of you.

to JohnnyMusclex on 12 May 2019

Sadly, doesn't appear he is doing videos anymore.

I sent him an email on April 20 asking for custom vid, but he never replied.

Plus, he hasn't accessed his profile on this website since Feb 11, 2019

JohnnyMusclex replied...
Hey Adam, I took a long break from videos. I am for now just going to do video uploads into the best flex. I was doing videos for awhile but had so many people con me and chargeback the videos I lost money and was charged penalties I had to pay. Maybe someday I’ll be back to doing them custom for people but for now I can’t commit time to that as my schedule has changed. Thanks for understanding and hope to do something with you in the future. JS ????????

to MuscleBoyXXL on 7 May 2019

Sent Skype message to him on April 28, 2019
No response. Hasn't accessed his profile since January 8, 2019
I don't think he is active any more.

to Flexmode on 7 May 2019

I have purchased 3 videos from him now. What I like the most is that he truly cares about your satisfaction, and wants you to be happy with his product.

His videos are super-HD quality, and he honors all requests. His communications are top-notch, which cannot be said for the majority of the guys on this website.

Always a sure thing with FlexMode. Thank you!

to Delz on 6 May 2019

I just received my first video from this Russian bear, and it was beyond amazing! He is one month after a competition, so he is still ripped. Huge biceps, pecs, washboard abs. But for me the star of the show was his gigantic quads! He is just starting to grow his body hair back, which is a big plus for me.

I gave him an unusual request, but he had no problem with it and even said he would enjoy doing it. His Skype communications were awesome, way better than most on this site. Kept me up-to-date, and responded promptly to any messages. He sent video 1 hour after payment sent.

I was so impressed overall, that I am hoping he can do another video for me soon!

Delz replied...
Thank you for such a detailed feedback! Glad to know you looked it!

to Jay Felix on 30 April 2019

Just a quick thank you again. You have come a long way since the 1st video I got from you. I love that you remember my preferences from one video to the next, and I can tell you enjoy what you do. That is why I keep coming back for more!

Jay Felix replied...
Adammmm! A true loyal customer and friend ! Thanks so much man that means a lot !

to Hungry beast on 27 April 2019

Waste of time, and a bit arrogant. Contacted him for video, after a few back and forth messages, agreed on price, and said he would do video that week. After not hearing from him, sent him another message asking for update, his reply: "I dont know when will i have time i am in the gym all day", without elaborating further. Waited a few more days and after not hearing from him again, requested another update. Now he says he only does live shows.

Here is the 1st line of his profile above: "I am doing live skype shows and custom videos!"

Seems so friendly in his videos (on TBF), but didn't seem that way to me in conversation.

to Shawn on 24 April 2019

He is very addicting. I am on my 4th video now. He communicates well, and keeps you posted. His dark skin and shredded physique are spellbinding. His biceps have 3 distinct split heads, I have never seen that before. And most importantly, he seems to enjoy what he does!

Shawn replied...
thanks to you for trusting me. i try to do my best always so you can be happy with me. Thankssss a lot

to Shawn on 22 April 2019

Ordered a video from Shawn, and it completely exceeded my expectations! His communications were professional and prompt, and video was sent when he said it would be. His physique is super ripped, and his skin looks paper thin. His biceps and triceps are thick, corded muscle that will blow you away!

Shawn replied...
thanks you enjoyed watching it, im always happy to get my people satisfied. you are a great person, thanks for helping me

to Tommy Flex on 21 April 2019

This guy is the KING of role play! I can't even count how many videos I have received from him, and he nails everything I throw at him. Awesome video quality and top-notch communications keep me coming back for more!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you for being such a great fan since day 1! Hard to believe so much time has passed!

to Logan Lowe on 15 April 2019

Giving a “neutral” rating. To be fair; I never received a video from him. My review is based on my attempt to get a video.

I sent SIX emails to him between March 2 and April 9 requesting a video. (The SKYPE address he lists on his profile does not exist) His initial replies would take 5-6 days . He finally advised me that he was out-of-town, and would be “more responsive” when he returned home on March 26.

That date came and went with no communication. Emailed him 2 more times on April 1 and April 9, with no response.

Bummed, because I really wanted a video from him (I left a positive review for him on the video he has for sale on TBF), but for me it was just a waste of time. Hope the next person will have better luck.

to Steven C on 12 March 2019

Let me start out by saying that I haven't actually received a video from him. Rather: I am leaving a "neutral" review because of my correspondence with this athlete, or should I say: lack of it.

He is impossible to reach. He lists no Skype on his profile, only an email. I sent email inquiring about setting up video: no reply. He also has YouTube channel. I sent private message to him there, as well as left comments on his channel asking how to reach him. Again, no reply/total silence. I have made various attempts to contact him for over a month.

Not sure what his intention is by listing a profile on, it seems has no motivation to interact with anyone. Even his description of himself is kind of vague. The one rating he actually has for a transaction is negative, that kind of sums it up.

Maybe there is some kind of explanation for all of this, but basically I think you can save your time expecting any kind of reply or response.

to Muscle Hunk on 5 March 2019

I purchased a custom video. The video had some technical problems, so he agreed to film a 2nd one the next day with a different camera. His communications were good, is in amazing physical shape, and he seems friendly. The replacement video was better, but came out sideways. The flexing wasn't quite what I requested, but will probably try again. I believe he is a very reliable guy.

Muscle Hunk replied...
Hi, Adam1, thank you for your feedback. I tried to do my best and will be happy to do next video for you! Sasha

to Jay Felix on 3 March 2019

I am now a repeat customer. This guy puts out awesome videos, and has a very unique flexing style that I LOVE! It is also obvious that he seems to enjoy making the videos, which makes them that much better. Biceps and quads will knock you out. Very courteous and reliable, keeps you updated on the progress of your order. I am hooked!

Jay Felix replied...
Hell yea Adam thank you love these video requests and bringing your muscle fantasies to life !!

to Flexmode on 26 February 2019

Ordered custom video, very happy with product received. He was friendly, professional, communicative, and fulfilled all requests. Video was received next day after payment sent.

I was most impressed with video quality. He obviously uses a high-quality camera, the result was crystal-clear video even on wide-screen monitor!

I am a satisfied customer, and would definitely recommend!

Flexmode replied...
Nice to hear! Thanks Buddy

to Jay Felix on 26 February 2019

Ordered custom video, very happy with product received. He was friendly, professional, communicative, and fulfilled all requests. Video was received next day after payment sent.

I would definitely recommend, and plan on additional videos in the near future!

Jay Felix replied...
No problem Adam ! Glad I could fulfill the fantasy !! Looking forward to the next one !

to Max Wood on 25 February 2019

I have purchased 22 videos from him, but all the sudden without explanation he has decided to keep the money, not send video, and will no longer respond to email. Sad, because he was extremely professional and cordial, one of my favorites.

Maxx, what happened ?!?

to Tommy Flex on 9 December 2018

Just purchased my 36th custom vid from Tommy! Everyone seems to get better. I have been dealing with him since January/2018, and he NEVER fails at any request I throw at him. I enjoy to go back and watch earlier videos, and never get tired of them. He is so intense in everything he does. I especially like that he uses an HD camera, unlike some other guys who produce low-quality, grainy videos. I can watch Tommy's videos on wide screen and it is like he is standing right in front of you. He is EXTREMELY reliable and friendly. My latest video was delivered to me 1 hour after I requested. He is very open to almost any request. I have never had a request refused, and some of mine are very unusual LOL.

Don't be shy, give him a try! 405 positive reviews tells the story...

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! It’s nearly a year since we’ve began this relationship, you are greatly appreciated! I will always be extremely on point!

to Peter Russell on 8 October 2018

In my latest video, Peter really showed me his "strong arm of the law".
Perfect mix of fantasy and reality!

Peter Russell replied...
“Sir, you have the right to remain silent.....” I love it! Thanks!

to Peter Russell on 27 September 2018

I am continually in awe over the phenomenal videos he produces. He puts 110% into every production.

World-class physique, spectacular HD-quality footage, and attention to detail keep me coming back for more!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you again!! My pleasure! :)

to Peanutbuttermuscle on 24 September 2018

Tried to get a video, but communications just fizzled out, never responded to my last email .

to Bernard on 21 September 2018

Received 2nd video which totally blew me away! This guy is amazing ....

to HornyAlphaBoy on 20 September 2018

I have purchased 42 custom videos from him and spent thousands of dollars. I even sent him a "bonus" once for the holiday, a financial gift with no strings attached to show my appreciation.

But my last video from him was over a year ago, so I sent him an email about possibly reconnecting to do more videos. Since it has been over a year, I requested him to send me a current picture, and he said doesn't send pictures for free, he wanted me to pay him!

I was so shocked, I thought he must have misunderstood me. So i sent email asking "Do you mean that I have to pay you to see a current picture?", his reply was : "Yes, i dont do pictures unless paid ones". Sad

HornyAlphaBoy replied...
Thank you for your support. I appreciate it. You asked for a private photo and I politely explained they’re available to buy. I hope you can understand that producing content, like photos and videos, is my job. And I cannot work for free. There are free preview photos and videos on my profile for everyone to enjoy. But any requests for private photos or videos must be paid for. Thank you again for your support and for understanding that I cannot work for free.

to Handsome Troy XXL on 18 September 2018

Like pulling teeth to get a video from this guy. Not motivated at all. Not sure why he is here.

to Lorenzo Flexx on 17 September 2018

Contacted him for custom video, said he would get back to me the next day, but never did. That was 4 days ago.

to MuscleGod7 on 16 September 2018

Received custom video yesterday, it was truly amazing. His body is ripped beyond belief, and you can see every muscle shred and fiber on his high-quality HD camera. Very pleased with services, and already working on 2nd video.

MuscleGod7 replied...
thankyou mate. means alot

to CockyBoy on 16 September 2018


Received 2nd custom video. He did and outstanding job. Gave him unusual request and he had no problem with it and took off with it. Professional, friendly correspondence, and is very reliable, films when he says he will. Recommend.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you for this review!! Its perfect and love the scenario to make it! Alex xoxo

to Bernard on 16 September 2018

Received amazing custom video that was filmed to near perfection! The HD quality was phenomenal, and all requests I sent him were fulfilled. He delivered on-time and has a ripped, muscular physique. Already working on 2nd video.

to Peter Russell on 13 September 2018

I just got the most over-the-top, out-of-this-world videos you could ever imagine. I gave Pete a role-play scenario and he acted it out beyond my wildest expectations! I am in total awe. He has me begging for more. Zowie!

Peter Russell replied...
Awesome! Can’t wait for the next!

to CockyBoy on 11 September 2018


I saw a pic on his profile where he was laying in bed showing off his huge quads. So I sent an email to him asking to do a video that featured his quads. What he sent me knocked me out of my chair. He hit me fast and hard until my head was spinning. Quad heaven! (Awesome upper body as well ...)

He was professional and polite, and provided video next day after payment. Highly recommend for good show. Thanks!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you my friend for this review and had fun chating and working with you! Cya soon! Alex xoxo

to Rafa Martin on 11 September 2018

Received an awesome custom video from Rafa. Everything as requested, and video sent within hours of making payment. Professional and friendly correspondence. Very happy customer, will be back for more!

to agaesthetics on 10 September 2018

Got custom video from him today, my 1st from an Egyptian!

Video very high-quality HD, everything as requested, and he was professional and friendly throughout the process. I received video next day after payment was sent.

So if you need a hairy, muscular Arab guy to put on a good show, Skype him!

agaesthetics replied...
Thanks For the review Glad u enjoyed it !

to Peter Russell on 9 September 2018

Received custom video yesterday. Friendly, professional correspondence. Video Delivered on time. Very high-quality HD camera. Fulfilled all requests!

Definitely recommend, and already planning for more videos. Thanks!

Peter Russell replied...
I love what I do! Thank you!!

to Tony D on 3 September 2018

I have been a customer of Tony's for 4 years now. He is very reliable, and he seems to really enjoy what he does. My latest custom vid request was a little unusual, but he really ran with it and put on an amazing show. He gave me everything I asked for, and even a little more!

Tony D replied...
Always! THANK YOU!

to Tommy Flex on 2 September 2018

Just received a video that was out-of-this-world, over-the-top. Hit me from every angle and left me stunned.

Tommy Flex replied...
I will continue to stun you with insane footage! Epic material!

to Forbidme on 28 August 2018


Ordered another custom from him, this time it was 20 minutes, and file size was a staggering 5.5GB! Just phenomenal videography from an amazing bodybuilder. He took my very specific fantasy and ran away with it.

So very happy to have met him on the website!

to Zeusmusclegod on 26 August 2018

Requested custom flex video. He was friendly and delivered on-time. The flexing was OK, but he did not wear the outfit we agreed upon, which was one that he posted on his Instagram account. (I even sent a screenshot of the specific outfit I was requesting him to wear.)

I think he used a webcam to film. The video quality was sub-par. The file size of the video he sent me was 144mb. Normally a 15-minute video filmed in HD is about 1GB, and the audio quality was horrible. I am an audiophile and like to hear natural sounds as a bodybuilder moves around and flexes, and I mentioned this to him in my original request. The audio portion was totally distorted at the beginning, and was non-existent towards the end.

I would like to suggest that Zeusmuslegod invest in a better way to film. This would result in 10x better videos, and I would even purchase from again if that happens.

to Max Wood on 25 August 2018

I am up to 5 videos with Maxx now, and what I like best is that he genuinely wants to make sure you are a satisfied customer, love that!

to LordZian on 21 August 2018

Purchased 2 custom vids from him, they were both awesome. I gave him some detailed requests that he had no problem with, and the videos were sent same day.

LordZian replied...
Thx alot bud ! oxoxo

to Tommy Flex on 20 August 2018

Tommy offers a very unique feature on his profile page where you can purchase a 3 minute single muscle focus custom clip for $10. This is an awesome option if you are on the fence or just want to see what he is all about without breaking the bank.

I have purchased many customs from him, but needed a spur-of-the-moment Tommy Flex fix and sent him an email for 2 of these custom clips. They were sent to me within 15 minutes! It's like having a bodybuilder ATM at your fingertips. Absolutely phenomenal physique that just doesn't quit, and your satisfaction is his top priority.

Amazing super-friendly guy, thank you!

Tommy Flex replied...
Much appreciated my man! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed all of my work!

to Max Wood on 20 August 2018

Received another awesome video from Max today. Had the pleasure of seeing his huge quads in action this time, rippling with muscle! Friendly guy and very reliable.

to Max Wood on 16 August 2018

Very impressed with this guy! He is professional, friendly, and very punctual. Does video when he says he will. Also does his best to honor all requests.

Thanks much!

to Forbidme on 16 August 2018

Purchase a vid from him, immediately what blew me away was his awesome camera! I mean, I ordered a 15-minute video and the file size was over 4GB! This is just incredible. In comparison, most 15 minute videos are between 200mb and the highest I had previously seen was 1.9GB. The video quality and definition was mind-blowing! I was able to view video on my 26-inch monitor at full screen, and it felt like I was looking through a window. You could see every small detail, every vein, muscle fiber like it was jumping out at you. And the video itself was incredible, all requests honored and received video 1 day after payment sent.

Thanks for an awesome experience!

to Max Wood on 14 August 2018

Ordered custom vid from Max, and was very happy with the overall process. He responded promptly to email, and was professional throughout. He took my request, and kept me updated on the progress. Video was received within 1 hour of payment being sent. The video itself was everything I asked for. You can tell he takes good care of his body.

Would definitely recommend and plan on being a repeat customer. Thanks much!

to Tommy Flex on 9 August 2018

Totally awesome custom from Tommy, and the speed and professionalism of his communications are the best out there, very reliable!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! As always you’ll receive nothing but the best from me!

to Tommy Flex on 29 July 2018

My most recent custom vid from him completely blew my mind!

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you my man! Wait until you see what is coming next!!

to Tommy Flex on 26 July 2018

Gave Tommy a challenging, unusual role play video request, and the finished product blew me away!

Tommy Flex replied...
My pleasure to perfect your fantasies my man! See you again soon!

to Tommy Flex on 15 April 2018

This guy is favorite go-to bodybuilder. He is EXTREMELY reliable, just like ordering from Amazon Prime: you know exactly when you will receive your order, LOL. He goes above and beyond my expectations each video, and throws in extra touches you didn't see coming.

The high quality HD camera he uses makes you feel like you are right there, and you can see every little muscle fiber flexing up close.

Warning: You'll need a wide screen monitor to fit in those huge biceps and triceps!

Tommy Flex replied...
I am so happy to have you as a fan seriously! I will always go above and beyond without hesitation!!

to Tommy Flex on 12 March 2018

Just purchased another custom vid from Tommy Flex, and another masterpiece. The guy has biceps that could choke a bear! Everything as requested, prompt delivery, and friendly communication. You can't go wrong.

Thank you again, I'll be back .....

Tommy Flex replied...
I take pride in my work and I take my time perfecting every scene to blow you away! My pleasure for filming another epic vid for you!

to Tommy Flex on 11 March 2018

Can't get enough of this guy! He'll do whatever you request, say what you want, wear what you want, no detail is too small and he strives for perfection.

He uses a super high-quality HD camera that makes it feel like you are standing right next to him. (a 15-minute video averages 2GB in size, that tell you something right there!)

Very professional, responds immediately to correspondence, and delivers a product when he says he will.

Do yourself a favor and have him play out your fantasy, you won't be disappointed!

Tommy Flex replied...
My pleasure my man! It was fun to film and have your fantasies come to life! As usual I will continue to exceed your expectations! You are greatly appreciated!

to Tommy Flex on 29 January 2018

This is my 2nd review for Tommy Flex. After being so impressed with the 1st custom video, I have now purchased 3 more.

He is very professional, communicative, and punctual on delivery. But most importantly (to me) is that he fulfills every specific request down to the last detail. And I am very picky, so that is saying a lot!

Thanks for all the hard work ....

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to Tommy Flex on 22 January 2018

Just received my custom video, and could not be happier! I had some very specific requests, but he followed all of them, it was as if he could read my mind. The video was delivered within a day of payment, and he continually kept me updated on the progress. The video quality was flawless, as was the editing. And those peaks .... zowie!

Thanks much, I'll be back for more. :-)

Tommy Flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to Tom H on 15 January 2017

I was very impressed with the high quality HD videos he posted on TBF, so wrote to him asking for custom video, to be similar to these.

Huge disappointment. The video was very low-quality and grainy. I had asked for close-up upper body posing only, he did poses I didn't ask for and shot video across the room in dimly lit room. I even requested he leave shirt ON, but he took it off anyway. Almost everything I requested, I received the opposite. When I sent email expressing all of my concerns, this was his reply: "u told i need HD stuffs ? "

That about sums it up. Do not recommend.

to AnthonyFlex on 14 July 2016

First video with him was good (see positive review below)

Then HE contacted ME to do a 2nd video, saying he needed the cash, and he was
ready to do another video. Sent the money, then came delays, excuses, more delays, more excuses …
“I fell asleep”, “I am getting a massage”, “I've been busy”, or my favorite:
“I'm making it now!”, which I heard at least twice. A week later, still no video.

It's too bad because I am a very loyal customer and if he needed cash, we could
have been mutually beneficial to each other.

Don't throw your money away on this one. Do not recommend, not trustworthy.

to AnthonyFlex on 3 July 2016

Ordered a custom video from AnthonyFlex. My request was very detailed and specific, but I still had the video in about 2 hours, amazing! Thank you

AnthonyFlex replied...
Thank you

to HornyAlphaBoy on 14 November 2015

I have purchased several custom videos from him, he is the best! The videos are very high quality HD, responds promptly to emails, produces videos quickly, and follows very detailed requests. I wish I would have discovered him sooner instead of wasting my money on other guys who just don't care. Highly recommend! Thank you so much ....

to Adryano on 31 August 2014

Total disappointment. Paid $100 for custom video. He was very friendly until I sent the money, then never heard from him again.

Adryano replied...
You were never back :( I waited for you...

to Evander on 21 August 2014

I've purchased many custom videos from Evander. Pleased with all of them. He follows all requests down to the smallest detail, is very friendly, responds to emails quickly, and almost always delivers the product either same day or next. Highly recommend him to fulfill your fantasies! Thank you ...

to BigD on 21 August 2014

Sent him email requesting custom video, he never bothered to reply.

BigD replied...
didn't like your request my friend

to MaximusSteel on 21 August 2014

Ordered 2 custom videos from him, very pleased with product. Recommend.

to jean paul on 21 August 2014

Ordered a custom video, very happy with product. Fulfilled all requests in timely manner.

to Adryano on 18 August 2014

I have been trying to reach you since August 11 to get the custom video I have paid for. Please check your emails and PayPal account. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you.

to MuscleMountains on 11 August 2014

Email address listed on this site no longer is valid.

MuscleMountains replied...
Try me on Skype :-)

to Evander on 11 August 2014

I have purchased several custom videos from Evander. Very pleased each time, he accommodates every request down to to the smallest detail, is friendly and professional, too.

Highly recommend!

Evander replied...
Thanks Adam , it's a pleasure to work with you !

to JERSEYSHOREGOD on 3 August 2014

Communications are a bit sketchy, but I enjoyed the video.

I dont know what was "sketchy". We talked back and forth through email you sent payment then I sent you the video.

to musclepunisher on 3 August 2014

Sent email to him July 31 requesting a custom video, he never bothered to reply.

Oil, Worship and Dominate

to Oil, Worship and Dominate featuring Airon on 6 January 2021


The wrestling portion of this video was a dream come true!

Best Ever Biceps

to Best Ever Biceps featuring Jakub Stefano on 5 May 2019


Love they way he flexes his biceps, mesmerizing!

Biceps To Blow Your Mind

to Biceps To Blow Your Mind featuring Zeecko on 6 January 2019


I am so pleased I purchased the video, it is EXACTLY the kind of flexing I like to see: slow, intense, closeup, in-your-face biceps! Various camera angles, and some triceps and pecs thrown in, too. The rock-hard, softball-sized biceps are definitely the star of the show.

Video was super high-quality HD, I was able to watch on my 40" monitor at full screen, and it was like he was standing right in front of me.

I almost feel as I have purchased a custom video!

Sexy Muscle God

to Sexy Muscle God featuring Mauro on 26 September 2018


Awesome video. Well-proportioned, tanned physique and he moves around like a cat.

Wish he had a profile on TBF, I'd be hitting him up for videos for sure!

Close Up Flexing

to Close Up Flexing featuring Hungry beast on 3 September 2018


Love the closeup flexing, you can see every vein and muscle fiber. That, combined with the super-high quality HD video, makes this one awesome video!

Massive Bicep Pump

to Massive Bicep Pump featuring musclebeach on 3 September 2018


Awesome video. There is just something about seeing a huge, massive bicep busting through a tight-fitting shirt, and this video certainly provides for that!

Biceps 2

to Biceps 2 featuring Adamo on 3 September 2018


Loved this video! He may not be the hugest guy, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for with his machismo. Dripping in swarthy, good looks. And I love his unusual flexing style, could watch this all day!

Bicep Fuck - Logan's Victim

to Bicep Fuck - Logan's Victim featuring Logan Lowe on 20 July 2018


This video was so, so, SO, hot! Let me start by saying that this is not the type of video I normally purchase. I am a hardcore flex fan. But after watching the preview, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to purchase.

There is just something about the tone of this video that totally enthralled me, and kept me on edge from beginning to end. The bodybuilder has dark eyes, dark hair, and the mask totally added to the mystique. A touch of body hair on legs, "treasure trail", and armpits was an extra bonus. The way he kneeled between his 'victim's" legs, flexed and sexually taunted him totally blew me away. The voice deep and sexy, and saying all the right things. And the POV camera angle was cleverly used to advantage, not hard to imagine that YOU were the "victim" looking up at the taunting bodybuilder. The climax was when he used his biceps to get the victim off, while the victim can only moan in prolonged "agony". Almost too much to handle!

I realize this video may not be for everyone, I didn't even think it was my type, but whoever thought of it hit the nail on the head, and I was captivated from beginning to end. Would love to see more videos like this.


Tight Shirt and Hairy Pecs

to Tight Shirt and Hairy Pecs featuring Handsome Fit Stud on 10 July 2018


This was super-intense video to watch. He has huge biceps. Not many guys can pull off flexing in a long-sleeved shirt, but he sure does! I also enjoyed the very quiet setting, which allows you to hear every sound he makes, every breath, and his sexy whispering. Not sure which I enjoyed more, the huge biceps peaks, or the close-up hairy chest flexing!

Muscle Fantasy

to Muscle Fantasy featuring Muscular Titan on 10 July 2018


This was great video, I enjoyed very much. The super-HD quality was impressive, and the cameraman did a fantastic job capturing various camera angles. I especially like the close-up pec flexing. And 22 minutes? Wow!

Flexing In Your Face

to Flexing In Your Face featuring Tomas Mach on 10 July 2018


Awesome video. The extreme close-ups combined with super HD quality, blew me away!

Pec Bounce and Worship

to Pec Bounce and Worship featuring MaximusSteel on 30 April 2015


One of the best videos I have ever seen. The closeups were amazing! I wasn't really a pec fan, until I saw this video.

I enjoyed it very much and recommend if you are into in-your-face flexing.

Ripped Muscle Hunk

to Ripped Muscle Hunk featuring Neo on 2 December 2014


Great video: ripped body, facial hair was a plus, and I like the sounds and facial expressions when he flexes, very intense.

Only thing I didn't like was way too much talking for my taste. Talking isn't always a bad thing, but he stops flexing while he talks and that was at least half the video.

Would love to see another video with more flexing!

Predator Jay

Love the uniform!

26 May 2021

Muscle Domination


7 November 2020


Awesome picture!

16 February 2020


Wish you still had the hair

2 February 2020


such a shame he lists no contact info. Would love to get video from him. Why advertise a product that is not for sale?

5 October 2019

Armani Flexxx

Great photo!

22 September 2019



30 June 2019


Great pic!

11 May 2019


Hi, how do we reach you? You have no contact info on your profile.

5 May 2019


Hairy bod looks great!

5 May 2019

Jacked Jake

I agree with below, that hairstyle looks much better on you, IMO

23 April 2019


May I have a bite of that? LOL

20 April 2019

Hungry beast


17 February 2019


You need to expand your profile and upload more photos.

8 January 2019


You don't look Asian, like it says in your profile?

11 November 2018


Are you guys brothers?

7 October 2018

Tomas Mach

Wow, is this available on video?

1 October 2018


FYI- He hasn't been available for filming since December/2016. I have been in contact with him ...

27 September 2018

Peter Russell

Quads like tree trunks!

25 September 2018

Peter Russell

Put your hands behind your back, do it now!

25 September 2018


Happy Birthday!

21 September 2018


Guns and alcohol, hell yea!

17 September 2018

Ultimate God


17 September 2018


You really need to add more photos to your profile if you are interested in getting more customers. Just sayin

17 September 2018


Those hands in the background are kind of creepy.

10 September 2018


Awesome quads!

4 September 2018


Marco Pinotti


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Muscle hunk 3

Alfa muscle stud

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Very muscular guy!

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Jay Felix

Jay is a cool muscle guy ! Great energy great shows!

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Peter Russell

Smile! You're alive!

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Seb Muscle

The teen muscle god

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Long Hair & Muscles

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Wanna have some fun with a big buff military man?

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