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Biceps To Blow Your Mind featuring Zeecko

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Make sure you're sitting down, or maybe even laying down, before you click play on this video. Zeecko's arms are simply incredible. Thick and powerful, huge and round. We're not exaggerating when we say that they're bigger than your head. Get up close to his massive bicep peaks and incredible triceps. Stare up in sheer awe at this sight direct from bicep heaven.


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from ADAM1 [5841] on 6 January 2019

I am so pleased I purchased the video, it is EXACTLY the kind of flexing I like to see: slow, intense, closeup, in-your-face biceps! Various camera angles, and some triceps and pecs thrown in, too. The rock-hard, softball-sized biceps are definitely the star of the show.

Video was super high-quality HD, I was able to watch on my 40" monitor at full screen, and it was like he was standing right in front of me.

I almost feel as I have purchased a custom video!

from pujol31 [3915] on 3 January 2019

Very nice video !!
But I'm sad we can't see his enormous, huge back !! I'd love to see it...
I recommend this video

from in2muslmen [7030] on 14 December 2018

OMFG! Yes, indeed your mind (and other areas) will undoubtedly be blown taking in the mountain of muscle that Zeecko proudly puts on display for our pleasure. Zeecko is certainly one huge, ripped contest ready bodybuilder, here looking bigger and better than we've ever seen before! His boyish good looks atop his massive bodybuilder frame show off his huge arms, chest, and shoulders right in our faces! His arms are certainly huge but his chest (with such big sexy nipples), lats, and shoulders are also to die for. So glad to have this hunk back and ready for his closeups!

from coolcatdaddy [1875] on 10 December 2018

All I can say about this is "Wow". Zeecko looks amazing in this - massive and veined - and it's really well shot. The size he's put on when you compare it to his earliest videos is just fantastic.

from armon88 [830] on 10 December 2018

Bicep vid that puts all the rest to shame. Zeecko is more massive and ripped than ever before, and his biceps are still the star. 10+ minutes of full-screen close-up flexing of his enormous bis/tris from every angle. Glorious. To see his wing-like lats underneath is a breathtaking bonus. Your mind isn't the only thing that'll be blowing--

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