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to Moris Charles on 29 April 2021

I had a show with this stud tonight and woow he is BIG! Very nice personality and great to talk to. He looks incredible, so massive and lean at the same time. He is going to reach the top in bodybuilding, Im sure of it!

to Igor Adam on 31 March 2021

Woow this man is so shredded and ripped it crazy! Incredible muscular guy and very nice and kind too!

to Xander on 23 March 2021

I have stopped counting how many shows I'v had with this big muscle hunk, he is just incredible and have big plans for this year. I really hope he will reach his goals in bodybuilding and Im quite sure he will make it!

Xander replied...
Thank you very much for your trust!

to Xander on 24 February 2021

Had my 2:nd show with this amazing man and it was even better than the first one! His muscles are so thick and hard and he likes to show off. And that handsome face... 10 stars from me to Xander!

Xander replied...
Thank you very much!

to Xander on 19 February 2021

Woow! Its so nice to be surprised when you have your first show with a guy. And this man is a true woow! Xander has a beautiful muscular body, full of veins even in off session. And his legs...omg so massive and beefy its unreal! Super friendly and nice to talk to makes it even better. I loved it!

Xander replied...
Thank you! The details make the difference!

to Andrew on 13 February 2021

Had a camshow with this incredible man! Beautiful, ripped muscular body and also a nice guy, friendly and kind. Loved it!

to FITStudent on 28 December 2020

I have to agree with the other reviews here.. This man is just stunning! Beautiful muscular body, super handsome and so nice and friendly, so nice to talk to. I had a awesome time with him and will be back for sure!

FITStudent replied...
Woah, huuugs!

to AngelinoBoy on 27 December 2020

Woow this man knows how to please you.. Beautiful body, very handsome and sexy and a great performer!

to Carl on 27 December 2020

This man is incredible! His physique is out of this world and he is a very genuine and nice person too. Plus the fact that he is one of the most handsome men I have ever seen makes it even better! I want to give him 10 stars!

to Alex Machine on 23 December 2020

I had a show with Alex yesterday and I loved it. He is very easy going and handsome, and yes, amazing legs!

Alex Machine replied...
Thank you for the nice words, friend:-))

to MuscleBoyBG on 19 February 2020

I bought a video from this muscle hunk and I loved it! He has a very muscular and perfect sculpted body and the video was very hot! On top of that he is very easy to talk to and very friendly.

to Big Cristi on 10 February 2020

I bought a video from Cristi and woow, I loved it! He is so big, thick, sexy and handsome. I will come back for more!

to Bogdan on 10 November 2019

I paid for a Skype show but I had some problems with my Skype so it did not work.. Instead Bogdan send me an amazing video + bonus video! The videos were sooo awesome! This man has an incredible body, every inch of him is perfection and I loved every second of the video! This was my first but not my last video from Bogdan

to Calin God on 21 June 2019

I love this muscle hunk! The video he sent was awesome and I also got an extra flexing video on top of that! Tall, handsome, muscular and sexy... Thanks Calin!

to Dennis on 31 May 2019

I bought my first video from Dennis and woow he is so damn ripped and muscular all over! Very impressive! And he is such a nice person, both funny and dominant at the same time!

to BigXander on 16 December 2018

Dont know where to start.. This guy is so handsome, friendly and hot at the same time. He has a very muscular and perfect sculpted body, big biceps, quads, pecs, back, you name it. The way he moves, flex and the way he talks to you makes the show so intense and crazy hot! This was my first but not my last show with this King! 10 stars or even more from me! :)

to CockyBoy on 11 November 2018

This guy is incredible! Its very hard to find someone who's both big, sexy, cocky and friendly and nice at the same time..But he is! His body is to die for and he show it off in a very powerful and sexy way. You just can`t get enough! I´m looking forward to our next show already :)

CockyBoy replied...
Hey there my friend, yes we known each other for a long time, always my pleasure and so fun with you, hugs and kisses

to Calin God on 27 October 2018

Had my first camshow with this amazing sexy guy! His pics do not do him justice, he is looking even better! Really likes to show off and have a stunning body. And must say, he is a very very sweet and kind person too!

to CockyBoy on 23 May 2018

Had a show with Alex today. He gave me a fantastic muscle show from the locker room at the gym!! hahaha ;) He has such a great body! And his smile and attitude makes me very happy! Great muscle man! :)

CockyBoy replied...
Haha that locker room show was totaly amazing and so much fun. Hugs, Alex

to Vik199 on 21 May 2018

I got a video from Vic today! Honestly I dont want to write this review, cus I want this God for myself haha ;) Words can not describe how pleased I am with the video! This man is huge, handsome and sexy! The way he talks and moves makes me all dizzy, and I could buy 100 more vids from this giant of muscle! :)

to Teacher on 21 May 2018

I had my first show with this guy today... and I can just say wow! He has a very beautiful muscular body, handsome face and is a very polite and nice person! I loved the show so much and hope to see him again very soon! :)
You have it all my man!

to EnhancedAdonis on 11 January 2018

This man is really something I sent him money for a show on skype, but he couldn't do a show the time we had agreed. Instead he made me a 2 part video and it was awesome! I hope I can have a camshow with him soon, cus the video made me wanting more... ;) So handsome and with killerbody! :) I will be back man!

EnhancedAdonis replied...
Thanks a lot Alex mate!

to Hungry beast on 29 November 2017

I had a camshow with him last night.. Wow, this guy is so handsome, big, muscular and hot! Will be back for sure! :)

Mankini Muscle

to Mankini Muscle featuring Hungry beast on 3 July 2019


This video is so good and hot its CRAZY! Hungry Beast is the man!!

Hotel Flexing

to Hotel Flexing featuring Hungry beast on 3 September 2017


Great video! Hungry Beast is huge and very handsome and supercocky in the right sexy way! Want to see part 2!!! ;)


Sexiest man ever!

5 March 2021

Steven King

Woow, impressive!

16 January 2021


Like a statue!

12 January 2021



21 December 2020

Big Cristi

Oh man! Beef!

4 February 2020

Big Cristi

So handsome it hurts..

4 February 2020


Sexiest man ever! :)

20 November 2019


You are a very handsome and sexy man Bogdan :)

7 November 2019

Calin God

Wooow, thats a real man, so big and sexy! ????

2 February 2019


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