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to Armani Flexxx on 31 January 2020

Just had a show - honestly can’t say enough about it. Good quality camera, high level of attention to detail, very interactive and responsive as I like. Very apparent he puts a lot of time into his craft & it shows. Been doing shows with him for a while - look forward to doing more in the future. 10/10 would recommend if you’re looking for a guy with incredible physique that is extremely easy to work with.

to Ryan Williams on 14 January 2020

Did not one but two shows with Ryan yesterday - honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had. Very honest, transparent, and works to deliver exactly what you are looking for. Purchased a show, and when the timing wasn’t working out, he offered a 100% refund, which I find to be very impressive. Would highly recommend purchasing a show with Ryan - a detail-oriented individual that works to provide a service that matches exactly what the buyer is looking for in an honest & transparent way. Can’t wait to have another show with him.

Ryan Williams replied...
Thank you so much. This is how I wish for all my clients to feel, and work my hardest to make sure that is the case.

to Young Muscle Stud on 2 May 2018

Had a show with him yesterday. It was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute - it was unfortunate it had to end. I highly recommend buying a show if you like cocky, dominant shows. You will be so glad you did!

to CockyBoy on 24 March 2018

Just had a show with CockyBoy. Huge muscle, great attitude, excellent show. I really enjoyed our show together, and I cannot wait to do another one. Thank you for GREAT show, sir.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you too for the time and amazing moments and so much fun in the show. Xoxo Alex

to Lee on 11 December 2017

Just had a show with Lee. One of the best physiques I've seen. Very well-defined. Very professional but also held a great conversation. Did two shows back-to-back because one was simply not enough. Can't wait to do another show. Thanks, bra ;)

Lee replied...
Haha, thanks mate. Anytime ;)

to Jake Hunter on 7 September 2017

Jake is one of the best. He never disappoints! He's very easy to work with, and makes the experience of buying a show very professional. My favorite thing is he will send me a message saying "enjoy" before he calls; it revs my engine just a little more. Great body, great personality, and the sexiest voice I've ever heard. You're missing out if you don't have a show with, Master Jake. Thank you for all the hot shows!

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks for such a great review Alex! Glad you enjoyed the show. Everyone seems to like my voice...guess it is one of my best qualities. lol Hope to see you for another show soon!

to Jason Genesis on 19 August 2016

I've been doing shows with Daddy for a while. I've done many lives shows and I have to say they're seriously the best. He's very attentive to what you want and is very forward and honest about what to expect. Here's what you can expect from my perspective: a quality show that you will never forget. I also purchased two videos from him and they were so good. Some of the best I've ever seen. He delivers exactly as promised and right away. Also some of the best service I've ever experienced. He's quick to reply and get together with you. Very honest and reliable. Does what you ask and is honest with expectations. One of the best guys in this site! 100% recommended! You won't regret it.

to Alec possum on 10 January 2016

Had a great show with this guy!! Can wait to have another. Really nice and attentive. Good personality and holds a great conversation!

Alec possum replied...
cheers mate!

to EnhancedAdonis on 30 September 2015

He was super pushy and demanding. Told me he would do a show, then kept making excuses. Now, after a few weeks, nothing. Buyer beware!

to Jake Hunter on 19 August 2015

Great show. Great guy. Great body. Can't wait for another great show with this great guy. Notice anything about this review? He doesn't deserve a great review - he deserves the BEST review, be wise he is the best!

Jake Hunter replied...
Thanks for the review man! Looking forward to another show together soon. ;)

to daniel carter on 21 July 2015

I have had two shows with Daniel. Both were great - super easy going, super willing to work with me, and super good looking! He accommodated all of my requests, and make everything just right. During our second show, we ended up talking for like 10 minutes - we would've probably kept talking, but it was in the middle of the show, so we had to keep going! After we fulfilled our duties, we kept talking. Literally forgot I was having a show, and thought I was just talking with one of my buds. I owe him - we had a 30 minute show, when I paid for 15. I would highly recommend him and can't wait to have another show tonight! Thanks, Dan!!

to CuteCamBoi on 18 January 2015

I just had my second show, and I have to say, it was amazing! He’s the perfect balance: muscular, kind, and handsome. My second session took us to the gym, and let me tell you, I understand why he looks the way he does: he was dripping in sweat when he was done. Then we went back to his place to take a shower. I’ve enjoyed both shows with him and can’t wait to have more in the future. I wouldn’t think twice about having a show with him. He’s muscular, attractive and knows how to give you a great time. You’ll thank yourself after you’ve seen a real man, like him, do a show for you. I’m already pumped for our next show- hopefully very, very soon! Highly recommended!

CuteCamBoi replied...
Best shower ever !!

to CuteCamBoi on 18 January 2015

This is about my first show with James. It was amazing. He was super nice, and paid close attention to whatever I requested from him. His voice is my favorite part, when we breaths or moans, I could just lose it. He shows off in a way that keeps you in awe and is very responsive to what you ask and say. I enjoyed my show so much and can’t wait to have another with this handsome, muscular, godly man!

CuteCamBoi replied...
We have such great fun together.



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