Ryan Williams

Classic bodybuilding physique

25, 172cm (5'8"), 82kg (180 lbs)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Classic bodybuilding physique


Pool Hunk Flexing

Pool Hunk Flexing

Ryan Williams

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About me

My Skype is working again live:.cid.f59e466bd7f0f145

I am a NPC pro car holderi in classic bodybuilding, nasm certified personal trainer, and model. I basically do everything to try to make ends meet. Bodybuilding is very expensive with food, supplements, and contest costs. Because of these cost I have not been able to compete as much as I would like nor focus on bodybuilding As much as I would like. I am looking for sponsors to help me pay for the basic things needed to become a better bodybuilder and take less stress off my wallet. I’m barely making it by but my main focus is my bodybuilding. It’s my love. It’s my life. It’s my passion.

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


from obedienceandshame [2010] on 28 June 2020

He scammed me, too. He asked you to send it by Venmo or Cashapp or PayPal or whatever, then ignores you. He did it to me. $120 dollars down the drain. He always NEEDS more money than what you pay. He will lead you to trust him, and then take your cash. This is guy is worthless.

from sjupiter80 [211] on 9 June 2020

Just did my 3rd show with this hot muscles man. Really makes it personal for every guy. Wants to get to know you during it if your up for it. Comes ready in what was asked for and I enjoyed every minute. Showing off all of those hard muscles and adapts to doing more if asked. I have been back and will be back for more. Can’t wait to see what he brings for the next show maybe some compression shorts with those hot legs would look sexy. You can also tell on the photos here on the profile he brings his A game all the time.

Not sure way the one person has put bad reviews on here since he does have a guarante about the shows or if he can’t do it he will give the money back and hope that he can next time bring satisfaction to you. I haven’t had any problems and like I said before in this review I recommend and will be back for more.

Ryan Williams replied...
Thank you buddy.. I’m glad you were satisfied again. Thank you for the kind words.

from harlanny [8521] on 12 April 2020

I continue to buy and support Ryan, I have experienced delays from him, and I know he has had some financial issues. He still owes me some videos but we are in touch and I am willing to wait. He is not a scammer. Once he delivers what he owes I will purchase more. He is a perfectionist and wants to present a refined physique, which I do appreciate.

Ryan Williams replied...
Thank you so much man... people think I can jerk off 15 times a day and it’s just not possible. I never ignore people. And I always want to be the best I can. To have the Physique you see in the pictures.

from Zerohero99 [165] on 28 March 2020

Ryan, taking someone's else $ and not deliver the vid & When asked for a refund, making lots of excuses to delay and not refund. If it's not a scam then what is it? Remember you were the one saying that you would refund if you could not deliver the vid. Now you just ignore my msg and only asked me when I posted the review. You could think of many reasons instead of saying ur bank account has $0 honestly. Another user emailed me saying that you were very happy with the BMW you just bought. I don't know if you are happy because it costs $0 or because it's bought with scammed money.

from Zerohero99 [165] on 22 March 2020

This is the first 1* star review I have ever written on The best flex because I had always had great transactions with other guys here before I saw Ryan. When I found his profile, he got all positive reviews (not sure if real), which lead me to believe the guy was definitely reliable. However, I soon found that I was dead wrong. I feel the need to write this review to show you his tactic of scamming money and he is a certainly a very skilled one – not your average scammer. It’s up to you whether you want to go with him. I will detail the full experience here.

In early Feb this year, I contacted him to do an ass orientated video for 15 mins. After reading the script, he agreed to do it. The communication went pretty smooth. He requested $150 for the vid and only accepted “transfer to family & friends” via Paypal. With many positive reviews, I agreed to do it but soon realized it was a mistake. After payment, he said the script was a lot more than what he would do usually and $150 is for 10 mins only. He asked for “tips” to add some “enthusiasm” but I refused. He then agreed to do 15 mins still and promised the video the next day.

I waited and nothing the next day. After 2 days, he contacted again saying the script was a bit difficult to do but would get it done soon. I was ok with that but then nothing after a week. The following week he said he got sick. Ok then he said he needed to get a new phone. I’m like fine. Towards the end of the 2nd week, he said he would refund if he could not deliver and he couldn’t deliver but stayed silent. So I asked for a refund in the 3rd week. He said he wanted to but he got a new phone so his Payal did not work and it’s a lengthy process of dealing with Paypal. I waited for a week for it to resolve.

After a week, I did not hear from him so I asked and he said nothing has been resolved and I asked him for an alternative payment platform like Skrill. He said He got 0 money in his account so he can’t refund. Yeah right, he still advertised his shows/privates and if you look him up he still buys stuff but with 0 money. At this stage I know he indeed wants to scam and just plays around to buy time. It’s funny that he complained to me 3 weeks ago about a customer escalating a claim to Paypal because he did not deliver the custom vid. I was supportive of him but now I know that I am just one of many clients that he steals $ like this. It’s ironic that Ryan always acts innocent and professional but he’s actually the one that steals people $. He is very different from the average scammer. He acts professionally and makes you believe he’s genuine but NOT. He also claims that he refunded people when he could not deliver but clearly that’s a blatant lie. Now, he just ignores me completely. If you still want to try him, go ahead and take the risk.

If you guys want to see the full convo, contact me:

Ryan Williams replied...
How did you get “scammed sir”

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Age 25
Height 172cm (5'8")
Weight 82kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity White


Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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