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to Jake Daniel on 18 May 2018

Finally got the show and it was worth the fee

to Jake Daniel on 16 May 2018

He said he was available for a show, paid the money and as soon as I did his friend was randomly there and he was unsure of when they would leave that’s was Monday of last week. And he’s stated since then that I would receive me show every night. It’s been a week and a day. I haven’t received my show. So if you want reliable service you probably don’t want to do business with him.

Jake Daniel replied...
I do my shows. I told you I had to make it called me over and over again for 40-50 times. to anyone reading this reply. after I said I would do the show when I got home from the gym. he consistently is impatient when I did have a circumstance with family. I told him I would do his show but he refuses to only go by his time. trust me I am very nice to all my clients but not this one. I refunded him as well. he doesn't stop harassing me. all my other reviews are from reliable sources. all from guys you can ask about me. I do my shows just fine!

to Teenmuscle18 on 23 December 2017

Paid for a show and he continued to deny that I paid then when he actually checked he called me. During the show, which lasted for less the 2 minutes cause he hung up after calling me quite a few racist remarks.



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