Jake Daniel

25 yr old pro bodybuilder

Jake Daniel

24, 170cm (5'7"), 97kg (213 lbs)

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About me

5 star reviewed thebestflex and rentmen model with
Updated monthly photos

Young Shredded Professional Bodybuilder with over 300 5 star reviews over the entire web. I have the ability to engage in person meetups or live/custom videos via skype. I can dress up or dress down seductively to your choosing :) don’t hesitate to ask any questions! Available most days of the week. Message me to see what all the hype is about!

Height: 5’9”
Weight : 214lbs Shredded
Bf: 6% currently
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Chest 53”
Quads 31”
Waist 29”
Calves 18.5”
Feet size: 10

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Jacksonville, Florida.


I purchased my 4th custom video from Jake on April 5th and, after over 2 long weeks, received it in my email, today. Jake promised to make it up to me and put on quite a show! He did some dancing to the song "Sexyback" while flexing and posing his physique, and he looks even bigger and more ripped now. He's getting ready to compete in a show, this summer, and he's off to a good start. Every muscle is striated, and perfectly defined! His biceps are incredibly well rounded and peaked, and looks especially incredible when he does his rear biceps and back pose, and pumps the biceps a few times. And since I have had a muscle worship session with him, back in 2020, I know how rock hard his muscles are to the touch. But now they look even harder, if that's even possible! Every muscular feature of Jake's body is sculpted incredibly well, and everything from his peaked biceps, PECS triceps, abs, quads and glutes looks incredibly rock hard! I'll have to feel them and find out soon! To muscle worship Jake in this condition or better will undoubtedly be an orgasmic experience since his muscles are a completely turn for me and I loved touching and feeling every rock hard muscular inch of his physique when we met for the first time! Jake has also gotten even more handsome than the last time I saw him. Those gorgeous baby blue eyes of his always makes me weak in the knees, especially when he smiles! He's not only an incredibly handsome man, but he's so laid back and very friendly as well. Being with him, is like being with a best friend who loves that you're into his physique and he aims to please, by letting you have a good time, feeling and admiring his hard work from all those many hours in the gym! If you're looking for a bodybuilder who is serious about what he does and whose only goal is to bring forward the best physique a bodybuilder can offer, then Jake is the perfect package for you, and then some! Every custom video he's done for me has only gotten better and better and if you haven't had a muscle worship session with Jake, yet, you need to book him, as soon as he's available in your area and feel his amazing muscles for yourself! You will not be disappointed! Jake brings his "A" game in all that he does, and I'm here to enjoy his bodybuilding journey as he continues to learn, improve, and mature, as he continues with his success!

Thank you, Jake, so much for this newest custom video, buddy! I adore you, big man! And I can't wait to touch, feel, and admire an even greater muscular physique in our next session together! Much love to you, man! Take care, stay safe, and God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [746] on 26 Apr 2022

I purchased my 3rd custom video from Jake and just received it, today, after a month delay. He had quite a lot of things happening over the past month, and promised that he'd make it up to me. Well, this video was definitely worth the wait! Jake was back, and dressed up in his cowboy hat and tight jeans I wanted to see him in, and he even went as far as to surprise me with his own roleplay scenario that he created for this video when I didn't even have any kind of scene written for him to act out. Well, the scenario he created was better than what I could have come up with! Jake was once again looking massive and his muscles as breathtaking and as beautiful as ever! And his ass looks amazing in his jeans and of course nude! His entire physique looks amazing and I can't wait to see him get bigger and more vascular so I can have the amazing pleasure of worshipping his physique in person and getting off to his big muscles and seductive alpha male attitude once again! Thank you, Jake! The scenario you came up with was brilliant and your flexing was on point and as sexy as ever! A 3rd custom video for my Jake Daniel collection, well done! Thank you and I wish you all the happiness in the world, in your personal life, as well as your professional! Much love to you, buddy! God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [746] on 16 Oct 2021

Jake Daniel replied...
Thanks Shawn, yes I appreciate you holding off and letting me get back on my feet after my wreck. I appreciate you and glad I could give you more of a smile! Can’t wait for our next session too! Love, Jake

This dude is the BEST men's bodybuilder on this site! And probably the only PRO bodybuilder on the BestFlex. This FREAK has built a MASSIVE body and sculpted incredible detail! This brother is cool to work with. He puts on an awesome flex show and aims to blow your fucking mind! Jake took awhile to send the video which did not bother me! So to compensate for the wait, he throws in his BIG fuckin COCK! That pecker looked INCREDIBLE hangin between them TRUNKS! Buy and support this BADASS bodybuilder

CalebB [77] on 8 Apr 2021

Jake Daniel replied...
Thankyou Caleb ! Appreciate the words and the encouragement as well! Let them know WHO the King is 💪🏼

Just received my custom video request from Jake, amazingly awesomeness!!!! We first didn’t start out on good terms & I didn’t want to pursue any further business with him due to misunderstandings & poor communication on his part. He realized his mistake on his end, as communication is the key to a good business relationship & he wished to make it right for me, which was very kind of him. The make up custom video exceeded my expectations & I really enjoyed it, he’s truly a people pleasure & works his fingers to the bone to accommodate everyone, that takes a lot of will power. I understand where he’s coming from now and all is well. He works like a demon on autopilot thru his tiredness to complete his work. This second time around he kept in constant contact & assured me my request will be complete. Jake is a good man ((overworked)) but he’s a truly an amazing stud with a to die for body. Thanks Jake for making it right ????????????

mikeyx [75] on 11 Feb 2021

I ordered a custom vid from Jake with a specific role play script, and he was willing to carry it through and made it super sexy. Turnaround time was very reasonable. I recommend and will definitely want more vids and shows from Jake in the future.

nicegent [755] on 10 Feb 2021

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Jake Daniel


Age 24
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 97kg (213 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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