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to Muscle Nik on 19 January 2020

Muscle Nik is absolutely one of the sexiest men on here. I love how he shows off his body and flaunts it! The Strength, the cockiness, the muscles - I almost can't handle it.

to Tyson Carter on 9 June 2019

Tyson is absolutely incredible and one of the best on this site. He is a true alpha and I couldn't look away the entire time. His build and muscles are out of this world.
He is also down to earth and great to talk with! I def need another show with him

to WhiteKing on 1 May 2019

This guy is absolutely amazing! His body is like none I have ever seen before.
The way his muscles pop off his body is mesmerizing and a bit addictive! I can't wait till he shows off for me again!
Do yourself a favor and get a video and show from him

to Salvo Flex on 6 April 2019

This dude is absolutely incredible! I love how aesthetic Salvo's body is. From his ripped abs and squeezable pecs and big arms! I can't get enough of this guy.
He also is genuine but can get really cocky and I definitely have to come back for more.

to King Traps67 on 4 October 2018

King Traps is unbelievably amazing! I haven't seen a body like his in a loooooong time and he is only 19!
Love seeing him flex every muscle and see his power displayed! One of the best guys on this site! You won't regret getting a video!
Can't wait to see him grow more

to Jonnylepo on 16 October 2017

Jonny is absolutely amazing! I saw one of his videos and knew I had to get a show with him. He was so nice and amazing. And he has the perfect body (and he looks just like his pics)! I can't wait till my next show with him :)

to Ricon on 19 September 2017

Ricon is absolutely one of the hottest men I have seen. He is cocky and likes to show off, and I love his personality. I will definitely be buying videos in the future. He is perfection and every time I think about him I get excited.

Ricon replied...
Thx Brenden, brave Guy!

to Shredded Captain on 10 December 2016

Shredded Captain is the best, a really amazing guy! So personable and easy to talk to. He has an amazing body, great aesthetics! Would love to get another show!

to Wesly Glover on 13 October 2016

The best! Really sexy shows and he doesn't hide anything. He aims to please!
Definitely can't wait til the next show!

to frazermusclegod on 10 October 2016

Frazer.. well... he told me on the weekend just before he went to smash some girl off tinder (lol!?) He said he would be online from monday onwards and be doing custom videos, it hasn't even been 24 hours and he made the video I emailed which I personally couldn't actually believe... and its absoultely faarking awesome.

Mentioned briefly hes got a photoshoot with a leading photographer in november in london, gotta keep my ears out to see if hes available for a bit of 1-on-1. kids an absolute god.

frazermusclegod replied...
Many thanks and yes photoshoot confirmed, see you on the weekend.



Muscle Flexing, dominant Talk, Hot Costum Videos ;-)

24 y/o

173cm (5'8")

80kg (176 lbs)


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