Muscle Flexing, dominant Talk, Hot Costum Videos ....;-)

24, 173cm (5'8"), 80kg (176 lbs)

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Muscle Flexing, dominant Talk, Hot Costum Videos ....;-)


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About me

Johnny Lepo, JooonnyLepo and OTHERS are Fake!!!

my Skype: jonny.lepo
Yt: MuscleGod Jonny Lepo


from DBs [4060] on 7 May 2018


Got some awesome videos! This man is fantastic!

from musclepup [1225] on 12 April 2018

It's nice that you had a good experience with him. I wish I could say the same. I'm dealing with jonny.lepo whose skype profile says: LISTEN GUYS, IM THE ONE AND ONLY JONNY LEPO ON SKYPE!!!!
Isn't that the right guy? No idea why he decided to rip me off but if he ever delivers what I paid for then I would gladly offer a positive review.

from DBs [4060] on 6 April 2018

I have no words to describe how amazed I was by the last videos that Jonny recorded to me! Day after day, month after month this incredible handsome man keeps his body in the highest perfect shape! Absolutely ripped, huge, strong and muscular in every part of his god-like body!!

from DBs [4060] on 20 March 2018

Well... I can not say the same thing about Jonnylepo... I know him for many years and he was always kind. Sometimes, I got a delay on videos - I admit, but he was always so reliable that even when I was waiting for a video, I paid for new cams or videos. In fact, he always rewarded me for the waiting! Also, the man is SO manful, beaautiful and strong than every new ffantastic experience just made me forget any possibility of the memory of a bad past time. He is worth it FOR SURE!

from musclepup [1225] on 11 March 2018

Jonny, my skype is tylerboy3000. After I wrote review you contacted me to say you would make video on weekend. That was two weeks ago but still no video. I paid you in December and have been very patient. Why do you make me wait so long? I thought you were honest and trustworthy guy.

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Age 24
Height 173cm (5'8")
Weight 80kg (176 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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