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to Musclelover on 11 April 2017

I was lucky enough to meet him for a second time - we actually spent a few days together. HE'S THE SEXIEST MAN I'VE EVER MET. I describe him as "irresistible". He's so handsome. With an incredibly sexy body. But when you see how intelligent he is too, you realise he's quite simply perfect. I'm already planning my next meet up with him.

Musclelover replied...
Hi! Thank you so much! Looking forward for our next meet!

to Musclelover on 24 November 2016

I was lucky enough to meet this handsome young man in Pairs. He's even more beautiful in real life than in his pics. But what makes him so addictive is his genuine love of flexing and being worshipped. In fact, he's so addictive, I booked a second session the day after! He provides an amazing muscle worship experience. One that I won't forget. And I'll definitely be back for more soon!

Musclelover replied...
I was the one who was lucky enough to be worshipped hard by you! Thanks agin for the nice time!

to DarioDeMarco on 23 August 2014

100% recommended. Gorgeous face. Amazing shape. Loves to flex. I'll definitely be back for more.

DarioDeMarco replied...
thank you

to Mr Latz on 4 April 2014

So there's tonnes of guys on this site that have great bodies. And even though this guy is a little bulked right now, he's still got abs and looks great.

So with tonnes of great bodies to pick from, why do I enjoy camming with Mr Latz so much?

Simple. He's got personality. Yes, he's sexy. But the chat, the smile, the confidence - it's a perfect combination. He puts on a great show. He actually enjoys it and has fun. He interacts and flexes what you like to see best. He smiles and he's handsome. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Make sure you see his legs. I actually think he should re-name his profile to Mr Quads!

100% recommended.

to Alex on 21 March 2014

Imagine.... for a second... that your best friend is the hottest muscle man on the planet. And what's more, if you ask nicely, he's more than happy to show off and flex. That would be pretty cool, right?

Well - that's what Gaston delivers. He's such a great guy, someone who you can imagine having a beer with, chatting to about anything and everything - a very close friend. But not only that, he's HOT! And muscular. And loves to show off. Could it get any better?!?!

Another recommendation from me.

Alex replied...
This was such an awesome review! Thanks so much for taking time to leave me this. It made me smile. :)

to RimondMuscleArt on 14 March 2014

Just had my first show with him. It was brilliant.

He's looking HUGE... shoulders are as wide as the screen! And his massive hairy chest, up close, looked incredible.

He was very friendly and accommodating... great to chat to as well.

I'll be back for more!

to Alex on 13 January 2014

Oh boy - does this hunk love to flex!

I was lucky enough to have my first show with Gaston yesterday, and I'll definitely be back for more. Good looking. Great to chat to. And amazing physique.

100% recommended.

Alex replied...
Thanks So much for taking your time to leave me such a nice review, ill look forward to camming with you again! :)


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