27, 173cm (5'8"), 80kg (176 lbs)

Paris, France

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I want to be big. Huge. I want to transform my body into a fantasy. Giant muscles, over-proportioned. Pleasing men with how perfect and huge and unreal I will be. Huge pecs, huge butt, huge legs, huge back, huge shoulders. I love everything that makes me feel less and less normal as I grow. I want it to be difficult to find clothes that fit. I want to be so huge it's difficult to get dressed, so huge that I will breathe heavily with every big step I take. Doors and seats will be too small for me. Being huge and submissive is what gives me confidence- it is my purpose. By getting huge I feel more submissive, more immobile and reliant, more of a slave to my addiction of constantly training to gain muscle.

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I'm available to meet in Paris, France.


from musclefan91 on 9 December 2017

reviewing a custom video i got from him a few weeks ago. the video was awesome and he honoured all of my requests and then some. he genuinely loves his muscle which makes showing it off that much sexier.

The best thing about Musclelover is that he is obsessed with growing. Every time I cam with him he's getting bigger. Gets me excited to see him again and again and see how he's grown.

Musclelover replied...
Hello! thank you very much for the review, always great to read positive feedback.

from bicepsfan on 16 November 2017

I just had another incredible meeting with this handsome hunk. He's off-the-scale-sexy and knows exactly how to please his muscle fans. He's always aiming to please which makes him the perfect muscle toy to play with.

Musclelover replied...
Hey! Thank very much dear friend. I hope to see you soon!

from Marco R on 15 November 2017

Very sexy and great flexing….! Would love to have a real worship session with you. Is that possible?

Musclelover replied...
Hi! thank you! Yes it's totally possible for real!

from lcathson.81 on 15 October 2017

I just got a custom video from Musclelover, and it is amazing. Aside from being incredibly good looking and having an awesome and huge body, he managed to do everything I asked for, with an good understanding of what I was going for. The amount of connection you feel when someone gets where you're coming from is a great bonus. His rates are very reasonable, and he got it made and sent off to me in within about a day. All in all I'm extremely happy.

Musclelover replied...
Hi! Thank you very much! was a pleasure to make your video. I'm glad you enjoyed it! See you soon for more!

from Wrestler246 on 10 September 2017

What a sexy, sweet, and dominate stud! I recently ordered a custom vid from him and he was so incredibly accommodating to all of my requests. He always wants to make sure he delivers a video that satisfies all your desires and fantasies! His body is dominate and his accent is gorgeous. He will surpass your deepest desires and you will want to worship him again and again. I will definitely be ordering another custom ASAP!

Musclelover replied...
Thank you very much for this nice review! i'm happy i could realised your fantasies and requests. See you soon for more!

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Age 27
Height 173cm (5'8")
Weight 80kg (176 lbs)
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved
Ethnicity Mixed


Location Paris, France
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