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to Jake Daniel on 28 October 2018

this God deserves our undying devotion. He is perfect. preserving the most aesthetic proportion/shape but continuing to pack-on size day-after-day. actually knows how to degrade without coming-off cheesy. i would happily buy a show daily if i could afford it!!!

to ClassicPhysique on 5 August 2018

Classic is the word... absolute perfect shape/proportion/size, and a great smile as well. Terrifically easy and respectful - he is an aesthetic feast!!!

ClassicPhysique replied...
Thank you so much!

to Jake Daniel on 5 February 2018

Jake knows how to deliver a rip-roarin' show! Glorious in every way!

Jake Daniel replied...
hah thanks. getting ripped for my show. so its even hotter now ;)

to MuscleGod11 on 15 March 2017

no surprises - you get what's advertised... and it's f'in glorious

to Jake Daniel on 15 March 2017

this guy is sex incarnate! camshow to die for! don't hesitate getting on line, you'll understand why there is one when it's your turn

to Jake Daniel on 29 December 2016

a f-cking fantastic show!!! he works hard at pleasing (almost too hard) and hits an easy bullseye!

to alexlondon on 14 November 2016

Alex is perfection. I cannot get enough of him. That's literal, and he knows it.

to daniel carter on 29 November 2015

gents? a God is making Himself available. grab an audience while He deigns to allow this

to BULLMASS on 11 October 2015

this god is a hidden glory... grab a show, you won't be sorry

to Roy Morris on 10 October 2015

nothing but satisfied by/with him... fantastic physique and easy to deal with!

to Tom H on 13 September 2015

i'll be the enthusiastic 65th review... a real gentleman, a complete package - i can't imagine anyone being unsatisfied!

to Hungry beast on 7 September 2015

Perfect shape, great camshow!

Hungry beast replied...

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 6 September 2015

He is really terrific. Aesthetics is the word - when he grunts while posing, the turn-on of a graceful beast is irresistible.

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
Thank you so much ;);)


truly - the most glorious of all!!!

24 February 2018


Jake Daniel

24 yr old pro bodybuilder

24 y/o

170cm (5'7")

97kg (213 lbs)


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