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to Ragingbeast on 11 September 2019

It has been awhile since I received anything from this muscle stud but I just got back in contact with him and ordered 2 custom videos from him. He first delivered with the greatest quality. I highly recommend. He is currently in contest shape, ripped up, big muscles and loves to show them off. I would get him while he is still hot.

to Peter Russell on 30 March 2018

Awesome showman!! Has a big huge physique and he knows and loves to show it off. I highly recommend!

Peter Russell replied...
Thank u!!

to Teenmuscle18 on 24 March 2018

Just had a cam show with Brady. I did not see his profile here first and he did a awesome show. He loves to flex and looks like he loves to be admired as well. I would say to give Brady a shot he is pretty cool. I am not sure why their are so many bad reviews. I guess these people just caught him at a bad time. He does a awesome job.

to Mr Latz on 21 March 2018

So I want to start off by saying that Mr. Lats should be called Mr. Aesthetic. He is built like a Greek god. I loved interacting with him. He is kind, professional, and truly respects his fans. I feel that he is a true person and loves to make his fans feel special. Awesome total package and his pro like quads and glutes are to die for. Highly reccomended.

Mr Latz replied...
It was a pleasure meeting up with you and look forward to doing it again with you. Thank you :)

to Ragingbeast on 12 December 2017

Another awesome show with the amazing muscle guy!!!! Highly recommended.

to johnnynutz on 17 November 2017

had a awesome show today with johnnynutz. I will have to say it was great. I highly recommend getting a cam show with him. Very friendly. Pretty open minded. He is a cocky alpha. Get a show from him and you won't be disappointed.

to Tommy flex on 6 November 2017

TommyFlex is the best cam guy ever. He is first so down to earth and easy to get a long with. He wants to make sure that you are pleased and that you are enjoying what you are seeing. His shows are perfection... Very quick response as well. He gives awesome deals and doesn't try to rob you like other cam guys can do. You are definitely getting your money worth with this alpha muscle god.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to Tommy flex on 10 September 2017

After a show with this muscle god I was in Awe!!! He has a incredible god like body. Not only is it perfect he also knows how to show it off. He flexes flawlessly, He is just incredible. Big biceps, bouncing pecs, shoulders to die for, legs of stone, and a butt of steel. I recommend in getting a show from this hot stud.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!

to Ragingbeast on 20 August 2017

Awesome show! This guy is amazing. He has a great personality, awesome physique. He should of been pro already. He is a great poser and really knows how to show his body off. You can tell he enjoys the attention he is getting from his fans. He is great to talk to. He is also very affordable. If you haven't gotten a chance I would def get in contact with this muscle god.

Ragingbeast replied...
thanks bud e

to Dan Scott on 22 July 2017

Dan puts on a awesome show. He knows how to entertain and he makes sure you are happy at all times. Dan does awesome cocky shows. I suggest you get a awesome show from him.


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