Dean Winters

23 year old handsome stud

Dean Winters

23, 175cm (5'9"), 107kg (235 lbs)

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About me

23 year old bodybuilder here to get what's mine and be admired by all my fans. Currently in preparation for my next competition.. So the shreds are incoming! Body hair varies from shaved to trimmed. My pics will stay up to date so you know what i look like in the moment. I offer custom vids, generic vids, and live cam shows. Hit me up and let me take over your body and mind with this perfect young massive muscle that is only going to keep growing right in front of your eyes. I am the boy next door


I received my 3rd custom video from the gorgeous Dean Winters and to say that he's huge is an understatement! This man is stacking on the size and muscle like you wouldn't believe! He's at 245lbs now and getting bigger and bigger by the week!

Dean flexed and showed off for me, showing off a sexy new haircut and nicely groomed beard, and lots of body hair which he's growing out for a photo shoot this month! Dean looks better than ever and his cocky attitude, high level of confidence, and sexy alpha male good looks, continue to be such a turn on for me. This man knows how to get into any muscle lover's head and once he knows what you like in a video or live show, he's got you hooked!

I would recommend Dean Winters to anyone looking for that naughty bad boy type of bodybuilder who is versatile to whatever type of attitude you're looking for. Charming and sexy, dominate and degrading, etc. Whatever your fantasies or fetishes, Dean can deliver, as long as it's something he is comfortable with.

Dean is so handsome and so entertaining, that I can never get enough of him and his sexy muscles body! He's going to blow us all away when he competes in 2025! The name Dean Winters will mean something when he blows the competition away and becomes Mr. Olympia or Mr. Universe, one day! Go get it, Dean! I'm rooting for you, all the way, my friend! Much love to you, and God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [817] on 2 Mar 2024

Just finished my 5th live show with the gorgeous Dean Winters. His muscle mass, and cocky, confident personality continues to amaze me! He's getting bigger and better every day, and his physique is bigger now than it ever was, last year and Dean will continue to grow and become an even hotter alpha male bodybuilder along the way. In his muscle growth journey!

Thank you, Dean, for the live show tonight! I always enjoy our talks while you're flexing and showing off your body for me! It's always a fun time and it's so entertaining! Keep growing, brother! God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [817] on 5 Feb 2024

I just finished up my 4th live show with the gorgeous, incredibly sexy, Dean Winters, and every show we do together gets even better than the last. I asked Dean to wear something even sexier for me tonight for our flex show and he delivered in spades, flexing and showing off in a pair of sexy see through red underwear. And he looked incredible in them! Dean flexed and posed even more provocatively than our last show! Dean knows me very well and knows what I like, so he knows how to push all the right buttons to get me hot and bothered and he knows how to use his muscles and body to keep your full attention.

Dean's physique is getting even more huge, and since he'll be competing in a bodybuilding show in August, he is working hard to present an even better and bigger physique than his last show, and so far he is succeeding! I am in awe of him and his physique every time I see him! Dean is so charming and so charismatic, the conversations we have are so much fun. We talked while he flexed and showed his body off and I let him know how nicely he is progressing. Dean appreciates all of his loyal fans, and with him, I feel like I have found something in him that I have never experienced with any other bodybuilder ever. And the more shows and custom videos we do together, the more I admire and respect him, as a bodybuilder, and as a man. This is a man who knows what he wants and he will work hard to get it and achieve his dreams and goals in the bodybuilding profession! Failure is not an option for him!

Dean, thank you very much for our show tonight! I appreciate you, making time for me, even though you just got out of the hospital and are recovering from your surgery. You will always be a winner in my eyes, man! Thank you for everything, and God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [817] on 16 Jan 2024

Just worked with Dean on a custom video and wow, it was absolutely spectacular! Dean was super friendly, easy to work with and quick to deliver. He really embraced my ideas and brought them to life, but what was special was he added in his own improv that added to the scenario and made it fell so real. As for his physique, well just look at the photos- Dean is a huge muscle beast and knows how to flex every one of his enormous muscles. So excited to work with Dean again sometime soon!

mb707 [690] on 3 Jan 2024

I just finished up my 3rd live show with the gorgeous, Dean Winters and I swear each live show we do gets hotter and steamier than the last one!

Dean showed off in a black pair of pants and the sexiest see through black underwear I have ever seen on him! He looked sizzling hot in them and he proceeded to show off his glutes and legs which he'd just finished up an intense workout with earlier tonight, so his glutes were pumped to the max! Dean flexed and posed showing off the muscle mass that just seems to keep getting bigger each time I see him! His biceps and pecs are even bigger and thicker and he has just enough definition that they still look cut, and his quads and glutes look even bigger and better since his show last year! Dean isn't kidding or playing when he says he's going to take his physique to the next level! He's doing it and succeeding very nicely!
Dean came up with a role-playing scenario where he was trying to convince the manager to hire him as a male stripper in his club. So while the manager was immediately taken in by Dean's good looks and muscular body, he was concerned about whether Dean would have the dance moves and talent to entetain his customers and wanted to see some of Dean's moves and how well he could dance. Well, Dean showed him that not only could he just flex and pose, but that he could also dance and entertain just as well as at of his other dancers because none of them have what Dean has. Because when Dean puts on a show, he gives it his all and makes sure that it's one you'll never forget! And he makes sure that you never forget him either!

One thing is for sure, Dean is a power player in the bodybuilding industry and I believe that not only will he become and IFBB pro one day soon, but that he may also become a future Mr. Olympia or Mr. Universe one day! This guy has a level of confidence that I have never seen in someone as young as him. From the very beginning, Dean Winters has shocked and surprised me with his artful posing routines, sexy naughty cocky personality, and just being so open minded to my ideas and fantasies to bring my muscle worship fantasies to life! Dean is not just a bodybuilder, he is an entertainer! He always knows how to seductively lure you in with his gorgeous good-looking, cocky personality, and confident, alpha male attitude. I love how he is so versatile with his attitude and how he can go from sweet and charming to a dominant alpha male who will also put you in your place if you ever challenge his alpha male status! That's what makes him so entertaining and why muscle lover's like me go back to guys like him, again and again.

While just bodybuilding flexing is always hot and amazing in itself, Dean brings so much more to the table, proving that he's one bodybuilder and entertainer that shall never be forgotten!

Thanks Dean for an amazingly sexy, and steamy show tonight, man! You're a class act and it is an honor to know you! I wish you all the love and success in the world as you continue your bodybuilding journey to be up there with the best of the best and making your name one to be known forever! Titans are never forgotten! Take care and God Bless!

Shawn_1978 [817] on 3 Jan 2024

Dean Winters replied...
Wow wow wow.. you’re the best Shawn you always take your time to leave me an awesome review. Very much appreciated! Can’t wait for our live session 💪🙌

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Dean Winters


Age 23
Height 175cm (5'9")
Weight 107kg (235 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Hairy
Ethnicity White


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