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to Zeusmusclegod on 24 August 2018

Had my first show with him yesterday and he was great. He responds quickly, is polite and easy to deal with, most importantly, he is BIG! Sexy face and smile as well - the full package. I will definitely be going back for more.

to Tom H on 23 June 2018

Just had a show with Tom and it was fantastic - he was very prompt in setting it up and did everything I requested. He is so handsome and so huge - the real deal!

to Tommy flex on 15 October 2017

Had my first show with Tommy earlier today and he is utterly amazing. Totally got on board with the role play I was after and believe me, seeing him flex and stroke in his Roman outfit is a sight to behold! I will definitely be back for more soon.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!!

to Matt Cooke on 29 June 2017

After having previously had good experiences with Matt, I recently messaged him, chatted about the content of the show and payed promptly, but he then went silent and stopped replying to messages. Think I may have been scammed, so would advise others to be cautious, Such a shame as he had seemed a nice guy before.

to Matt Cooke on 18 September 2016

Just had my first cam show and it was ace. Friendly, flirty, easy to deal with and seemed to genuinely enjoy what he does. Huge chest and guns. Definitely coming back for more!

to HornyAlphaBoy on 26 May 2016

this guy is amazing! he is open to all ideas and suggestions. A great actor who knows exactly what to do to drive you wild! amazing body and handsome face - check him out!

to GeorgeyG on 24 January 2016

Just had my first show with George - really sweet guy, amazing show and gorgeous smile! Will definitely be coming back for more!

GeorgeyG replied...
Cheers for that man I appreciate it :) I enjoyed it too :)

to Tom H on 28 September 2015

Another excellent show - always blows my mind! So willing to please and so sexy.

to Tom H on 22 June 2015

Fantastic show with this guy - so handsome and huge, and very polite ego deal with. Highly recommend.

to Tom H on 8 April 2015

One of the best cam shows I have ever had - this guy is so friendly and easy to deal with. The show itself was amazing - did everything I asked for and more! Fantastic body and model good looks. I strongly recommend!

to Male Fitness Model on 14 March 2015

Had some great cam shows with this guy = sexy, huge and knows how to show it off! Also really easy to deal with and open to ideas. Would definitely recommend!

Male Fitness Model replied...
Thanks Chris Always appreciated

to Aesthetics on 18 October 2014

Had a great cam show - in amazing shape, sexy, confident and open to requests - I highly recommend!

to Joshua Armstrong on 22 March 2014

This guy is off the scale - he did me an amazing video and have had several cam shows with him - so sexy, so willing to please, his body is just amazing - i cannot praise him enough!

Joshua Armstrong replied...
CC ! my man!! such brilliant praise and I appreciate it so ! also put 100% into your shows!


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