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29, 181cm (5'11"), 100kg (220 lbs)

Bucharest, Romania

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About me

I love gym, love heavy ass weights, all the pump i get from each workout and i think this shows on my body.. my hard dense muscles, huge quads, peak of my biceps, and enormous chest.. You have to discover more of me!

You can check my website for more videos:

I do custom videos, custom shows (any fetish)!
Can make custom pictures too
I also offer sexy nude shows

Please contact me on skype--- magicstripp ---
or email-- magicstripp@yahoo.com for more info!

Meet me

I'm available to meet in Bucharest, Romania.


from RBJ89 [2421] on 19 February 2021

I've been requesting videos from this guy for a couple of years now. He is one of the best role players I have seen from this site, there really is very little he's not open to trying. If you have an odd role play request you're scared to ask for I highly recommend this guy!

HornyAlphaBoy replied...
My pleasure as always. Thanks for your support. Cant wait for our next project!

from bitchcraft96 [110] on 8 January 2021

I received my first custom from Sergio, and I am VERY impressed. I was already familiar with his work in previews and videos he has up, but to actually have a custom video that fulfills pure fantasy is an absolute pleasure. He embodies pure pleasure in everything he does and makes fantasy a reality.

I should mention as well how patient and understanding he was in terms of making payment (there were minor complications with currency difference and method of payment), but after FINALLY making payment, he delivered very quickly. He’s very professional when making discussions and ideas for videos. Overall, my experience with him was very great and I would HIGHLY recommend him if one wanted a video that brings it all to life. When the time comes, I will definitely come back for more.

HornyAlphaBoy replied...
Glad to deal with such a nice person like u. Cant wait to impress u again!

from 816664REAL [516] on 30 November 2020

I recently purchased 8 videos of HornyAlphaBoy/Sergio's on another site within TheBestFlex network, FantasyFlexing.com I was immensely satisfied with 7 of 8 of them. The one that I wasn't immensely satisfied with wasn't bad, it just wasn't quite what I was expecting, based on the video preview. I wanted more screen time of his derriere in his nice dress slacks.

But let me tell you, Sergio is absolutely mind-blowing in his videos. He is a consummate actor who can transmit an intoxicating level of eroticism to the lucky viewer. Part of this is attributable to his Romanian accent which he uses to incredible effect. It is just one of the many qualities of his that puts him in amazing character-actor mode, enabling him to be a superlative erotic performer. He can consistently combine dominating and humiliating positioning with just the right amount of finely-tuned sensuality to put the viewer into a blissfully buzzing, submissive "sex flush".

When he tapes a microphone just underneath one of his pecs so that you can hear it while he goes through muscle posing and some light exercise, you literally do hear his heartbeat, and combined with his being shirtless and in some very well-fitting jeans, the overall audio-visual and psychological effect of his performance will super-glue you to him. When he flexes his oiled-up bicep in a close-up to the camera and says in his seductive whisper "Yeeeeesss. Those arms maaaade you lose the wrestling match. Those arms showed you who's in charge, showed you who's the champion of the wrestling match" and that because of that you are now his slave and have to worship his muscles, it makes you want to lose every single one of a million wrestling matches to him. He can and will possess every cell and pore of your body. He is dynamic and fluid in his acting and employs psychology rather effectively, making him into A True Fantasy Muscle God.

I can imagine some people not being into him because he is not the absolutely most ripped and gigantic Muscle God out of all of the ones on this site, although at his peak form, he is still one of the best on here. At 182 cm, 100 kilos, he is relatively stocky and still his physique is so well-formed and proportioned. On one of his Pecs Worship videos, as soon as he partially unbuttons his light-blue, short-sleeve dress shirt, while he is still also in his jeans, and exposes his pale, smooth, subtly-cut torso and one of his nipples, I was surprisingly transfixed by the overall beauty of his physique, and this was only intensified by his voice and dialogue and body-language.

Anybody who is a discriminating connoisseur, anybody who has a real eye for quality, will see that Sergio is a rare find and that a lot of work goes into his videos. It is obvious why he has his own website within TheBestFlex network and is one of its leading stars.

HornyAlphaBoy replied...
Your words honors me. Thank you so much!

from RBJ89 [2421] on 11 November 2020


Posted at FantasyFlexing.com

One of my favorite guys to order from!

from RBJ89 [2421] on 11 November 2020


Posted at FantasyFlexing.com

He makes sure your custom video is worth the price and wait, no skimping on his part!

HornyAlphaBoy has 164 more reviews. Read them all here.

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Age 29
Height 181cm (5'11")
Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


Location Bucharest, Romania
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