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to Max Wood on 20 September 2018

After the first video, I just had to contact this muscle god for another. Second video was even better then the first. 10 mins of this sexy muscle man flexing his powerful body, making mines weak in the process He followed all the details I wrote him and surprisingly I had my video a hour later. Can't get enough of this stud.

to Jake Daniel on 31 August 2018

Made me an pretty awesome video.

to Max Wood on 30 August 2018

I contacted this muscle god for a custom video. After payment he told me I would have it tomorrow and sure enough the next day I was watching my video in awe. He's so handsome, tall and built solid. Love that he wear his briefs so low, it highlight his amazing Adonis belt. He followed every detail i sent and even flex so hard he began to sweat. Look forward to more videos from him.

to AngelinoBoy on 26 August 2018

Got an amazing custom video from this muscle stud. He has a sexy voice, an awesome body and very nice legs. Gave me just what I wanted in my detailed video. Will be back for more.

to ClassicPhysique on 23 August 2018


Got my first custom video from this young muscle god and was blown away. He's handsome, with a killer body and wow what a chest. Will certainly be back to worship him more.

to JohnnyMusclex on 25 June 2018

Wow, I received my first custom video from this huge muscle god. If you like huge muscles covered in hair, you will love this guy. His chest and Traps are my favorite, I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Also loved his smile. Will be getting more from him.

to Dennis on 7 June 2018

Bought two videos from Dennis in the past few weeks. With Competition coming soon, he is so ripped right now. Even sporting a sexy hairy chest. Will definitely be getting more.


to Peter Russell on 23 March 2018

Received my 1st custom video from this Muscle God and all I could say was wow. He took the description I wrote for him and made it his own. Very handsome with a sexy voice and what a body! Huge and ripped with veins covering his arm, chest and legs.Definitely will come back for more.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you so much!

to HUGEALPHABEAST on 17 February 2018

Bought a custom video from this muscle god, was in awe as this massive hairy mountain of a man flexed.


to angusconnor on 23 April 2017

Gave me a great videos. This guy is so handsome, with a sexy accent and he is cut all over. His abs looks as if they were cut from stone, you can she the striations in his chest with every movement. He did everything I requested. I will be getting more videos from him.

to Caleb on 18 April 2017

Received a custom video from this sexy muscle god. He's so handsome,those lip and eyes are mesmerizing. And that bod wow. I will certainly buy more from him.

to Rafa Martin on 28 March 2017

He made me a great custom video. I'm a pec lover and his chest is huge! It was almost hard not to be put in a daze as he messaged, bounced and played with them.

to Dennis on 28 March 2017

Every year around this time I buy videos from Dennis. He usually a few weeks out from competition and is so ripped. He sculpts his body to near perfection and shows it off well in his videos. I plan to buy more.

Dennis replied...
best regards! - Dennis

to YoungMuscleStud90 on 24 February 2017

This muscle hunk created me an amazing custom video. He followed all of the details I gave him and surpassed my expectations. He has awesome body, is dominate but charming and a strong sexy voice that I could listen to all day.Plan to buy more from him.

to CockyBoy on 26 January 2017

I just received another amazing custom video from Cockyboy Alex. Been buying from him for three years now and he has always been nice and delivering great videos. I will continue buying from this awesome muscle god.

CockyBoy replied...
You are amazing buddy and you saw me how i improve and grow all this time. Thank you alot for the time spent with me always and happy to see you every time...xoxo

to alexlondon on 18 July 2016

Created me a couple of custom videos so far and I'm already in love with this guy! His body is flawless. Perfect chest, arms, every thing! He is also so handsome. Will be back for more.

to Handsome Troy XXL on 15 July 2016

Got a great video from this muscle god! He is so handsome and so huge. Awesome chest, arms, legs, back and tattoos. I Plan to buy a lot more videos from him.

Handsome Troy XXL replied...
thanks you

to Forbidme on 19 June 2016

Made me a great custom video! I don't know what I find most sexy: his handsome face, his voice, or that amazing body.Very good flexer, by the end of the video his body was glazed in sweet. Nice, easy to deal with and delivered the video just hours later, I will be getting many more videos from him.

to Roland on 6 June 2016

I can't get enough of this guy. Huge everywhere, handsome and incredibly nice. If you looking for a muscle guy to cam and buy videos from and haven't tried Roland yet, do so now. Very ripped at the moment and planning to get even ripper. Just got four more video from him, all amazing! Thanks Roland!

Roland replied...
hey sir! thank you :)) se you next time

to daniel carter on 13 May 2016

Ive bought many videos from Daniel and every experience has been nearly perfect. Love how nice and friendly he always is and what a Body! His hard work and dedication to bodybuilding reflects in his body. He is huge all over and when he flexes there are times when my jaw actually drop. Will definitely return for more videos.

daniel carter replied...
your the man rico:)

to Roland on 10 May 2016

Recently received two amazing videos from this muscle god this pass week. He's contest ready and is so ripped right now. I been dealing with Roland for a while now and he has always been friendly with me. A very nice person, handsome and an incredible body, Roland is the total package.

Roland replied...
thank you so much friend! :) keep in touch :)

to Dennis on 6 April 2016

With competitions soon Dennis is at the top of his game. He has chiseled his body to near perfection. I've bought four videos from him in the past weeks and already got three more planned. Now is the perfect time to contact him.

to MuscleGod7 on 27 March 2016

He made me a great custom video. Very handsome with a killer ripped body. He's truly a Muscle God and I plan to buy a lot more from him as well.

MuscleGod7 replied...
Thankyou for your support and kind words

to biceptoris on 7 March 2016

Received four videos from Biceptoris so far and each has blown my mind. He competing soon, so I'm seeing his transformation through the videos. His body was already impressive when I got my first video three months ago and now it's even more ripped. A very friendly guy and a must see for all muscle worshiper. I Plan to get a lot more videos from him before completion and even more after.

biceptoris replied...
Thank you Rico for everything !

to darkjack on 5 January 2016

Had an awesome show with him. He is huge all over. I especially love his chest. His pec are amazing and watching him bounce them, grab them and even kiss them made my jaw drop.

to TheBodyDream on 17 December 2015

Recently got a video from TheBodyDream and loved it. He is ripped all over, every time he flexed my eyes didn't know what part of him to focus on. His huge biceps, that powerful chest, or those huge traps. Will be back for more!

to CockyBoy on 14 December 2015

Alex gave me another amazing video. Even off-season he manages to keep his muscles refined. Love his pecs and those Quads are jaw dropping. This Muscle God will have you literally dreaming about his muscles. Thank you Alex, I can't wait until the next video!

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you for the review buddy!!! amazing words from you, hugs buddy!

to biceptoris on 13 December 2015

Received an amazing video from this amazing guy. First off he is a very friendly person. After arranging the video, we chatted and joked around and it made me feel like we were already long time friends. He delivered the video a few hours later. Boy, do he have an incredible body, most notable his huge biceps. They are huge and resemble mountains. I will certainly be back for more Biceptoris.

biceptoris replied...
Thank you Rico ! It was a pleasure for me also . Keep in touch man !

to Alex on 13 December 2015

Gaston has been away for quite awhile.Now he is back, bigger and better than ever. I wasted no time get a custom video from this big guy. My mouth dropped once the video started and this muscle god was in a puny white shirt with his muscles close to bursting out of it. So happy he is back, he's one of my favorite. He was actually the first muscle god I started buying from.

Alex replied...
Rico! i didnt even realize the below comment was yours! Much love to you man it feels great to be back and i appreciate your support and good words! thanks for this awesome review! Looking forward to doing many more for you! :)

to Leo Banck on 12 December 2015

Received another video from Iowik. Aesthetic at it's best, this guy's body is so beautiful. Every inch of him is perfectly sculpted and so vascular. In the video he wore all under armour and looked like a superhero as his muscles bulged against the fabric. When the under armour comes off he shows off that strong chest, cut abs and powerful legs. My personal favorite are the veins that cover most of his body. He did reps throughout the video so they were always pumped. Great body aside, he is very friendly. Beautiful on the inside and out.

to daniel carter on 15 November 2015

Received yet another mind blowing video from Daniel. Even saying his body could rivals that of a superhero, is an understatement. His arms are huge! I become hypnotize when he flex that strong chest. And those quads! I'm surprise pants still fit him. He covered himself with oil in my video, which magnified how god like his body is. I'm looking forward to our next video, he has me in his control.

daniel carter replied...
love it!:)

to Leo Banck on 18 October 2015

Gave me not one, but two amazing custom videos. Very handsome and has an amazing body. This guys is shredded, it don't seem to be an ounce of fat on him, only pure muscles. I could get lost in his vein, they run beautifully along of his entire body. On his arms, across his chest, down his abs. Will certainly be back for more

to daniel carter on 14 September 2015

Daniel is truly a Muscle God! I've bought many videos from him and each one is mind blowing. I recently request two videos from him back to back. With one week until competition, Daniel is insanely shredded. Each muscle is chiseled to perfection, Striation visible with each movement and veins bulging all over. I couldn't resist coming back to worship that body more. Daniel also has a very friendly personality. If his muscles and good looks don't make you melt, his smile surely will.

to joeyvd on 30 August 2015

Been a fan since I first saw him on MuscleHunks. So it was a dream come true when I bought a custom video from him. He's very handsome and body is amazing. He knows how to show it off as well and had me seeing stars, as he let me explore those powerful biceps, that thick chest, strong legs and those beautiful butt of his. will be back for more.

to Dreamcaster234 on 29 July 2015

Jan gave me a great custom video. He has an amazing body. He's also handsome, tall and ripped, He's very close to becoming a Super Sayin. Lol

Will certianly come back for more.

to JayFlexCole221 on 14 July 2015

I've bought many custom videos from him and it is always a pleasure. The guy has an awesome body, huge arms, thick pecs, and a wide back. My personal favorites are his shoulders and traps. I can't forget to Add his cool, sexy personality and those beautiful green eyes of his.I plan to buy many more videos from him.

to CockyBoy on 14 July 2015

Cockyboy is top rated on this site for good reasons. He's friendly, charming and of course cocky with an amazing body. It seems he put one hundred and one percent into each show and custom video. It only take a few minutes for him to entice me with his personality, his good looks and those well sculpted muscles. And in the end he always have me craving for more.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you so much Rico for this awsome review your one of the best and i enjoy the every time with you!!!! see you soon my old friend....HUGS

to Atlas on 17 June 2015

I once again received an amazing video from this stunning guy. He's Very friendly with a amazing body.He has Big arms, cut abs, and my favorite a strong chest. Love how he can bounce his pecs rapidly or very slow. Will be back for more.

to daniel carter on 12 June 2015

He did me an amazing custom video. His body is incredible and he oozes strength and confidence as he flexed and showed it off to me. Will be back for many more.

to Bobby on 10 June 2015

Had a great show with him. He has an awesome body and is very friendly to chat with. Will do more shows with him and he possibly charm me into make him my first ever live meet-up. Thanks again Bobby.

Bobby replied...
Thank You! Hope to see you again soon

to Zeecko on 3 June 2015

Everything about this guy is huge. It has been a great pleasure watching him sculpted his amazing body. Since my first review I have came back for four more custom videos each following his progress as he grow and rip up for his contest. The last video was three days before his contest and he was as ripped as ever. He came out the overall winner by the way ;). Now is the perfect time to contact him for a show or video.

to The Beast King of Aesthetics on 24 May 2015

Got a great custom video from this handsome guy. His body looked as if it was beautifully sculpted out of marble. He also a great poser. Will come back for more. ;)

The Beast King of Aesthetics replied...
Thank you .. i'm happy to hear this :) If you want a new videos or webcam.. contact me

to theSituation on 30 April 2015

Very friendly and charming. Loves to show off his awesome body. Received a couple of videos from him, all left me wanting more. The thing I love about him: Nice strong chest, ripped arms, covered with veins and very handsome.

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much :)

to DarioDeMarco on 23 April 2015

Received my first custom video from Dario and it left me drooling and craving more. Dario is incredibly handsome and man what a body.

DarioDeMarco replied...
thank you

to Dennis on 22 April 2015

With a few day until competition, he made me a custom video and left me speechless. His body is insane, muscles perfectly sculpted and so ripped each time he flexed I could see the striations. Hope to see much more of him and wish him the best.


Dennis replied...
Thank you! Glad to hear u liked my job... priceless :)

to Predator2015 on 22 April 2015

Was lucky enough to contact this hunk for a custom video while he was still in the gym. Once he finished his work out, he went straight to the locker room and recorded me an amazing custom video. Body was hard and ripped as he hit poses and flexed in only his underwear. Will be get more videos from him.

Predator2015 replied...
Thank you :* As you can see I give my best to make your wishes real. I am for Sure not a shy guy And this Video was amazing the looker room was full with people And the Show was just for Rico :)

to theangeldevil on 3 April 2015

Was wary at first, but he is legit and has delivered a pretty good custom video for me. Thankful you all can ignore my first post.


theangeldevil replied...
thank you!

to Zeecko on 2 April 2015

Gave me an amazing custom video. This guy is a massive mountain of muscles. His Huge biceps and strong hard chest are all covered in veins giving him a powerful look. He has left me wanting more.

to Atlas on 8 March 2015

I Received a great custom video from Adam. I was left in awe as Adam flexed his hot, huge, hard body. I Will be back to worship him more and hope his dream of becoming pro come true. ;)

Atlas replied...
Thanks you Rico, i will do mybestflex to make your fantasy real, Peace!

to JayFlexCole221 on 15 February 2015

I received a great custom video from him. He has a cool personality, beautiful eyes and of course a huge body, which looked even more sexier with body hair. Pumping up his huge arms, popping his pecs and flexing so hard he began to sweat, all made the video one to remember. I will be coming back for more!

to Titan on 5 December 2014

Saying I had an amazing show with titan would be an understatement. Titan personality is as attractive as his body; they both are beautiful. Flexing his ripped, hard muscles while charming me; He has pretty much guaranteed I would be coming back for more.

to BigXander on 4 December 2014

Just had an awesome cam show with Farris. His body was amazing and ripped. He aimed to please, asking me my favorite muscles before flexing them intensely.

BigXander replied...
Tks man

to Roland on 2 December 2014

Roland has created many impressive and sexy videos for me. Handsome, hard body, great flexer, and naughty are some of the many things I love about his videos. Thanks again Roland! :)

Roland replied...
Thank you ;) i hope you wait the next video ;)

to Hungry beast on 16 November 2014

Tried to contact him for another video many time over the past month, with no luck. Don't know rather he just busy or ignoring me. :(

to MostMuscular84 on 10 November 2014

He gave me a great show. Very friendly, handsome and ripped! He posed non stop showing me his impressive body. Can't wait to have many more shows with him.

to arkadylenkov on 8 November 2014

Had a great show with him. He's built solid and is huge, especially his arms! Will be having more shows with him. ;)

to Whiteshark900 on 8 November 2014

Had a great show with this stud! He's handsome, with a body of a god.


Whiteshark900 replied...
THanx :P

to Aesthetics on 13 October 2014

Received an awesome video from him. He's good looking with an great body. I can't wait to have more video/shows with him.

to CockyBoy on 25 September 2014

I've lost count of how many videos Alex has done for me, but they get better and better. He has a amazing body with a great personality. With just a double bicep flex and a smile, he can bring me to my knees.


CockyBoy replied...
Thank you so much rico this was an amazing review from you thank you again for this words!

to Tom H on 25 September 2014

Received an amazing video from him. He has a incredible body and insane vascularity. And I can't forget his good looks. Those eyes and his lips, so dreamy.

to Roberto on 23 August 2014

Had a great show with him. He has an amazing body and is incredibly handsome. Will try to have many more shows with him, if he looks this good at only 20 years old, I can't imagine the body he will have in a few years. Thanks again Roberto!

Roberto replied...
I will do all my bests!! Thank you :)

to Kane on 21 August 2014

Had an amazing show with Kane. He's a very nice guy, with an amazing body. The guy is ripped! Veins covered his huge chest and wrapped around his arms. The moment he appeared on screen I fell under his spell and time went by so fast. I plan to have many more shows with him.


to Roland on 17 August 2014

Received an amazing second custom video from him. I learned he is certainly big everywhere when he pulled out the weapon that hides underneath his pants. Can't wait till the next video!

Roland replied...
Haha :D thank man ;) :)

to Joshua Armstrong on 12 August 2014

Recently received a video from Josh and it was amazing. He's smart, friendly, sexy and a little naughty. Combine that with his insane body and he's a complete Muscle god that will have you coming back for more.

Joshua Armstrong replied...
<3 <3 cant wait for it

to MaximusSteel on 9 August 2014

Received another custom video from him and this one was mind blowing. This time I asked for a 20 minute video and it was twenty minutes of pure muscle worship. He flexed his amazing body to the point that he start sweating and it wasn't even past the ten minute mark. Add a little oil and take away all the cloths and the video heated up.(I remind you this was only a flex video) By the end of the video I was left in awe watching beads of sweat rolling down his oily chest as he flexed them.

to Mark Magnus on 6 August 2014

Just had an amazing cam show with him. His body is a work of art, huge and ripped everywhere. Even his skin is radiant. Every muscle was impressive, but for me his pecs were the highlight of the show. Once I told him I wanted more pecs he flexed them harder while telling me what he was going to do to me with them! Yeah, I'm blushing even thinking about it. Highly recommend him, because I'm planing on doing many more show with him. Thanks!


Mark Magnus replied...
Ur welcome Rico and my big pecs are waiting for u bb

to Roland on 3 August 2014

Purchased a custom video from Roland and it was amazing. He is incredibly handsome with a huge,ripped body. His HD camera is top notch and he is nice to deal with, i will be getting more videos from him. Thanks again Roland!


Roland replied...
thank you my friend! :) see you seoon ;)

to Hungry beast on 15 July 2014

I received a custom video from Hungry Beast and loved it. He got boyish good looks and the body of a God. Seriously nothing is more amazing then watching the veins appears all over his body as he flexes. Can't wait until our next video.

to Alex on 17 June 2014

Gaston is the Man! I've ordered three custom videos from him already and each has left me in awe. He's handsome, very friendly and has an amazing body which he knows all too well how to show off. I'm contacting him soon for video number four because he'll keep you coming back for more and more.


Alex replied...
Rico!!! ur awesome as always brother! Thanks a million for all ur support!

to BigXander on 11 June 2014

I ordered one of his custom video from him. The video was undeniable hot and he looked amazing. So why the neutral rating, it turns out he gave me one of his videos posted on this site and charged me more than I would have paid if I had just bought it off the site.

to CockyBoy on 7 June 2014

I recently bought my 1st custom video from Cockyboy and it was amazing. Alex is a total Muscle God with good looks and an amazing body. He also very charming, he had me smiling throughout the video. I will definitely be returning for more.

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you!i bet that video was amazing and so glad that you enjoy every minut of it,search me up lets talk and why not lets arrange the making of another one.See ya buddy

to MaximusSteel on 6 June 2014

I purchased a custom video from this hunk recently and boy did he delivered in more ways than one. First I got the video less than a hour after I made payment. As for the video, He has an amazing body and knows how to show it off. A sexy accent commanded me to worship him as he flexed his huge arms, legs and the most beautiful chest I ever seen. Will defiantly be purchasing more videos from him.

Bodybuilder Flexes For Work

to Bodybuilder Flexes For Work featuring JohnnyMusclex on 26 August 2019


John is a total beast, The video starts with him in formal wear and right away you can see his muscles bulging against the strains. Overtime he strips down to nothing but a jock and dress socks, showing off every inch of his powerful and hairy body. By the end he is drenched in sweat. Very awesome video!

Oiled Up Muscle Perfection

to Oiled Up Muscle Perfection featuring Antonio.Ricky on 17 February 2019


Antonio has beautifully sculpted body. A well define chest, vein covered arms and those awesome abs left me in awe for the entire video.

Private Flexing Fantasy

to Private Flexing Fantasy featuring musclebeach on 24 May 2014


Musclebeach flexing his perfectly sculpted muscles in nothing but tight underwear and some of the angles are breathtaking.

Oil My Sexy Muscles

to Oil My Sexy Muscles featuring Joshua Armstrong on 24 May 2014


Joshua has an amazing body, and it looks even more gorgeous covered in oil.

Ultimate Biceps

to Ultimate Biceps featuring musclebeach on 14 March 2014


This guy have amazing arms and once the shirt came off you'll see he has amazing Abs and chest too. He's ripped, cocky and knows how to show off that body of his.


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