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to Bicep Bryce on 28 April 2019

I approached him for a show, and although he admitted he accepted my payment method, he said he didn’t want it and that I was “being difficult” and should set up different payment methods so he could use the money for his rent. I’m sure in typical “Best Flex” fashion he’ll deny the conversation took place or say “that’s not how it happened” since cam show models are 100% right and paying customers on the Best Flex can’t be trusted.

Bicep Bryce replied...
I told you I charge more via Amazon because I cant use it for rent. Dont twist my words. I offer circle, cashapp, and venmo which are available in most countries, especially the US. (Which is were you are from.) You either pay more for Amazon since its inconvenient for me, or download a cash app. I come up with my payment methods and pricing, not you. :)

to Elliott on 26 July 2017

A wonderful man with massive pecs, legs, and biceps. He was very courteous. Definitely worth getting a show from him. I know I'll be back for a lot more.

to Flexstud269 on 23 August 2015

Awesome. A true stud. He takes his shows seriously. Don't miss out. He is growing in strength and power, for sure


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