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to JohnnyMusclex on 23 November 2018

John ... where do I even start?
Without exaggerating my best meet-up I've personally ever experienced.
Also took his time discussing my wishes before meet-up (some models really rush you) and fulfilled all of them and more when we actually met.

When I told him in texting how I'm always careful because I have been scammed before during cam shows, he just instantly spontaneously Facetimed me without me even asking for it to prove that he was real, this is something a lot of models could learn from, it only takes a few seconds of your time. This doesn't matter as much for meet-ups, but definitely for cam shows.

He's so genuinely friendly, I immediately felt comfortable around him.
I did 45 minutes massage and 45 minutes worship.
Massage was incredible, better than any of my Wellness clinic massages I've had.
Worship was outstanding.
He's incredibly handsome (gorgeous smile) and what a body ... he's the kinda guy you go to if you wanna worship a REAL IFBB size bodybuilder and he's so good at it and you can tell he's genuinely into it.
He has a very masculine voice and that sexy American accent for those who are into that.
He also comes off very naturally masculine (not the obvious forced manly type of masculine).

Thanks so much John, I'm already looking forward to your next trip here.

to Zeecko on 30 June 2017

If you want a real competitive built mass muscle bull, then this is where you go, he looks incredible for his age.
Looks amazing and proportionate in all parts, I also think he has a very handsome face (love that facial hair he has going).
A proper poser.
Cam quality and lighting were great (unlike some models I've done shows with ...).

Not necessarily negative, but perhaps as information for those who care:
He didn't use a microphone (maybe he will depending on time or whatever, who knows) and he's definitely a clock watcher, abruptly hung up at exactly 10 min (however, when I told him I was so close to finishing, he gave me another minute, so that makes up for this, but still think perhaps he should be slightly less abrupt about it, maybe ask if the other is finished and making proper closure).

Will definitely do another one with Zeecko. :)

to James Muscle on 18 December 2015

I'm at loss for words and don't even know where to start...


He's so far the most muscular, vascular and ripped guy I've seen on here.
A real professional bodybuilder willing to show his all (and I mean: ALL).
He's very willing and accommodating.
Gorgeous face and smile.

His webcam is also the best quality of any Skype shows I've done so far, another really great plus.
And his rates are very competitive, especially considering the value you get for it.
On top of all this his cute Italian accent only adds up...

Definitely doing another show with you, thanks so much for allowing people to admire all of your beauty.

Big A+. :)

to Adryano on 18 October 2015

I had a Skype show with Adrian:
Beautiful ... both face and body.
I personally think his body looks even bigger in motion than on the photos here.
He's incredibly accommodating, into the smallest details: want a 1 inch closer look? He'll do the effort to move the cam for your nitpicky adjustment requests.
Very friendly and communicative, he's willing to find middle grounds that work best for both and doesn't rush you into a show without listening to what you want to see (unlike some guys I've done live shows with).

I can't speak for the other people and their experiences, but I think neither of the 2 negative experiences are in any way representitive for my show with him, neither pre-, mid- or post-show.

Will definitely be back and hopefully we'll even manage to get an in-person meet-up arranged.

Keep it up Adrian. :)

Adryano replied...
Hello danvio and thank you very much, it was a pleasure.

to Roland on 31 March 2015

Wow, that's all I can say!
I did a live cum show with Pablo and he's absolutely stunning (in every way: face, body, dick, etc.).
You can tell while flexing he actually enjoys showing off his hard work, makes it so much sexier.
He does exactly everything you ask up into the smallest details.

Also a little side note from myself: I'm a lot into circumcised and he's so far the only circumcised guy I've experienced on here, definitely got me extra"happy".
He is also nicely endowed.

And last: he's a very friendly guy, who even ignored his phone twice for me, definitely appreciated.

Best of luck with your contest mate and I hope to see you again soon! :)

Roland replied...
ohh thank you sir!:) ;) i wait the next show with your new requests;)

to Lazar The Bodybuilder on 28 September 2014

Oops, I accidentally wrote 'circumcised' in my review, but I meant to say uncircumcised!

to Lazar The Bodybuilder on 28 September 2014

Where to start ... there's simply no way to describe Lazar's worth in less than 1000 words.
He's gorgeous (face), his body is absolutely stunning: ripped, huge, just anything you want from a REAL bodybuilder.
He masters the pecs bouncing ability like no other (this is a huge weakness of mine, he can even do this while jerking off, it's absolutely overwhelming).
He has a beautiful circumcised cock and his cum looks absolutely yummy.

As said before: he gives his full attention to you and he's VERY delivering and does exactly everything you ask.

Then on top of that he's an amazing guy ... he has a baby rescue cat in his apartment and as an animal lover and activist this was a huge positive surprise to me and makes him even more attractive.
He's very social, friendly and respectful.

Lazar, you got yourself a new fan, thank you so much, please never change! :)

Lazar The Bodybuilder replied...
Thank you very much Danvio! I,ll not change myself! its a promise! :-D


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