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to AnthonyFlex on 22 June 2016

Jerry is big muscle stud, an alpha male, with very handsome face and well built body. He's very confident and know exactly how to please you. He's talkative too and have beautiful smile. Last but not least, he's a load of muscle juice, if you know what i mean

to DarrenMichael on 4 May 2016

REALLY GREAT GUY! You all should have show with this young yet ripped guy also cool personality.

DarrenMichael replied...
Thank you for the review

to Kanye on 1 March 2016

Today is the first time i had show with him and i can say He is the best! Very friendly, has charming smile, and eager to please you. His body is perfection with great attitude. His smile will melt you down...You will never regret having show with Kanye. Thx -fm

to GeorgeyG on 12 February 2016

What a great guy! My first time to have show with him and he is really friendly and fun. He has perfect looks and muscles, and a messy hair that makes it more perfect.. Overall, he is a really nice guy.

Ps: he can be cocky too :p

GeorgeyG replied...
Thanks buddy!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope to talk to you soon :)

to Tom H on 28 July 2015

Wowww! What a show.. He delivered it so well and perfect with that muscular body and handsome face. You wont regret session with him

to Italian Strength on 20 July 2015

very kind man and good personality. very good flexer with a bonus of handsome face. i really enjoy my session with him because he's eager to please you. thanks man! you are very recommended both for your show and videos

to CockyBoy on 16 July 2015

really kind and friendly guy! also hot and talkative with a charming smile. definitely number 1 in this site. everyone should have private show with him

CockyBoy replied...
Thank you so much,i apreciat this review alot and hope to see you again soon, HUGS

to Claudiu on 16 July 2015

what a fraud!! all the negative comments are true, and he replied it acting just like didnt do all of that. just send payment for his live show, and he never call me back and even reject my call!! what a jerk

Claudiu replied...
u havent sent me anymoney my friend, i told u clear that i dont do anything for free and now u are trying to do bad things


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