Tom H

24, 185cm (6'1"), 102kg (224 lbs)

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About me

Handsome young bodybuilder with awesome physique.
Do webcamshows and make custom videos!
Wrestling, arm wrestling, special shows.



from TouchyFeely [1671] on 1 March 2020


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I am so lucky to know Tom H! I am very grateful for every time I have been able to chat with him! His body, his brains, his face and his eyes.... I struggle to believe he is real sometimes because he is so perfect!

from obedienceandshame [2260] on 22 February 2020


Posted at

Tom H made me lightheaded and weak in the knees. He slaps me around with his pec bouncing and slaps me in my gut. It's shameful and humiliating. I fall on my knees, begging for mercy. No one has body like his. He dominates me and I always come back for more. Long live the king. Tom H is the undefeated champion.

from TouchyFeely [1671] on 27 October 2019


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Tom H is a world class Master of his art!

from Fzpanda [1825] on 22 October 2019

Still waiting for Tom to deliver my latest video after almost a year now. he has become more and more unreliable.

from DoonB [5653] on 4 August 2019

Sadly I have to concede this guy is now a lost cause at least with custom videos. In the past I've dealt with him and had no problem but he just doesn't have the time to do this any more and really should just concentrate on other things. Several times he's left me waiting for months and months to deliver, when he's already been paid. It's just too much to overlook. I get messages from him when he needs the money basically but then he goes silent when I remind him he's due me videos he already has the money for.

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Age 24
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 102kg (224 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Bodyhair Shaved


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