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to Aaron Jay on 16 August 2019

Had lovely conversation with Aaron! A lot of guys on this site are rude or have terrible communication skills, but Aaron is the complete opposite. He is very personable and kind. The video I got from him was incredibly hot! His body is rock hard/shredded and really nice to look at, you can definitely see the effort he put in to get his body in such phenomenal shape. He even took my video to another level by adding his own spin to it. Extremely impressed, everything exceeded my expectations and I got the video in a timely manner. Thanks again Aaron you were great! :)

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you drippy it was a really fun video to make and you are a really nice guy, I’m so happy you liked it :)

to Rippedreaper997 on 9 July 2019

Had to come leave a second review, because my experience with Reaper has only gotten progressively better with each video. The kindest guy on this website, no question about it! Absolutely love and adore Reaper. No one has ever put as much effort into the content they provide me like he does. I’m truly blown away by how perfectly he does my videos, he takes the time to actually listen to all of your requests and has never once missed anything that I’ve asked for, every video has been STELLAR! His pictures are 100% accurate and he looks even more stunning on camera, he is in really great shape! If you’re debating on getting a video from him, please do and don’t pass up the opportunity, he is such an amazing person. Thank you Reaper, I really appreciate you!<3

to Daniel_fit on 21 May 2019

My god, I love Dmitry! Wow that quite honestly may have been the best video I have ever received in my life. From head to toe, PERFECTION! Still in shock by how remarkable his body looked. If you like his pictures, seeing him on video will blow you away. I’m so glad I was finally able to get a video from him. Incredibly nice guy with an adorable face and he was more than happy to accommodate all of my requests. Also delivered the video literally the next day. I HIGHLY recommend getting a live show or video with him. You won’t be able to get enough! Truly an amazing experience, thank you for everything Dmitry! <3

to Rippedreaper997 on 29 April 2019

Words cannot describe how INCREDIBLE Reaper is! Genuinely the most nice, caring and reliable guy that I have met on this website hands down. Not only is his body carved to perfection and breathtaking to look at, his personality is top of the line, and he treats you with the upmost respect. He is also a great conversationalist, and keeps you updated on when your video will be ready. You are truly missing out on an amazing experience if you haven’t contacted him yet. He is literally the full package and I can’t stress that enough. Thank you again Reaper! <3

to James Branson on 11 February 2019

Wow, i'm at a loss for words...Hands down one of the BEST videos I have ever received from a guy on this website! I don't know how anyone can give him anything less than five stars. You are truly missing out on an amazing experience if you haven't contacted him. His rates are COMPLETELY reasonable, so if you've been skeptical or hesitant about contacting him, I highly recommend you give him a chance. His face and body are MESMERIZING, he is by far one of the most beautiful guys on this website. If you've ever lusted over that hot jock in highschool/college that everyone had a crush on, message him immediately for a live show or custom vid. Also he is incredibly charming and likable. I have a laundry list of things I could say, but i'll end it here lol. Thank you James for such a great experience! <3

James Branson replied...
You have no idea how much i appreciate this drippy! REALLY, Thank you:)

to Andrewfitness on 28 January 2019


Andrew is absolutely STUNNING! I had a great experience with him, he is very polite, kind, and super responsive. I purchased a custom video from him, and he followed EVERY single instruction I gave him and more! Also, his prices are very reasonable and affordable. He looks just as good as he does in his pictures, if not better. I definitely recommend Andrew, he is the full package, and you won't be disappointed. Thanks again Andrew you are amazing! :)

to Clark Kent on 21 December 2018


Clark is the sweetest, nicest guy I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about him. I purchased a custom video from him and he followed all the instructions I gave, and even sent pictures beforehand to make sure everything was how I wanted. If you're looking for a guy who will listen and follow all your requests without question, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Clark. To make things even better, he sent me my video literally within a couple hours of us confirming everything. He truly is the full package, from his breathtaking body to his endearing personality. You won't be disappointed. And he is just so incredibly adorable with those glasses. Thank you again Clark, you are beyond amazing. :) <3

Clark Kent replied...
Love you man!! <3

to Caleb on 2 November 2018

I truly and honestly believe that Caleb makes the best custom videos on this website. He has almost 200 positive reviews, and there is a reason for that. He can take any roleplay scenario you give him and PERFECT IT. If you have never had a roleplay custom video, but are interested in trying it out, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Caleb! Or if you’re only interested in muscle flexing, his body is sculpted to perfection! I can promise that you won’t regret doing business with him. Also, he is such a nice guy, and he’ll get you your video in a timely manner. I have nothing negative to say about him, he did everything I asked for and far exceeded my expectations. Thank you again Caleb, for such a great experience! You are the best! :)




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James Branson

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Aesthetics boy. Muscle god.

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