Aaron Jay

Hi guys I’m Aaron, I like to flex and please!

30, 185cm (6'1"), 99kg (218 lbs)

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Hi guys I’m Aaron, I like to flex and please!


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About me

Hey guys I’m Aaron from the uk near London... if you are looking for a tall shredded model with a nice British deep voice look no further!

I specialise in general flexing, roleplay and domination!

My prices are very reasonable and Im happy to do nude flexing, although I don’t do live cumshows... providing you are willing to wait a few days I can do custom J/O and cum videos!

I do show my face but usually just wear a hat but seeing my blonde hair can be arranged.

See you all soon!



from Shawn_1978 [554] on 19 March 2020

I just purchased my 3rd custom video from Aaron Jay yesterday and received it today. It's been 3 months since he last did a video for me, and since then his physique has gotten more jacked and ripped than ever before and Aaron was ready and very excited to show it off to me.

His biceps, abs, and pecs were definitely more chiseled and you could see the muscle separation and striations in his quad's and glutes. Aaron knows what his muscle worshippers want and he knows how to tease you with his muscles and flex them to your liking for the ultimate in muscle worship fantasy. Just tell him what fantasy you desire and he will make it happen!

Thanks again, Aaron, for another enjoyable video! Keep up the great work with your bodybuilding! And maybe, someday, if fate permits it, I can worship you for real, and you can really show me what rock hard chiseled muscle is all about! Be safe during this Coronavirus stuff! God Bless!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you Shawn glad to hear all the hard work is paying off :)

from Connor Reece [14] on 24 February 2020

I wasn't sure what to expect from my first show, not only from Aaron but anyone on TBF. After my time with Aaron, I am not sure I will ever be the same. The guy is amazing and took me places I didn't even know my mind wanted to go. I will be returning for more. You should too!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you man I’m really glad I was able to take you there!

from Jaynuke1 [7380] on 17 February 2020

Aaron just sent my 4th custom video. Its truly astonishing that someone's body can look as jacked as he does. He is continuing to improve every day. I always thought perfection was the end of the road but Aaron has proven me wrong.

A great person to deal with and he makes sure to fulfill any request you make. Will do many more videos with Aaron. Highly recommended!!!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you for the continued support and I hope I keep on making even better videos for you :)

from sknywmp44msc01 [20] on 16 February 2020

I just had the honor and absolute privilege to see and witness perfection once again.. I am speechless..Aaron Sir owns me, I am a pathetic useless inferior being to this DemiGod of a Man...the emotions that come over me when i see him are overwhelming...may you only get to experience this as well..i kneel too You Muscle God Aaron and you know that as well.

Aaron Jay replied...
I’m glad you recognise my power!

from smf27 [100] on 14 February 2020

My second fantastic time with Aaron, even better than the first. He's improving!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you I’m really happy you enjoyed it

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Age 30
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 99kg (218 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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