Aaron Jay

Hi guys I’m Aaron, I like to flex and please!

29, 185cm (6'1"), 93kg (205 lbs)

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Hi guys I’m Aaron, I like to flex and please!


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About me

Hi guys for my regular people my skype has been locked and I don’t know if I’ll get it back so please contact my new one in the Skype link (search the username aaronjayBF)

New model here... I’ve recently gained some experience in webcam modelling and am here to give you guys the best show I can... I love to satisfy and am very open to suggestions and happy to do anything from just flexing, dirty talk, muscle worship and domination and big cock cum shows including whatever else floats your boat! I do show my face but I will wear a baseball cap for all usual shows! If you really want to see my blonde hair can be arranged! :)


from beefy4muscle [2145] on 12 January 2020

Wow! What an AMAZING BODY! Just got my first custom from this powerhouse, and it is AWESOME!!!!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much I’m really glad you enjoyed it, looking forward to more scenarios in the future

from lovelats [75] on 1 January 2020

Aaron is absolutely incredible! He did a custom video for me that was exactly as requested, going out of his way - even above and beyond - to deliver on everything he promised. His physique is perfection from his impossibly wide shoulders and chiseled chest, his unbelievable super-ripped abs and veiny peaked biceps all the way down to his massive quads and perfect glutes. He worked the camera well giving me all the best angles and showing off to perfection. And to top it all off he is extremely handsome with gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile.
What makes him so special, however, is how truly charming and respectful he is. He was an absolute delight to work with, always staying in contact and updating me daily, as he was under the weather when we first started talking.
The resulting video is breathtaking, and i look forward to getting more!
Thank you, Aaron for being amazing and inspiring...it is truly an honor to know you!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much I really happy you loved the video! Please be aware I lost my Skype so search aaronjayBF for my new one

from Alimacx [1180] on 31 December 2019

Aaron did a custom vid for me and it absolutely blew my mind. His body was in great shape despite it being the holiday season; huge arms and pecs, shredded abs, dense thick muscle over his entire body. More than that, he delivered exactly the attitude I was looking for, harnessing his alpha nature while still being friendly and welcoming. He's great to work with and got the video made in great time. I'm already planning my next one. A+++

Aaron Jay replied...
I’m really happy you loved the video and thank you for the kind words! Look forward to making the next one even better :)

from Muscle.fan [5] on 16 December 2019

This guy is the real deal he’s the sexiest and most down to earth guy you’ll find. But please be aware that he’s quite busy but he’ll make sure you have a satisfactory show. I was completely satisfied by how large he is and how verbal he gets. Please subscribe to his onlyfans as well

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you man much appreciated I’m glad you enjoyed the show :)

from Shawn_1978 [537] on 16 December 2019

purchased my 2nd custom video from Mr. Aaron Jay this past Friday and received it on Sunday afternoon just like he promised he would. Aaron, now completely well, from his past illness was ready to show off and flex for me, like never before.

He was dressed in a brown leather jacket and the sexiest pair of tight denim jeans he had. Needless to say his big muscular ass made them look incredible on him. Aaron flexed and teased me with his tight chiseled, pumped up, muscular body, knowing that his muscles turn me on and he included lots of sexy talk that kept me turned on while he showed his physique off.

Aaron had the most striated, vascular muscles I've ever seen on anyone with a classic bodybuilder look. His pecs are ripped and full from top to bottom, abs so chiseled and ripped you can grate cheese on them, biceps so defined with incredible peaks, and quads that would make any muscle worshipper with a leg fetish blow their load on the spot! And if a big solid muscle ass is what you like, then Aaron has glutes that you won't want to stop feeling and touching while he flexes them for you. And the funny thing is, I don't think Aaron would mind and may even let you feel his glutes as much as you want to! He obviously has worked hard to attain his physique and I'm sure would love to share every inch of it with any genuine, respectful muscle worshipper out there!

Aaron strives to give the best videos and live shows that he can to his muscle fans. If there's a fantasy or fetish that you're not sure if Aaron is into, then just ask him about it. He is very open minded to ideas and scenarios.

If you want a muscle guy who is not only incredibly handsome, with a classic bodybuilder style ripped physique, along with a beautiful personality to match, and very reasonable rates, then you will have fun with Aaron. I wish I'd met him sooner.

If I ever have the serious honor to muscle worship him, in the flesh, one day, I don't know if I'd be able to handle it. If I get to feel and squeeze his hard glutes, while seeing him looking at me, with his gorgeous blue eyes, flashing that sexy smile of his, I might blow my load before the muscle worship has even really gotten started! That's how incredible I think Aaron is already. If you love all shapes, sizes, and styles of muscle, then you are sure to enjoy everything that this sexy, muscular stud has to offer. I will be coming back to him with more scenarios and ideas for him to play out for me, while showing off his amazing body! Thanks again, Aaron, for another well made video! Can't wait to do more with you! I wish you lots of love and happiness as you pursue your personal and professional dreams that are in your future! God Bless!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you Shawn for the amazing feedback! :) And it’s leg day so let’s keep growing those glutes as much as possible!

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Age 29
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 93kg (205 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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