Aaron Jay

Hi guys I’m Aaron, I’m tall, tanned, shredded and British!

30, 185cm (6'1"), 99kg (218 lbs)

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Hi guys I’m Aaron, I’m tall, tanned, shredded and British!


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About me

Hey guys I’m Aaron from the uk near London... if you are looking for a tall shredded model with a nice British deep voice look no further!

I specialise in general flexing, roleplay and domination!

My prices are very reasonable and Im happy to do nude flexing, although I don’t do live cumshows... providing you are willing to wait a few days I can do custom J/O and cum videos!

I do show my face but usually just wear a hat but seeing my blonde hair can be arranged.

Please read my reviews and if you still have reservations about trusting me and paying up front DO NOT contact me and if you prefer to pay through here expect a 30% increase in price!

See you all soon!



from djmuscleflex [22867] on 17 June 2021

Just received another Custom video and not only was it done perfectly. He surprised me with a twist, which made the story even better. AJ is extremely Sexy and Hot and I have never seen a more ripped man. There is literally no fat that I can see on his body. His friendly attitude, his hot body and extremely ripped physique will leave you speechless. Very Professional and will inform you of a change in plan which is extremely professional.

from DoonB [5653] on 10 April 2021

Got my latest custom from him. Still looking super ripped and damn that boy is big!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you man thanks for your patience

from Plogan50 [680] on 7 April 2021

First show with Aaron, amazing!!! Shredded Body, extremely cooperative guy. .. He likes to show his body and know exactly how to show it!

Aaron Jay replied...
I’m glad you enjoyed our first soon, see you again soon

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 7 April 2021

Received a 2nd Custom Video. Aaron in his 2nd video was absolutely better than the 1st. He really really does listen to your request and tries to give you something better. Like I said before, the amount of shred on his body is absolutely insane. You can absolutely tell that he works hard to maintain his physique and that you can that it is rock hard muscle. I will continue to support him as he is a freaking awesome man to work with on here. Absolutely a superb attitude !!!!

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you again, it’s awesome to have your support... means a lot!

from djmuscleflex [22867] on 2 April 2021

The amount of shred in Aaron's body is absolutely insane. I just received my first custom video from him and I can't quite put into words what I just saw. First he has a deep sexy voice. I love the accent of British men. When he puts oil on his muscles they shine and bring out the true depth of his muscle which is very cut. When he hovers over you, you get the idea of how strong and ripped that he truly is. OH Yea, I think I found my new addiction. He is incredibly professional and a pleasure to deal with, I mean, WOW. Will be back for more Custom Videos.

Aaron Jay replied...
Thanks for the amazing review... means a lot to receive such great feedback and motivates me to get even better

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Age 30
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 99kg (218 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Bodyhair Smooth
Ethnicity White


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