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to Armani Flexxx on 20 January 2020

awesome job

to Ryan Williams on 18 January 2020

A plus. really great video and he is reliable and fast

Ryan Williams replied...
Thank you very much. I’m happy you liked the video

to Tommy flex on 13 May 2019

awesome job and quality and extremely dependable

Tommy flex replied...
Thank You very much! I’m always on my A game!

to Bobby on 31 March 2019

not an avg guy on here. he is amazing at life coaching on top everything.

to Tommy flex on 3 March 2018

Awesome and reliable.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!

to Stud Max Teen on 5 January 2018

10/10 very reliable

to johnnynutz on 4 December 2017


to Hercules Reborn on 7 November 2017

never got my vid

to Tommy flex on 24 September 2017

11 stars out of 10. awesome vids/cams and fast/reliable turnaround time

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you so much!!

to Tommy flex on 16 August 2017

got a vid. fast delivery and awesome content.

Tommy flex replied...
Thank you very much!

to MuscleGod1995 on 13 August 2017

awesome show

to Swoledupmike on 27 June 2017

never got my vid

to Hercules Reborn on 12 June 2017

Awesome and super quick

Hercules Reborn replied...
Chest Bounces

to Jeff Flex on 24 April 2017

awesome. really responsvie and jacked. def recommend 12stars out of 10

to Travis on 15 November 2015


Travis replied...
Bullshit go away

to Muscle God Mike on 21 September 2015


to Aesthetic prince on 22 October 2014

A plus

to Rob Mathis on 16 June 2014