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to theSituation on 13 May 2015

There's so few words that allow me to describe how good this man in. All I can say is - get a show with him - you won't be disappointed.

theSituation replied...
Thank you very much :)

to Matthew James on 5 November 2013

I was lucky enough to meet Matthew in Vegas a few weeks ago. Arranging the appointment was easy - even at short notice - and he showed up right on time.

He's big. In fact, I felt really small just stood next to him in the elevator. And when we got to the room, there's no way my hands were going to reach around those biceps... although I kept trying!

He's also strong. Casually lifting me up with just one arm and throwing me on the bed. I loved it.

He's a really friendly guy too - we chatted as if we had been best friends for years.

And while I hadn't expected a massage, I'm so glad that I said yes. Boy does he know how to use those hands. I would still be laying there now if I could, with his hands and muscles working their magic.

Highly recommended.

Matthew James replied...
Thank you for the kind review! I had a great time with you as well and hope to see you again in the future!

to Musclelover on 5 October 2013

One word - AMAZING.

This guy loves muscles - he's a muscle fan himself - so you know right away that his shows are going to put on a good show.

He's friendly, cocky in a sexy way, ridiculously handsome, and most important, boy does he know how to flex.

100% recommended.

Musclelover replied...
Thanks a lot! Such a nice review. Glad you like my shows as I do like to flex. See you soon!

to musclebeach on 3 September 2013

This man is truly amazing. And what makes him better than the rest, is that he absolutely loves showing off his physique. It's impossible to stop him flexing. Handsome, friendly, and right now - he's ripped like crazy after a competition.

100% recommended. No need to look anywhere else. I'm addicted.

to CockyBoy on 27 May 2013

I have Skyped with this guy many times. 100% recommended. He's incredibly friendly, great to chat with, loves to show off his amazing physique, and very handsome too!

Can't wait until my next show with him :)

CockyBoy replied...
thank you so much buddy apreciat every word on your post.Hugs

to Jay Muscle on 28 April 2013

He's bigger and stronger than you can imagine. A nice guy too. And still so young. He's going to rule the world of bodybuilding from the day he competes.


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