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to the BARBARIANGOD on 4 March 2017

well there is something about this bloke that I love.. he is nice, looks so strong and would love to get my hands on him...

the BARBARIANGOD replied...
thanks mate,looking forward to impress you more..

to MuscleGod1212 on 22 July 2016

the guy is getting ready for a comp and is looking amazing... also is a really nice person to talk to. does what you ask. this was my 5th vid and not the last

MuscleGod1212 replied...
Hell yeah thank you man!!!

to frazermusclegod on 10 July 2016

Just got two videos off this guy and a live show and there is something about his eyes that just pull you in. He is looking great, amazing body, but more than that is a nice bloke. No bull, easy to talk to. knows how to show off the body and I promise you wont be disappointed. has never let me down

frazermusclegod replied...
Haha! blue eyes, always gets attention out nights out, what can I say.. women just cannot resist me, men also :)

to Roy Morris on 11 May 2016

had a show with him this week and he is about a month out from comp.. great shape.. but guys make sure you have the real bloke.. there is a fake out there..

to darkjack on 30 December 2015

Just had a show with this guy and it was like watching an animal in a cage.. He is huge and knows how to show it off.. I don't think he stopped flexing for a moment.... damn he's big.. and did everything I asked.


I will be back

to silverback on 21 August 2015

Had a cam show with this guy and was great.. he asked what I wanted to see and he looks amazing. He's a big bloke and I will def be back for more. Nice person too..

to daniel carter on 16 April 2015

While waiting for my second video from him (11 days and waiting) you need to catch him on a good day. been told he has done it twice and will send that night and still nothing. now is not answering messages on Skype and to be honest im not sure I would believe him if he did. he is good, but starting to think is not worth the effort. if I get my vid with in two weeks I will let you know.. im not getting my hopes up, but I had better get a refund

to Andro Muscle on 28 November 2014

ok.. this guy is special. he has been lifting for years and it shows.. he is the best.. and such a great body... damn.. get a show, is hard to beat

Andro Muscle replied...

to Georgi on 9 September 2014

Have had 3 shows with this guy, the last being a few days ago and now is the best time to catch him. He is huge with massive arms.. You gotta see it. Also did all I asked for, no complaints and no attitude.. will be back for more

to Huge and Hung on 26 July 2014

Was a hot day in London today for the meet up.. I got pinned, lifted, chucked against the wall. Both were dripping by the end. I reckon I hurt more than him... as usual he was a great guy.
I really cant say more than he is the best.. Huge but you feel like you meet a friend.. check him out.....

to Roy Morris on 29 June 2014

Had so many shows and chats with this guy.. he has won all his comps this year in junior and senior.. Also he is cute... no attitude, just a big guy who does a big show....

to BigD on 28 June 2014

Had a show with this guy and he is huge. He is just getting back in to doing shows, but is def worth having a look. not only massive but a nice person too. Been a fan for a few years and is now looking amazing.. will be back

to Huge and Hung on 25 March 2014

Managed to see Jay last time he was in London.. As usual was really nervous turning up, heart pounding... As soon as you meet him all is fine. Talk for a bit, then the fun starts. He really is huge and rock hard. Loves to show all the hard work that has gone into that body and no attitude. Don't sit there and think about it, meet this guy or get a show.. I promise you will want another.. all ready booked for next time he Is in town..

to Joshua Armstrong on 26 February 2014

Got a video and wow. quality was amazing, did everything I asked for and delivered on time.. Great body and really nice person.. will be back for more

Joshua Armstrong replied...
wow thank you very kind there mate i loved making it :)

to MarkFlexberg on 23 February 2014

looks great, really nice guy.. can see that a lot of hard work gone into that body and didn't stop flexing for the whole show.. really worth a show :):):)

to musclepunisher on 19 February 2014

have met up with this guy many times... he is amazing and a great person. great cam shows too.. get a show with him guys you wont regret it...

musclepunisher replied...
Thx man :)

to Andrew on 1 January 2014

known this guy for over a year.. never let me down and always performed.. real nice guy... and works so hard.. you wont regret it

to Huge and Hung on 8 December 2013

Met jay again today.. asked if I could get a more domination hour. He wore an amazing jock and I got to oil him up.. after that he killed me, the guy is soo strong and is soo nice with it. no attitude at all.. if you want big muscle then please look no further. he is a nice bloke and I dare you to find a guy with more muscle.. I will be back

to the BARBARIANGOD on 28 November 2013

Had a cam show from this guy.. He really knows to flex and show off. The guy is huge.. Well worth getting a show..

the BARBARIANGOD replied...
thanks Fob,i cant wait to flex hard and show off for you again!

to Huge and Hung on 29 October 2013

Well saw Jay on Sat afternoon, and the pics don't do him justice.. Just stood there in shock at the size of this guy. However once you talk to him you realise he's a really nice person. Not a drop of attitude, but a massive body. He easy pressed me like I was a pillow, will def go back as he needs to be appreciated.. top guy

to Adonis on 28 September 2013

been a fan for ages and managed to get a show... is amazing. real hot and a nice person.. you will love it

Adonis replied...
Thx a lot,hope to see u soon :)

to Roy Morris on 12 September 2013

Had a show today.. Best shape I have ever seen him in.. Total muscle god, and a nice guy too. you will love it....

to Kane on 27 July 2013

Just had a show with this guy.. Really nice person, and an amazing body.. Wow....

to Roy Morris on 2 July 2013

Wasn't sure, but after the other comments I thought I would get a cam.. He's about 10 weeks out at the moment and looking amazing..

Looks great and has kept the size so far..

Had a great show.. Really worth it..

to Lazar The Bodybuilder on 1 July 2013

Had a show with him last night.. He is huge and ripped. Really nice person to talk to as well.. Amazing arms on this person. Will be back for more soon, that's for sure

Lazar The Bodybuilder replied...
Thank you also my friend.I,ll always love to do my best in our shows,that s sure thing ! Tumb up !


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