daniel carter


24, 176cm (5'9"), 94kg (207 lbs)

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About me

my name is daniel from denver colorado. i love flexing showing off my body! i enjoy complements so dont be afraid to tell me what you think! i am a body builder and do compete. http://onlyfans.com/steel


from msclelover [286] on 24 October 2020

Managed to catch Daniel on Thursday for a show - as amazing as ever. He’s in great shape, so easy to deal with and an excellent show to boot. Hopefully not too long before the next one.

from muscledbody [215] on 21 August 2020

Daniel is stunning. From his truly incredible muscular body that is nothing less than that of a Greek god's, to his friendliness and playfulness while on cam, to his goofy smile that melts your heart, Daniel has it all! He is a solid, handsome, and hot guy all around. Purchasing some of his videos from TBF was definitely worth it... and then some. Extremely satisfied customer. I wish nothing but the best of happiness for him!

from twinkyboy7 [395] on 4 August 2020

He doesnt seem interested, sent him money and never got my purchase.

from Wiggy [355] on 4 August 2020

Update from previous events: he has removed my comments on his onlyfans pages so others cannot see. Have only gotten one response in two months saying he was now working full time but would eventually get it. Besides that, completely ghosted even though onlyfans and Skype shows that he has read my messages.

Will update or remove when this is resolved. Until then, stay away!

from atrbg20 [390] on 3 August 2020

Similarly, did not receive a custom video I paid $100 for. Nearly 3 months have passed and all I've gotten has been the occasional "I'll get to it"

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Age 24
Height 176cm (5'9")
Weight 94kg (207 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bodyhair Some
Ethnicity White


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