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to Rediel Hardford on 19 November 2020

Purchased a custom video from Rediel. He was professional and courteous , delivered my video promptly. Smooth transaction.

Rediel Hardford replied...
thank u, i hope do another custom video for u soon

to Shawn on 19 November 2020

Purchased a custom video from Shawn. He was professional and courteous , delivered my video promptly. Smooth transaction.

Shawn replied...
It’s always my pleasure. Thanks a lot to you

to Joe Muscle on 6 November 2020

Arranged a custom video with Joe. Spent quite a bit of time to discuss the video details with him, and we both agreed that the video would be delivered in one day. Two weeks later , nothing. Big time waster.

Joe Muscle replied...
You sent me no money ... so i don’t know why you are so upset... u should understand I don’t want to record that video.. If i did any mistake and u sent me money , But the video has not been delivered until now, please write me on Skype , or send me an email .. I can refund ur money . I’m sorry for this issue even though I don’t think that this is true.. by the way , please contact me , so I can refund ur money asap if K made any mistake.. Thank you! Have a nice day .

to Adonis Muscle on 23 October 2020

Purchased a custom video , and the video was delivered very promptly, smooth transaction

Adonis Muscle replied...
Thank you !!

to Rafael Muscle on 22 October 2020

Rafael approached me and told me he has a video that I would be interested in purchasing. After payment, it became clear that the video he sent me has nothing to do with the video description he told me about at the time of payment. And he then just sent me some random, low quality clips that I have 0 interest in. I should have looked at his other negative review before dealing with him, because he apparently has been doing this bait and switch thing for a while now. Scammer alert and I would strongly advise to stay away.

Rafael Muscle replied...
This client wanted a video with snoring, I told him that he is a corona and I will make him a video instead of 50 € for 18 $ the price which is the best who can offer for the video. I sent him a video that fulfilled everything, I also have the evidence that I will document here, and after I sent you here, I sent an extra 10-minute video that I didn't even have to send here just to make him happy. Clients who have my experience know that I am not a thief and have a good experience with me I have 2 bad reviews out of 20 you can see that I am the cheater heeh

to Bryan Long on 14 October 2020

Have been trying to arrange a custom video with Bryan since last year. Last week he reached out to me and told me he finally can do my video, but while discussing the video details, he disappeared again. One week later, he told me he could not do my video because he received too many requests AFTER mine. Given his positive reviews, you would expect him to be more professional than this , but my experience in this past year suggested otherwise.

to Xander on 14 October 2020

Purchased a custom video from Xander. Overall a smooth transaction but there was some minor issue with the video.

Xander replied...
Thank u bro! Please, let me know what happened on skype To fix the problem!

to Ford Muscle on 14 October 2020

Purchased a custom video from FM. Overall a good experience. Subtracting one star because the video didn’t fully meet the specification.

to Tim Nash on 14 October 2020

He delivered my custom video on the same day..

Tim Nash replied...
Thank u bro

to Deivvy on 14 October 2020

Purchased a custom video from David, there was some technical issue in the beginning, but he took the time to resolve the problem. Would recommend him to the community

to Robert Flex on 24 September 2020

Purchased a custom video from Robert , and he delivered on the same day!

to Max Viera on 17 September 2020


My second custom video from him, and the quality is consistent

to Kevin Muscle on 13 September 2020

Tried to purchase a custom video from Kevin, but he canceled the transaction because I did not send PayPal payment as friends and family. I later on decided not to proceed further. This is more of a 3.5 star rating because I did get my money back, but I just wish he could be more honest.

Kevin Muscle replied...
I'm really sorry. I'm glad you finally got your money back. I don't want to fool my people. their opinion matters a lot and be satisfied. I'm sorry again

to Str8_flexn87 on 11 September 2020

Purchased a custom video. He was courteous and professional , delivered my video in time.

to Greekgod on 7 September 2020

After taking my money last year, this dude had the audacity to approach me again this month and asked me to purchase another custom video. This time his bait was that he could do it for half of the price that I paid for the last video (which I never received), to make up for the money I lost last time. But of course he did not deliver again. Be careful of this scammer and don’t trust anything he says.

to Muscle Bear on 3 September 2020

Purchased a custom video from MB. As the previous reviewer mentioned, he looks nothing like his profile pictures... I don’t know how long ago these photos were taken, but when I asked him if his profile photos are current before payment, he lied and told me yes. Worst of all, not only did it take him one week to make the video, he also delivered a video completely different from what we agreed on. Then instead of working on resolving the issue, he just blocked me. Would really appreciate it if Dan can verify the accuracy of photos that models post on their profiles...A completely disastrous experience and i would advise to stay away..

Muscle Bear replied...
Hey I sent you the video and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me

to Max Viera on 27 August 2020


Purchased a custom video from Max. His muscle thickness appears to be more impressive in the video than on his profile pictures, overall a smooth transaction

to Michael Bradley on 27 August 2020

I don’t remember how many videos I have purchased from Michael, but this one is even better than the ones I have bought from him in the past :)

to Ricky Cruz on 27 August 2020

Purchased a custom video from Ricky. He first gave me a wrong PayPal email address, fortunately I caught the error before sending the payment. After finally sending the payment to the correct address , he first told me he never received the payment. Of course I knew that’s a lie because his transaction is listed right in my PayPal activity page. After showing him my PayPal summary , he then changed his narrative and told me he received the payment, but needs one week for the fund to clear. When asking him to cancel the transaction, he refused. Extremely unprofessional, and potential scammer alert. Stay away.

Ricky Cruz replied...
I'm not a lier. Really that money never arrived.. if you want write me and can find a solution but i told you I'm not a liar. You said sent money but never arrived.

to Spanish Fitness on 16 August 2020

Purchased a custom video from Spanish fitness, unfortunately, the video he delivered is completely different from what we agreed on. Stay away.

Spanish Fitness replied...
The video was exactly what he wanted and after sending it , he threatens to post a bad review if I don't refund the money. This is precisely the reason why from now on the price of the videos will be $ 200, so I avoid this type of toxic people. Fzpanda and alain6901 are not good customers, stay away.

to David Big on 10 August 2020

Purchased a custom video from David, and it was a smooth transaction

to Tony Mo on 29 July 2020

Purchased a custom video from this model . He delivered timely as promised.

to Dwayne on 22 July 2020

Purchased a couple of custom videos from him, he was courteous and delivered my videos timely

Dwayne replied...
See you next time , thank you

to Vlad Pumpy on 18 July 2020

Purchased a custom video from Vlad. He delivered timely and was responsive throughout.

Vlad Pumpy replied...
Thank you very much! It was a pleasure working with you!

to Peca0073 on 7 July 2020

Purchased a custom video from pecan. He was courteous and professional, delivered my video the next day.

to Enzo Farrell on 4 July 2020

Purchased a custom video from Enzo. He was courteous and polite. I received my video the next day.

to Black Muscles on 27 June 2020

Ordered a custom video from this model. He was courteous and reliable. Delivered my video timely.

Black Muscles replied...
Muito obrigado.

to Vadim Bright on 19 June 2020

Purchased my second custom from Vadim. Another perfect transaction.

to Carl on 19 June 2020

Received my second custom from Carl. As he promised, even better than the first one.

to DanieleXX on 18 June 2020

Purchased a custom video from Daniel with PayPal (for the reviewer below, yes, he does have PayPal ). He only sent half of the video to me, and promised to deliver the rest in a few days, but months later , nothing. I wrote a review about this, he begged me to take it down and promised again to deliver in 2 days. I removed my review, but weeks later, nothing; so I have to put my neg review back. Highly unreliable and not to be trusted.

DanieleXX replied...
Fake rewiwew

to Carl on 14 June 2020

Purchased a custom video from Carl. He was courteous, professional and delivered a quality video timely. Highly recommend.

to Vadim Bright on 10 June 2020

Purchased a custom video video from vadim. He was reliable and professional, delivered my video timely.

to Father Ivan on 7 June 2020

I have purchased several custom videos from Ivan already. He has always been reliable and consistently delivered my videos in a timely fashion. On top of his great personality, his muscle mass is lean and well defined. I would recommend him to the fan community.

to Luk Cage on 6 June 2020

Purchased a couple of custom videos from Luk and It has been a pleasure. He is professional, reliable, patient, and courteous throughout. Not to mention that he also has a great physique. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to the fan community.

Luk Cage replied...
Thanks ????

to Bodyouwant on 5 June 2020

Fast delivery of my custom video . Taking a point off because there are some issues of the video, but they are not deal breakers .

Bodyouwant replied...
Thanks man all the best

to Arthur Herid on 26 May 2020

Arthur is one of the best models I have worked with so far at thebestflex. Not only does he have a great physique- he is also extremely reliable and professional, and delivered my custom video in one day. I would not hesitate to recommend him to the fan community.

Arthur Herid replied...
you don't know how happy i am when i read such reviews, thanks a lot!

to ShreddedAF123 on 25 May 2020

Tried to arrange a custom video with this model. He initially asked for 500, but we negotiated down to 50. Then, while discussing video details, he first told me he does nudity, 10 minutes later, he told me he doesn’t, which is a dealbreaker for me. Complete time waster and seems to be someone who can’t make up his mind. does not appear to be a reliable guy.

to WhiteKing on 22 May 2020

I contacted Dima via email as he requested below, because he took my payment last year and never delivered. 3 month later, nothing happened.

to Elvis Martinez on 22 May 2020

Easy to work with, quick delivery. Smooth transaction

to Mark Magnus on 2 May 2020

It was a pleasure working with Mark again. He was professional, attentive to details and delivered my custom videos timely. I would recommend him to the fans.

Mark Magnus replied...
U r welcome and enjoy

to Horny Muscle on 18 April 2020

Sorry Radu, my math is bad. You sent me 40% of my video instead of 1/3. Apologies.

Horny Muscle replied...
Thx anyway FOR YOUR review.

to Horny Muscle on 15 April 2020

Purchased a custom video from this model. He sent me one third of it. Initially, he promised to send the rest of the video the following day. The next day, in the morning , he said he sent the file, and then in the afternoon, he asked me what my email address is?! After wasting another two weeks with, still no video. Not a reliable guy and stay away.

Horny Muscle replied...
Very good done...on third?think about one more time:)Thx for this review.You guys,The buyers ARE ALWAYS RIGHT:D

to Airon on 13 April 2020

Purchased my first custom from Airon. He was courteous, professional and delivered my video in a few hours.

to Marco Badass on 11 April 2020

Unfortunately my second experience with Marco isn’t as great as the first one. He previously committed to a price for the our 2nd video. But when he finally becomes available, he wanted to increase the price, and the only reason is he has now new pricing. The price increase is still within what I can accept, but I decided not to move forward because that’s just not the best practice for doing business.

to Geno on 8 April 2020

Purchased a custom video from Geno. He was easy to work with, reliable, and delivered my video promptly. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.

Geno replied...
Thanks my man! :)

to Michael Bradley on 5 April 2020

My third custom of the week, and again it turned out flawlessly. Enough said.

to Ken Ford on 4 April 2020

Purchased my second custom from Ken, he again delivered very quickly and flawlessly.

to MarkFitt on 3 April 2020

Just purchased my second custom from Mark. He again delivered a high quality video within hours. Can’t recommend him more !

to Latin Bull on 2 April 2020

As a follow up to my last review. Another month had passed by, no refund, no follow up from him, no videos. Instead, I got lies after lies. Posted our chat history below because I know he will lie even more, Stay away!

Latin Bull replied...
Again, you tell me refund or paypla dispute for you 25.00 dollars which was NOT requested or submitted via the Best Flex Network. As you can see all other reviews are 5 start. I will also ask for this to be deleted

to MarkFitt on 1 April 2020

Great guy to work with . Reliable and friendly. Promptly delivered my custom video. Highly recommend

to Michael Bradley on 29 March 2020

This guy is simply amazing, received my 2nd custom video, and will certainly be getting more .

to Michael Bradley on 26 March 2020

Professional and easy to work with. Delivered my custom video in just a few hours.. highly recommend

to Latin Bull on 16 March 2020

Purchased a custom video from this model. At the time of payment, he promised to deliver on the same day. One month later, nothing. Then he promised to refund, weeks and weeks later, nothing. Stay away if you don’t want to lose your money, scammer alert !

Latin Bull replied...
As you know it takes time for a paypal refund to process. I advise you I would process by Friday

to BorisRomanov on 14 March 2020

Purchased a custom video from Boris . He delivered quickly, however his physique looks very different from the pictures. I’m guessing he is in the bulking phase.

to Alpha Kade on 13 March 2020

It had been a pleasure to work with Dalton. He was attractive, professional and delivered my custom video promptly. Highly recommend

to Marco Badass on 29 February 2020

Ordered a custom video with Marco. He is reliable and easy to work with. Delivered my video in one day what we agreed on. Highly recommend.

to Big Cristi on 28 February 2020

Purchased a custom video from Cristi. At the time of payment, he stated that the video will be delivered in 3-4 hrs, however, one week later, excuses after excuses; and no video in sight. Highly unreliable and doesn’t appear to be genuine. Scammer alert.

to WhiteKing on 7 February 2020

An update from my last review..Two months later, still have not received my video. All messages and emails were ignored. He apparently is still active on tbf since he just updated his profile today. Stay away!

WhiteKing replied...
Write me again.

to Alex Hale on 30 January 2020

Purchased a custom video from Alex . He was reliable and prompt in delivery. Highly recommend

Alex Hale replied...

to Andy Fit on 30 January 2020

Purchased a custom video from Andy. He is easy to talk to and delivered my video very promptly. Highly recommended.

to Alinn WoW on 21 January 2020

Purchased a custom video from him. His physique is impressive and he delivered very quickly

Alinn WoW replied...
hug gr8 thing anytime

to Harry on 21 January 2020

Contacted Harry for a custom video. He was patient and courteous during the whole process. Easy to work with.

to Ryan Williams on 19 January 2020

It was a pleasure working with Ryan on my custom video. He was down to earth, reliable, and kept me informed throughout. His professionalism is one of the highest out of hundreds of models I worked with so far at tbf.

Ryan Williams replied...
Wow man that’s so awesome to hear. I strive for my clients comfort and satisfaction

to Big Kenny on 18 January 2020

Tried to arrange a custom video with Ken. Everything seemed to go well until I asked him to confirm the video requirements that he had already agreed to before I sent the payment, at which point I was told that I made things too complicated for too little money. Although a little disappointing, I m also glad that we didn’t move forward with this. Could definitely spend my 70 bucks somewhere else better than getting a subpar video, which seems to be quite likely of what I will be getting.

to TheDoughboy97 on 18 January 2020

Quick delivery on my custom video.

to Asmodeus on 6 January 2020

Purchased a custom video from him. Easy to work with and very professional. Smooth transaction.

Asmodeus replied...
Cheers man.

to Bogdan on 24 December 2019


Arranged a custom video with Bogdan. His translator was not perfect, so we had some major communication issues. But he is a genuine guy, and I think he tried his best in the video. if you have some simple request, I will recommend him.

to MuscleStud93 on 24 December 2019

After spending quite a bit of time discussing a custom video with Mike, he just disappeared and left me hanging without telling me if he could still do the video or not. Lack of professionalism and wasted my time.

to Ken Ford on 17 December 2019

Purchased a custom video from Ken. He is very prompt in delivering and kept me informed throughout. Highly recommended.

to Calin God on 17 December 2019

Purchased a custom video from him, he delivered a completely different video. I contacted him for resolution, but unfortunately received no response.

Calin God replied...
Wtf i dont even talk with you never,lol

to Mountain Dog on 16 December 2019

Great guy to work with. Speedy delivery, smooth transaction.

to Aaron Jay on 14 December 2019

Got another custom video from Aaron. The video is even better than the last time. Completely satisfied.

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much I’m happy it met your needs! :)

to Daniel_fit on 13 December 2019

Another perfect transaction with daniel on custom video.

to WhiteKing on 10 December 2019

Purchased a custom video from this model. Never heard from him again right after payment. Tried both email and Skype, no response. Its now clear to me why he created three different profiles here in the last couple of months. Scammer alert!

WhiteKing replied...

to JohnnyCreator on 4 November 2019

Bought another custom video from Johnny. And I was again a satisfied customer.

JohnnyCreator replied...
Thank you very much.

to Wayne on 31 October 2019

Ordered a 100 eu custom from this model. For this price , you would expect some type of professionalism. But nope, the next day, I was told he can only do half of the video, which I agreed to; then the following day, I was told that he can’t even do half that day, but he will film the next day. One week after, nothing. I gave him 2 stars instead of 1 because he refunded 80% of my payment. But what a joke and time waster !

Wayne replied...
I sent u back all money and i explained u i cant do your request !!!

to Max Hardy on 27 October 2019

One of the nicest guys here at tbf. Prompt delivery, smooth transaction

to Kanyebieber on 27 October 2019

Quick delivery. Smooth transaction

Kanyebieber replied...
Thanks you sir

to Alex Boyka on 26 October 2019

His pricing is ok to me, but just very rude and not easy to work with.

to Tom H on 22 October 2019

Still waiting for Tom to deliver my latest video after almost a year now. he has become more and more unreliable.

to Six Pack Matty on 21 October 2019

Purchased another custom video from him. No issues, smooth transaction.

to JuicyJ on 7 September 2019

Ordered a custom video, the video he delivered looks nothing like what we agreed on at the time of payment. Moreover, the resolution is so terrible that the 10 min video is only 24mb in size. Instead of working with me to resolve the issue, he just blocked me. To be fair, he is not a scammer; just a cammer with a horrible camera and who doesn’t care what he delivers

JuicyJ replied...
sorry you feel that way but I have tons of other videos that I've sent and had no issues. I didn't block you, you were being unreasonable. But again you can't please everyone. Dude wanted a film production type deal

to Gunnar Stone on 7 September 2019

Friendly to work with, and delivered my custom quickly

to Nick Masterfield on 20 August 2019

Purchased a custom video from Nick. Prompt delivery, smooth transaction

to Aaron Jay on 10 August 2019

Ordered a somewhat difficult custom video from Aaron. He was easy to interact with and truly a professional. Highly recommended

Aaron Jay replied...
Thank you so much for your kind words, I will always do my best to try and make it right!

to Bernard on 7 August 2019


Delivered my custom video as promised again. Highly recommended

to EvanHoti on 27 July 2019

Purchased another custom from Evan. Super fast delivery. Smooth transaction

EvanHoti replied...
thank you so much

to RyanMoon2 on 27 July 2019

Super fast delivery. Smooth transaction. Highly recommend

to Niko on 7 July 2019

Bought a custom from Niko. Great experience.

to Narcissus on 7 July 2019

Bought another custom . Happy with my purchase

to Daniel_fit on 7 July 2019

Bought my 2nd custom. Again very happy with my purchase.

to quadgod on 4 July 2019


Smooth transaction. Prompt delivery

to Daniel_fit on 28 June 2019

Purchased a custom video from Daniel , and he delivered very quickly. Looks great in cam. Highly recommend.

to Six Pack Matty on 25 June 2019

Received a great custom video from Matt. He looks even better in the video than in his profile pictures. Professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend.

to JohnnyCreator on 21 June 2019

I bought another three videos from Johnny. He again quickly delivered them. Highly recommended

JohnnyCreator replied...
Thank you brother! I am overwhelmed with admiration, as I once did, that fate brought us together.

to Parker on 19 June 2019

Completely trustworthy guy. Fast delivery. Huge overall. Will certainly be buying more

to Greekgod on 11 June 2019

To follow up on my previous review- almost two months later, still nothing. When contacted, he was either at work or on vacation, and always promised to send the video “soon”. I have given up on this constantly lying “alpha” at this point, avoid like a plague.

to JohnnyCreator on 6 June 2019

Another perfect custom video from Johnny. Will certainly be buying more.

JohnnyCreator replied...
Thank you very much! You the best.

to MadMax25 on 2 June 2019

Bought my second custom from max. Again, smooth transaction and perfect quality video. Highly recommended

to True Alpha on 30 May 2019

Bought my second custom with him. He again delivered very quickly.

True Alpha replied...
Time management

to Antonio.Ricky on 27 May 2019

My second custom video from this model. Fast delivery and smooth transaction. Highly recommended

Antonio.Ricky replied...
Thank you so much man ????????

to Kevin King on 27 May 2019

Bought my second custom from him. He is again very patient and did everything I asked for.

to JohnnyCreator on 24 May 2019

Fast delivery and smooth transaction of high quality video. Highly recommended.

JohnnyCreator replied...
Thank you. I really wanted to do everything as agreed!) And a little more))

to True Alpha on 24 May 2019

Fast delivery of my custom. Smooth transaction

True Alpha replied...
I always do what i say !

to MadMax25 on 22 May 2019

Smooth transaction, ripped body. Highly recommended!

to Kevin King on 20 May 2019

Easy to work with , great personality, super fast delivery of high quality videos. Highly recommended.

to Calin God on 17 May 2019

Calin approached me on skype and told me that has a video that I would be interested in. Right after payment, it became obvious that he didn’t have the video, and was just making up the details about the video such that he could take my payment. A couple of days later, he sent me a video that is completely different from what we agreed on and not what I would be interested in buying at all. And apparently he had no interest in fixing the issue either. So, if you are looking for a liar and cheater with no integrity, look no further, you have found the perfect guy.

to Greekgod on 8 May 2019

As what the previous reviewer stated, unfortunately this model has turned into a scammer. Paid for a custom video, never received it, all communication was ignored right after payment. I made sure that I was talking to the actual person and not an imposter. Full Skype transcript available. Stay away from him if you don’t want to lose your money.

to Rich forever on 6 May 2019

Fast delivery. Smooth transaction

to Muscle Hunk on 28 April 2019

I purchased a custom video from him. Speedy delivery with high quality video. Highly recommend.

Muscle Hunk replied...
Thank you very much, hope to get more requests from you. S.

to Narcissus on 12 April 2019

Smooth transaction

to Joshua on 7 April 2019

Bought 3 videos from him, prompt delivery.

Joshua replied...
With pleasure !!

to SuperShape on 6 April 2019

Bought my second video. Smooth transaction.

to Roy Morris on 3 April 2019

following up on my previous review - one year after payment , I have not received my video from Roy. I have been trying to communicate with him on Skype and email, 0 response. I’m surprised that his profile is still here given how many people lost money to him , looking at the 1 star reviews below

to DarioDeMarco on 24 March 2019


Speedy delivery. Smooth transaction.

to Kane on 24 March 2019

A follow up from my previous review- 9 months after payment , nothing from Kane. Tried email, Skype , and what’s app as the other user suggested, nothing. Of course I made sure payment went to the real Kane, and as other fans indicated, they got several videos from Kane before getting scammed, so obviously they couldn’t have possibly been talking the wrong person. The fact that Kane no longer responds to negative feedbacks should give people a pretty good idea of what is really going on.

to Denis Ewerest on 19 March 2019

Smooth transaction. No complaints.

to Marc105100 on 9 March 2019

Arranged a custom video with this model. He said he would deliver the next day, but haven’t heard back from him, and it has been one week.

Marc105100 replied...
Sir I'm sorry I completely forgot, well I can't do you an erotic show just showing the muscles, what you sent the money I will return to you, did you send them to me?

to SuperShape on 22 February 2019

Bought a custom video from this model. Fast delivery. Easy communication. Perfect physique.

to AngelinoBoy on 19 February 2019

This is a late review. But I bought a custom fro this model, and was happy with it, although it did take longer than expected to deliver.

to Atlas on 19 February 2019

Bought a video from him. Speedy delivery and good communication. Highly recommended.

Atlas replied...
Thanks for your review, the more next week i have a show so , i train so hard now to become like a real god :)

to MarkFlexberg on 19 February 2019

Bought a custom video from him. There was some issue with the video, but he offered to remake it. Good guy to work with .

to Jay Felix on 19 February 2019

Bought several videos from him. Always speedy and reliable delivery.

Jay Felix replied...
Thanks so much Fz! Feels good to be back!

to Muscular Titan on 19 February 2019

I bought two videos from him, and I was happy with both . He is also easy to communicate with. Overall a trustworthy guy. Highly recommended.

Muscular Titan replied...
Thank you! new videos are coming up soon. Stay close.

to Andrew on 19 February 2019

Speedy delivery . Smooth transaction

Andrew replied...
Thank you

to Joshua Armstrong on 19 February 2019

Josh was very patient in making my video, and constantly kept me updated on the progress. Highly recommended.

to Master Marcus on 19 February 2019

I bought a video from him, and he delivered.

to Tomas Mach on 19 February 2019

I bought a few custom videos from Tom. It took him some time to deliver, but I enjoyed my videos.

to Antonio.Ricky on 14 February 2019

Super fast delivery. One star deducted for low quality camera. Hopefully that can be improved in the future.

Antonio.Ricky replied...
Thank you :*

to AlexTopaz on 12 February 2019

He somehow doesn’t look as big as in his profile pictures. But Seems to be a nice guy and eager to please.

AlexTopaz replied...
Thank you, I'm big now and keep growing wide.

to Ivanyakutin on 2 February 2019

Like the previous reviewer mentioned, it is impossible to communicate with this model. I was trying to arrange a custom video with him, but all he did was to direct me to another website to purchase videos I’m not at all interested in. A complete waste of time.

to HUGEALPHABEAST on 30 January 2019

Bought a few videos from this guy, fast delivery. Smooth transaction.

to Kane on 21 January 2019

6 months later after I placed my order for a custom video, I received nothing. Scammer alert.

to molertm on 19 January 2019


to DrewFitt on 23 December 2018

Drew is a very busy, but I was finally able to arrange a custom video with him, and was happy with the quality of the video. Highly recommended.

DrewFitt replied...
Glad you liked the video and hope you come back for more!

to Clark Kent on 5 December 2018

I bought two custome videos from him, Super quick delivery. Great experience with him

to Mark Magnus on 25 November 2018

Smooth transaction. Delivered in time

to BeardKing22 on 25 November 2018

Fast delivery. Smooth transaction. Trustworthy guy.

BeardKing22 replied...

to GinD on 4 October 2018

Super fast delivery. Very easy to work with. Great video. A trustworthy guy. Highly recommended.

to Max Flex God on 4 October 2018

Super fast delivery. Very easy to work with. A trustworthy guy. Highly recommend

to Jacob Greene on 3 October 2018

I had exactly the same experience with Jacob as danielradmon. Had to go through PayPal to recover my loss. The funny part is Jacob blamed me for his inability to deliver the video, and blocked me for that.

Jacob Greene replied...
that happened about 2 months ago approximately. simply when it is a video sleeping you can not control remaining naked if it is cold in the room. and try at the time of writing a review do not destroy. If we do not contribute to make someone else's dreams come true, we will not be an obstacle to his own effort. This is a negative review but you have published 3 for a single problem that unraveled with your refund. I wish you success in everything you undertake even when I did not have the opportunity to meet you. Hugs

to RAMONDAVOS on 23 September 2018

Placed a custom video order with him. His video was very different from my specifications, but he offered to give a discount on my 2nd video to rectify the situation. When I did approached him nicely for the 2nd video, he didn’t only refuse to honor the discount , but also went crazy and started to verbally attack me. Extremely rude and lacks the most basic professionalism. Do not recommend.

RAMONDAVOS replied...

to daniel carter on 22 September 2018

Speedy delivery, easy to work with.

daniel carter replied...

to EvanHoti on 19 September 2018

Speedy delivery. HD video. Recommended

EvanHoti replied...
Thank you

to Niko on 16 September 2018

Speedy delivery. Very easy to work with. Highly recommended

to Andrewfitness on 21 August 2018

Requested a custom video from Andrew. He screwed it up, but offered to rectify the situation by giving me a discount on my 2nd video. When I did approach him for 2nd video, he was no longer willing to honor his promise and price. Not a trustworthy guy.

Andrewfitness replied...
I dont undertand you

to markusshowcam on 16 August 2018

Speedy delivery. Had some trouble with communication first, but I was happy with the custom video

markusshowcam replied...

to MostMuscular84 on 14 August 2018

Very professional and easy to work with. Delivered everything as promised. Highly recommend.

to Max Wood on 11 August 2018

Super fast delivery. Good communication. Smooth transaction

to Jacob Greene on 10 August 2018

I finally was able to connect with Jacob to do a custom video this time, but had an even worse experience than last time. One month after payment, excuse after excuse, I still have not yet received the video. Had to go through PayPal to recover my payment

to Danbodybuilder on 9 July 2018

Bought two custom videos from this guy. Very professional and rates are quite reasonable. Definitely made me a happy customer.

Danbodybuilder replied...
Glad to be of service, my friend

to MuscleGod11 on 8 July 2018

very easy to work with. Next day delivery. Highly recommended

to Kane on 1 July 2018

I was fooled by Kane’s positive reviews from a few years ago and chose to ignore his recent negative review, big mistake! Placed an order for a custom video two weeks ago, and he immediately stopped responding to emails and messages after payment.

I requested a preview from him, and saw that my payment went to his email account listed on TBF, so I am damn sure it was really him, and not an imposter. So please do not tell me , Kane , that I was talking to another person, or there is a misunderstanding, or bullshits like that.

I will also leave a neg review on flex4cash and other sites, and inform admins to put him on the sites’ blacklist such that more people will be aware of this scammer. Stay away from him!

Kane replied...
Oh! You are that guy wanted free shows in exchange of goo reviews....

to robertinho on 17 June 2018

Ordered and paid for a custom video a month ago. One month later, still have not received my video. I also asked for a preview and am sure that it was really him!

to musclekiller on 1 June 2018

Quick delivery, smooth transaction

to Peter Russell on 30 May 2018

Pleasure to work with. Plan to get my 3rd video soon.

Peter Russell replied...
Thank you man!!

to BrutalMuscleGod on 29 May 2018

Easy to work with. Super speedy delivery. Very professional. Highly recommended.

BrutalMuscleGod replied...
Thx you Bro .new stuff make my custom videos batter quolity ))

to Jacob Greene on 18 May 2018

Agreed to do a video , and agreed on the price. Never heard back from him again, and all inquiries were ignored. Lack the basic professionalism and wasted my time.

to Bernard on 26 April 2018

Super speedy delivery, easy to work with. Very happy with my purchase. Will certainly come back for more videos.

to Roy Morris on 28 March 2018

I was fooled by his recent positive reviews and thought he has changed, but boy was I wrong. Requested a custom video nearly three weeks ago, still have not received, and he stopped responding to messages almost right after payment. Do not trust him with your money. And yes, Roy, I double checked the Skype ID, and even asked for a preview before placing the order, so I know it was really you! Full Skype transcript available upon request.

to jean paul on 4 March 2018

My experience with jp so far has been quite positive. Speedy delivery , very responsive, and easy to work with.

jean paul replied...
thx so much i hope u enjoy the vid.

to agaesthetics on 24 February 2018

One of the best at TBF. Speedy , reliable, and responsive. Easy to work with. High recommend.

agaesthetics replied...
Highly appreciated and really anticipating to do more w u :)

to roidpig on 8 December 2017

I usually do not write positive reviews, but this guy definitely deserves it. Speedy delivery of studio quality video, easy to work with. Highly recommended,

roidpig replied...
Thanks, man!

to Big Kenny on 20 August 2017

Waited a month for a custom video. Never received the video, and almost 0 communication. 3star is for the refund.

to CockyBoy on 29 May 2017

Alex used to be a reliable guy until recently. Bought several custom vid from him, but the last one was a disaster. Waited two months for the delivery, and the video was completely different from what i requested. Will be happy to provide evidence upon request. Please don't tell me that I added the wrong skype account , Alex. As I mentioned, I have ordered several videos from this account already, so please stop insulting both your intelligence and mine.

to Natural on 24 February 2017

Very friendly. Easy to communicate. Extremely quick delivery of my custom video. Hot physique. Highly recommend.

Natural replied...
Thanks :)))))

to HornyAlphaBoy on 7 January 2017

I purchased two custom videos from HAB. Easy to work with, friendly, and very responsive to Skype messages. We had some communication issue with the first video, but the second video is great and exceeds my expectations. Highly recommended.

to Tom H on 7 January 2017

I bought 8 custom videos from this model, 7 under the name of JohnnyD and one under the name TomH. JohnnyD was great, very responsive and always delivered, but with Tom, there was just endless frustration. Three months since I placed my last custom video order for Tom, but yet only received first half of the video. Recognizing his busy life style, i only sent Tom a gentle weekly reminder asking him what the status of the video is , all of my emails were ignored, and the final response I got from him was a rude email accusing me not accommodating enough of his personal life. Seriously?

I hope the nice side of JohnnyD will one day return, but before then, I will sadly have to move on from this model. Hope you will have better luck than me.

to Tom H on 10 January 2016

My experiences with Johnny so far have been quite positive. Ordered a few custom videos from him in the past month or so, and haven't been disappointed yet. He is quite accommodating to the requests and willing to rectify the mistakes.

In terms of promptness of video delivery, as the reviewer below stated, it does take a bit longer to get the videos. But given his extremely hectic schedule, I can be a little more forgiving about that.

Will certainly be buying more videos from Johnny in the future.


Big Kenny

THE Muscle God

30 y/o

187cm (6'2")

118kg (260 lbs)